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“Ain’t got no home

No place to roam

Ain’t got no home

No place to roam”

-Clarence “Frogman” Thomas

To provide a home for the homeless, Gimmee Shelter for the Homeless (GSFTH) was created.

Unlike the only shelter in Levittown, PA, run by Family Services of Bucks County, Gimmee Shelter will not mann the housing 24/7, etc. Instead, we will acquire and develop property, with the homeless helping. A model we’ll use is, which salvages materials and uses it to provide homes for the homeless.

Our idea for finding a home for the homeless mimicks the Homestead Act of 1862, where, for a small registration fee, people can claim and develop land and if they maintain it, it is theirs. There is a lot of vacant property, both public and private, in Bucks County, which can be earmarked for homes for the homeless.

Since I’ve associated with the homeless for about a year, homeless people have told me that there the places most readily available to stay are treatment centers. They have to have an addiction or a mental problem to find a place to stay. These people simply just need a place to live.

In the tradition of William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, homeless people can be productive members of society.

GSFTH is raising funds, with which we can use seed money to start acquiring and developing property to resolve the homeless problem which has plagued Bucks County since the late 80s.

To help the homeless get a home, please visit our funding site.  The ads you click on help our funding.  You can, however, choose to skip the ad after a few seconds delay.