Who’s Afraid of The Big Bad (Governor) Wolf

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Isn’t clean energy and a healthy economy a good thing?

With natural gas, we can have both.

But PA Governor Wolf comes to our house and dresses up like a benevolent granny.

But Little Red Riding Hood is suspicious.

“Oh what big eyes you have for our money,” Granny.

“The better to plan for your future”, Wolf replies.

“Oh what a big mouth you have,” Granny.

“The better to tell you why I know what’s best for you,” says Wolf.

“Oh what big plans you have, ” Granny.

“The better to socially engineer your life,” explains Wolf.

“Oh what big taxes you have,” Granny.

And Wolf grabs his pen and he kills jobs with his tax on gas.

In the original version of Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf eats not only the grandmother, but Little Red Riding Hood.  In later versions, however, a woodcutter comes to the rescue and saves both granny and Little Red.

Like the woodcutter in revised version of LIttle Red Riding Hood, we the people need to ax the tax on natural gas before the Wolf can kill jobs in Pennsylvania.

Wolf’s additional, exorbitant tax will make the cost of doing business so high that it would send money to Harrisburg and deprive communities the fruit of the drillers doing business there and could drive these companies out of Pennsylvania.

Low taxes allows businesses like natural gas to thrive.  When they do, it not only creates much needed jobs, but lowers energy costs.  Low energy costs also translate to lowering the costs of other goods.

As was the case for the Great Depression, progressive policies, such as our big bad governor Wolf promulgates, creates poverty, which fosters homelessness, which is the subject of my blogs.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, like President Barry Obama, who is an FDR copycat, is bringing us a New Raw Deal.

In his blog The Government and The Great Depression, Chris Edwards, from the Cato Institute said “The Great Depression was a disaster, and sadly an avoidable one.” Evidently, George Santayana’s warning was not heeded. Since the prosperous time after we pulled out of the depression, progressives have been pushing our country towards another depression. It’s a remake of the “good old days”, with high unemployment, poverty, government handouts, high crime, immorality, government corruption, and rampant homelessness.  http://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/notsogreat-depression

Today modern day hobos are out in the street, in places such as lower Bucks County, PA, where people skelter for shelter.

It’s a liberal lie that government intervention helps the little guy, everyday people. “Progressive” is probably a better word to describe those who hold the political philosophy that the government, through central planning (socialism) will ensure the welfare of its citizens better than a free market economy. “Progressive lie”, however, is not an alliteration. The term suggests that we should progress towards more government intervention and control in our lives in order to socially engineer a brave new world.

As Edwards points out, FDR’s New Deal “favored fat cats over average families.” The government catered to the large farms by having them even burn crops, while people go hungry, in order to reduce the supply to keep prices high. This hurt the little guy, such as the Joads, the characters depicted in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Grapes_of_Wrath

Like Barack Obama, aka the Skinny Socialist, President Franklin D Roosevelt demonized business and free enterprise and prevented entrepreneurs from cutting prices, created scores of government jobs while the private sector diminished, gave out government handouts, and created public works projects.

Today in lower Bucks County, PA, modern hobos struggle to find a place to sleep and find work. People who suddenly become homeless in Bucks County are shocked to find that they can’t readily get into the local shelter. There is a long waiting list, and the stay is only temporary anyway. And work is hard to come by, especially for baby boomers, who make up a large chunk of the local homeless population.

During their homeless journey, the Joads found a homeless shelter. Like the one in Levittown, PA, it doesn’t have enough resources to care for all the needy families. And jobs, when they are found, pay low, and workers are taken advantage of. Both in the case of Okies such as the Joads during the great depression and today, where people find it hard to earn an honest living for an honest day’s pay, the problem was precipitated by government intrusion into the economy.

During the Eisenhower 50’s and JFK early 60’s, we overcame the harmful policies of FDR, and today we can overcome problems caused by progressive by cutting excessive regulation and taxes.  Stopping Wolf’s new energy tax is one way to accomplish this.

Homelessness today is in large part a result of progressive policies over the past few decades, as is the case in Bucks County, PA.

To help the homeless in Bucks County, Gimmee Shelter for the Homeless was created. Our aim is to give the homeless the tools to help themselves. http://www.timespub.com/2015/04/30/working-for-a-place-to-stay/#more-45529

Given the chance, many homeless will take advantage of a better deal, better than the same old raw deal falsely labeled “new” and “progressive”. Using initiative, taking personal responsibility and working hard is the way, the truth, and the light.

Stopping Wolf’s progressive policies such as Wolf’s proposed new natural gas tax will help the economy and help give the homeless more of a fighting chance to get back on their feet.