Let Freedom Ring

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Stand Down 2015, recently held in Levittown, PA, was a remembrance of what veterans fight for:  freedom.  Freedom isn’t free, and we must fight for it.  It’s not just a fight using weapons, but with words.  I’m living in a country where I can still express my uncensored views.  I tend to be outspoken.

I grew up during the cold war, when even in cartoons, communism was laughed at.   The characters Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale, who answered to Fearless Leader and to Mr. Big, a distant, godlike character who made cameo appearances on the Bullwinkle and Rocky cartoon show,  mocked the Soviet Union.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boris_Badenov

Looking at the Pepsodent toothpaste I got from Stand Down, I was reminded of a parody of the Pepsodent ad:

“You wonder where the yellow went

When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent”

The parody:

“You  wonder where your father went

When he speaks against the government.”

Our founders took into account that people are not perfect and that leaders do things that need to be challenged.  This is why we have the first amendment.  They realized that we cannot create a utopia, on earth.   The Greek translation of “Utopia” means that there is no such place.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utopia

Although we can never achieve a utopia, we don’t have to accept a dystopia.  Frankly, unlike our society in the 50’s and early 60’s, our society is dysfunctional.  But, through our actions, much of it driven by people exercising their right of free speech, we can improve ourselves and society.  We can do better.

As a result of skillful people persuading others,  America overcame the dysfunctional New Raw Deal scheme of FDR.    Writers argued how free market capitalism fosters a healthy economy.  Churches, which during the Depression era failed to positively influence society, started spreading the truth about how to live right, and people listened.  As a result, the economy grew while crime shrank.

The New Raw Deal didn’t exist in a vacuum.  Starting about 1920, elitist kooks influenced society.   But after WWII people became influenced by counter influences and  wised up and traditional values were restored to our nation.  And we prospered.  The weekly magazine Human Events is founded by Frank Hanighen and Felix Morley with a significant contribution from ex-New Dealer Henry Regnery. Ronald Reagan later says that the magazine “helped me stop being a liberal Democrat.”

Homelessness is the canary in the coal mine to indicate a healthy economy.

I’m convinced the private sector can be the biggest help to resolve the homelessness problem.  I am homeless and just received a call from someone associated with   The Way Home,  a private organization whose mission is to help people find homes.  I had met this person through one of the community meals for the homeless and those in need.

St. Mary Hospital, Langhorne, PA is working hard to help my friend and I with a place to stay and to get the care my friend with lung cancer needs.

One way we can help the homeless is to persuade hobophobic people that the homeless are not monsters — that they all are not thieves, aggressive panhandlers, drunks, druggies, muggers, etc.  This is a basic element of my blogs.  Another is Gimmee Shelter for the Homeless, a nascent non profit to create homes for the homeless,  for which I am the publicist.  http://www.timespub.com/2015/04/30/working-for-a-place-to-stay/

We are moving forward with the non- profit.  We’re on a quest to acquire property to develop for the homeless.  We plan to recruit people with different talents to help.