No More Monkeying Around

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Society must have rules of civility to avoid chaos. This includes the homeless community.

We cannot have the rule of the jungle, where we are trapped, like the caged monkey in the cage in the photo. To maintain order in the world, the nation, or the homeless community, there needs to be absolute, ironclad principles for living.

These principles were handed down to us from God, found in the 10 commandments, such as thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not make false witness, thou shalt not covet. It’s no wonder that the government wants to take down 10 commandment plaques on public property. People running our country don’t believe or practice these principles Consequently, society is suffering.

One of the most frequent sins that hurt a homeless community are false witness and stealing.

Overcoming these wrongs is a positive step for the homeless to improve their situation.

For the good of the community, official, organized homeless communities have rules that everyone has to follow. These places self governed, much like American Indian pueblos, which has their own leaders and security.

Dignity Village in Portland, Oregon is a model for housing the homeless. It came about as a result of activists and advocates prevailing in their efforts to lift the public camping ban based on constitutional issues and cooperation from politicians. In time, The Portland City Council sanctioned a “tiny house village” designated for “persons who lack permanent shelter and cannot be placed in other low income housing.”

To stay in Dignity Village, people needing shelter have to abide by the rules. The village is self-governed by a counsel. Dignity Village residents can get thrown out if they don’t follow the rules.

Bucks County, PA should follow the example of Dignity Village to help resolve its homeless problem. In lower Bucks County, we are at the stage this village was initially, with evictions and confrontations with authorities. As is often the case in lower Bucks County, the evicted homeless people load shopping cards and move to a new location.

Tomorrow, November 20, 2015, a confrontation is expected at an encampment near the public library in Levittown.

In Bucks County, we need community activists, advocates, politicians, agencies, and the community to help the homeless take the steps to resolve the problem the way it was done in Portland Oregon.

Given the opportunity, responsible homeless people can overcome the current rut they are in with the community, scavenging like animals to skelter for shelter.

If we work together and acting civilly in the tradition of Martin Luther King Jr., we shall overcome.