Do The Hustle, Not!

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While places for the homeless to sleep in Bucks County, PA is shrinking, Bucks County is recharging it’s efforts to shanghai homeless people to bring them into the taxpayer funded nuthouse. Code Blue, the overnight shelter for the homeless during cold weather started, and so did the hustling. At least two of the mental health hustlers showed up there.

Since the first exploratory visit to a homeless colony, agents have been trying to lure homeless people to places such as Penndel Mental Health Center. Like manure, they are all over the place — at the Levittown public library, Code Blues, tent city evictions, tent city visitations. I even noticed one of the hustlers at Stand Down for Veterans!

The mental health clinic has a monopoly, a captive clientele so to speak, just as environmentalists have agreeable constituents, rocks and trees. One of the clinic’s modus operandi, and what is pushed at the door, is medication.

“If I did drugs, I could find a place. If I was an alcoholic, I could find a place. If you’re just on hard times, there’s nowhere to go.” said a homeless man about to be evicted from an encampment, as reported in in May 2012.  And one mental health hustler was reported there. 

In my last blog, I wrote about a 27 acre village in Austin, Texas created to house 250 chronic homeless. It has what people need, including a garden, a link to jobs, a movie theatre, and a chapel. Very important is the chapel, which does a better job with helping people with mental, spiritual problems than secular mental health centers.

Starting in 1970, a revolution started with pastor and counselor Jay Adam’s book Competent to Counsel where Dr. Adams argued that the church is better equipped to handle personal problems that is secular psychology. A blog on Worldview addresses this subject: “Modern secular psychologists often speak of mental illness. Yet many Christian psychologists deny the existence of a large proportion of mental illnesses. Jay Adams writes, ‘Organic malfunctions affecting the brain that are caused by brain damage, tumors, gene inheritance, glandular or chemical disorders validly may be termed mental illnesses. But at the same time a vast number of other human problems have been classified as mental illnesses for which there is no evidence that they have been engendered by disease or illness at all.’ “

According to Dr. Adams, “apart from organically generated difficulties, the ‘mentally ill’ are really people with unsolved personal problems.”

So what is it? A place created by concerned Christians who help people become self reliant and are presented the gospel or the secular mental health folks doing the hustle.

“Do it, do it, do it

Do the hustle…”

The Hustle should be played whenever a mental health agent enters a place.