All The King’s Horses

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I look around and see people destroying themselves with drugs and booze, fighting with one another, trying to get over on one another, stealing from others, especially the weak. I’ve witnessed the callous treatment of the homeless in Bucks County PA. To quote Bob Dylan “Because something is happening here but you don’t know what it is

Do you, Mr. Jones?”

The government of Bucks County, PA has been creating imperious rules in order to coral the homeless and fence them out. In the complex in Levittown that houses the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the public library and the municipal building, draconian visiting restrictions were posted because some people were not being discreet about using the area. They were putting up more and more tents and leaving them up during the day, were not disposing of trash property, were drinking and using drugs and doing other things to attract attention.

And as I pointed out in previous blogs, most of the problems in lower Bucks County is a result of the mushroom cloud of recovery houses, from which Frankenstein monsters are unleashed on the public.

Some of the homeless who camped out simply because they had nowhere else to go respected the area and were discreet, yet they were pushed out.

A law was recently passed in Indianapolis, Indiana that prohibits authorities from evicting the homeless from public places until they have an alternative place for the homeless to go. In Bucks County, officials put up a smoke screen – a phone number for housing assistance. Call that number and you’ll find there’s no room in the Inn.

There is a possibility – if you are willing to be Shanghaied by the opportunistic mental health hustlers – the Werewolves of Penndel (howl-ewe, howl-ewe…).

I saw Alan Johnson with a clipboard in his hand

Howl-ewe, howl-ewe

Going to the Veteran’s Memorial being a pain

Howl-ewe Werewolves of Penndel

Better not be taken in

By his welcome grin

You don’t want to be shanghaied by that sailor

Howl-ewe Werewolves of Penndel

I saw Chris Cramp at a homeless and needy meal

His lair trap was perfect


I talked with Alan Johnson at the library

He played let’s make a deal – lie for me

Howl-ewe, howl-ewe…

People keep telling me that Penndel Mental Health Center does not help them. In fact, the legal dope pushers make people worse. This has been my experience when I, out of desperation, and after listening to the bad advice from the local Salvation Army, went there for anxiety and depression.

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put broken people back together again.

Only God can.

What drives the establishment’s policy towards the homeless is the culture – a godless culture, a culture of death, where judgmentalism and other non-Christian values reign and compassion and other Christian values are lacking. The church, Christians need to influence the culture by stepping up and putting their faith into action.

When the culture changes, policy will follow.

The church has been reaching out to the homeless and has been showing compassion. They’ve help with their physical needs and have accepted the homeless unconditionally and have shown they care. The problem in our country is that the government, with it’s welfare and other programs, driven by self interest and worldly motives, has usurped the church’s mission. We need to push the government aside, the way Bucks County is pushing out the homeless, and become that beacon on the hill, shining the light of truth on the world.

“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.”

-2nd Corinthians 5:20