Mau-Mauing The Tax Payer

Just as Joseph Stalin erased history by getting rid of images that were not in sync with his New World Order, today’s Democrats in Bristol Township, PA decided to tear down an historic landmark – Sunbury Farms on Newportville Road in Bristol.

It would have made great housing for the homeless, who could have restored the building, which wasn’t in bad shape, to pristine condition and maintained and managed it. It could have become a museum.

The Courier Times reported on March 30, 2016 that Bristol Township Council President Craig Bowden said “It needs to be fixed up“, and added “the township has a wish that whoever buys it will return it to its “pristine condition.”

And now, as I suspected, it’s returning to ashes. But, as Neil Young sang, “don’t let it bring you down; it’s only castles burning, find someone who’s turning and you will come around.”

On May 2, 2016, reported the Sunbury Farms historic property was sold to Mar Mar Builders (sounds like the Mau-Mau terrorists in Kenya) for $510,000.

There hasn’t been any news about the property since. This must be the transparency that the Skinny Socialist (former President Barry Obummer), with ties to Kenya, talked about that Bristol Township Dems are practicing.

The historic Sunbury Farms plowed under symbolizes the destruction of our heritage and the ushering in of a Brave New World. Special privileged characters, the elites will get an engraved, private invitation to the ribbon cutting. It’s rumored that some of the special guests will be from the non-profit AHTN and the Levittown Salvation Army Community Center.

George Soros, the guest of honor, will cut the ribbon.

Instead of having The Phoenix rise out of the ashes, Bristol Township will release pigeons.

It’s Not Easy on The Homeless Being Green

The Greens are not the friend of the homeless. The homeless are like the canary in the mine. A canary is an early warning sign for not having enough oxygen in the mine for humans to breathe. Likewise, the degree of homelessness is an indicator of an economy strong enough to support humans. 

Contrary to conventional wisdom, our God-given energy resources are not running out. And we are not making the earth overheat by emitting carbon dioxide. Humans do not have the power to change the earth’s climate; we cannot change the earth’s axis even if we all jumped up and down in the same spot at one time. God created a system whereby plants absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, and people breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. The more carbon dioxide we produce the more plants grow. 

In the November 20, 2017 issue of Principia Scientific International, John O’Sullivan wrote that fossil fuels are misnamed and that the Greeks got it right when they coined the term “petroleum”, which translates literally “rock oil.”  Oil is formed as a result of heat and pressure on rocks, God’s design, where oil is formed continuously. Our petro fuels are not running out and we don’t need “alternative energy” to save the planet and serve humanity. Petro fuels are regenerated. They rock! 

The mistaken idea that oil and coal was created through a biological process was made by western geologists in the 1870’s when they found some biological debris in oil and coal deposits. By the 1880s, John D Rockerfeller Sr., who had a monopoly on the energy business, ran with the story that coal and oil came from dead plants and animals. This became conventional wisdom, driven by greed. By the laws of supply and demand, when there is a limited supply of a product, and the demand increases and supplies are expected to decrease, prices rise.  

And, according to the article, petro products are not carcinogenic, or toxic, but the rare earths used to make electric vehicles are toxic, and are dumped as toxic waste.  

The Lord has bestowed upon us the earth, and a mind to figure out how to best use it for our benefit, generation after generation. The Lord has given us dominion over the earth. Petro fuels are the sine qua non of energy production and a healthy economy. Food, medicines, housing, and other things needed to live depend on it. 

Here in Pennsylvania, Governor Big Bad Wolf’s policies, under the influence of The Greens, are huffing and puffing and may blow a few houses down, creating more homelessness, as found in places like Bucks County.  A few years back, the wolf banned drilling for oil and gas in state parks and forests. A local state representative, The Bimbo of Bucks County, aka State Representative Tina Davis, admitted that the drilling creates jobs, and former PA Governor Tom Corbett added that the revenue from the leases would put more money in tax coffers, but the Wolf and the Bimbo said that protecting the environment trumps the economy. They never explained how banning drilling protects the environment. “Environmentalists” espouse the false choice between the economy and protecting the environment. They must have learned that at their school, Wattsamatta U. 

The Greens are spewing junk science, which not only destroys the economy but creates more pollution and toxic waste. The only thing green is money that lines the pockets of charlatans like Algore, at the expense of the rest of us. 

Green environmentalism is just a façade for a snake oil sales company, underwritten by progressives, who have taken over the Democrat party. If you’re homeless, move in with a progressive. I doubt you will be welcomed, even at the edge of the woods on land owned by a Limousine Liberal! You’ll probably be arrested! 

Those who work their land will have abundant food, 

but those who chase fantasies will have their fill of poverty. Proverbs 28:19 

Johnny Smoke

Banning booze during prohibition because ten percent of the population had a problem with alcohol didn’t work. Prohibition gave gangsters more opportunities and wasted our tax dollars fighting alcohol consumption. Likewise, concentrating only on drug pushers to fight the opioid epidemic, and making drug abusers victims and saying they have a disease they just happened to catch – drug abuse syndrome just creates more crime and wastes our tax money.

The power of the pen can do a much better job of reaching people’s minds and hearts, convincing them of your views than just using law enforcement to rein in the problem .

Skillful, passionate people have persuaded their fellow Americans of the bankruptcy and destructiveness of progressive policies such as The New Raw Deal. For example, the weekly magazine Human Events  founded by Frank Hanighen and Felix Morley with a significant contribution from ex-New Dealer Henry Regnery was very influential.  Ronald Reagan said that the magazine “helped me stop being a liberal Democrat.”  

I happened to dig up an anti-smoking public service announcement from the 60s. Produced by the American Heart Association, Johnny Smoke is a parody of a Marlboro ad. The parody is followed by a Marlboro ad pushing their cancer sticks. 

Update: The U-Tube video no longer shows the straight Marlboro Country ad, so here it is:

At the cancer center where I took Sandi for more than two years, I read that seven out of ten smokers who contract lung cancer continue their foolish, destructive behavior. Right after treatment, I’ve seen cancer patients start to light up as soon as they walk out of the center, but are stopped by the authority there. Smoking is forbidden on the whole campus, as it should be. On one occasion, as a guy started to light up, right in front of a “no smoking” sign, the woman he was with and I told him smoking was not allowed. When He questioned that, we both pointed to and read the “no smoking” sign.

My friend Sandi is in a nursing home, dying of cancer because she rode with Johnny Smoke. Will she just be another notch in his gun? God makes the final call on this.

Here at the nursing home, people incessantly scoot along the hallway to go outside to the courtyard, where they can smoke. Sometimes, mainly during inclement weather, there are traffic jams by the door out to the courtyard – lots of wheelchairs trying to get in or out. Sometimes oxygen tanks have to be schlepped around. Sometimes it’s almost like The Three Stooges trying to get out the door!

When a patient here kept coughing, a few nursing staff members suggested she not smoke, or at least cut down on smoking. She said she smokes because there is nothing else to do around here. I guess she didn’t have anything to do for 60 plus years! Her voice is easily mistaken for a man’s, a distinct fog horn low pitch.

Just now a patient told a nurse there was a bird in the lounge where people go outside to smoke. I had seen the bird earlier and suggested that it came inside to get fresh air because of all the smoke outside in the courtyard.

Johnny Smoke is an evangelist for a rogue Mission Church: Sister Nicotine and The Holy Smokes.

How many more will die because of Johnny Smoke?

The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. “2 Corinthians 4:4

Got A Light?


Cigarette smoking is more than an habit to many — it’s a religion.

Although now I know that before a smoker opens a pack and taps it against his/her palm countlessly, the purpose is to better pack the tobacco, this still strikes me as a ritual, a prelude to worship. Many smokers religiously light up, like a panting deer stopping for water at a stream.

I’ve had smokers approach me and offer me as much as $10 for one cigarette! One difference between tobacco and heroin is that tobacco is legal. And, as smokers have told me, tobacco is harder to kick than heroin. Heroine does, however, more quickly lead to anti-social behavior such as stealing and job loss than does tobacco. Cigarettes are a slow poison, and heavy use triggers sickness and work callouts and often to the cancer center.

Like other drugs, once cigarettes become your idol, you crave more and more, yet you never really become satisfied, except, perhaps, for a moment. “Everything is wearisome beyond description. No matter how much we see, we are never satisfied. No matter how much we hear, we are not content.” Ecclesiastes 1:8

For decades, we have been enticed by the lure of sister nicotine – though ads, integration in the movies where lots of scenes of people smoking are shown, billboards, and even at one time, believe it or not, doctors promoting smoking! They should be tried for malpractice. The tobacco industry and its henchmen have glorified smoking, saying it’s glamorous, cool.

Sister Nicotine and the Holy Smokes is a false religion. To restore people to health, mentally and physically, we need to reject the false gods of the world and turn to a higher power than ourselves, God.

The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.” 2 Corinthians 4:4

As a Presbyterian, in the Reformed tradition, I was taught that cigarette smoking is not inherently a sin. It was those silly Baptists (as my father was raised but changed) who believed it was wrong to smoke, drink or chew and not go with girls who do. Maybe not the chew part, but it makes a funny rhyme. But now I think the Baptists were right about smoking.

It was ironic that at a community meal a homeless smoker asked one of the hosts at a Baptist church for a cigarette. I said softly something like “a Baptist church is not the place to ask for a cigarette”, and started to chuckle. The host was gracious and politely said he didn’t have any cigarettes.

My close friend Sandi is in a nursing home. She caught lung cancer, which metastasized to the liver and brain, because of a lifetime of smoking. Decades ago, a physical education/health class instructor in college told the class that he’d like to go down south and burn down all the tobacco fields but added “Don’t tell your parents I’m really going to do it; I’m just trying to make a point about how bad smoking is for your health.”

Since I started caring for Sandi, I got the idea to contact that instructor, who was a 2nd Lt. Army Ranger who served in Viet Nam, to burn down the tobacco fields with him. I looked him up on the Internet, but found that he had died. I could imagine the headlines if the ex Ranger and I actually did this: TWO WACKED OUT VIETNAM VIETS BURN DOWN DIXIE TOBACCO FIELDS; THE RETURN OF SHERMAN.

Just a qualification, smoking has a more negative affect on some people more than others. And like alcohol, not everyone gets addicted, but many do.

When you get addicted to anything, it affects the way you interact with others and you may display anti-social behavior. As the 12 Steps rightly acknowledges, addictions, which are really besetting sin, are a result of a character flaw.

In the book Narcotics Anonymous I read a personal testimony of a former druggie who said that he had no moral compass with his addiction — that he would stoop to anything, including stealing from his own mother!

Being hooked on cigarettes approaches this problem.

Got a light?

There’s a problem when people start think that if the government approves of something, it’s OK. The government is populated by people, who, unlike God, are fallible. The government approves of abortion, same sex marriages, and gambling. It doesn’t mean it is right. These things are morally wrong!

A man who had to leave his apartment was homeless for five days and four nights before he ended up going to a colony of homeless people and meet with the Memorial Mob homeless advocate.

He was no longer going to wander homelessly alone.

After he finished the first community meal AHTN took him to, he fished out some change and said he’s trying to find enough money for cigarettes.

The new kid on the block was overheated, exhausted, and probably hungry when someone gave him two Bucks to help him out.  There wasn’t two dollars that same night after dinner just a few hours after someone gave it to him.

This wasn’t the first, and certainly won’t be the last person who when someone gave a homeless person money for food or drink, used it to buy cigarettes.

We all have our flaws. It’s just a matter of kind and degree. Sandi is a child of God, made in His image, and has intrinsic value. I’ve been camping out by her bedside daily, to feed her – she sometimes drinks her beverages erratically and the staff doesn’t have the time to keep checking back to see when she’s ready to finish her drink – and to assure her that there is someone on this earth who cares and that God has her in His hands.

Although you don’t want to enable people’s bad behavior and sometime just have to walk away, people should not be written off. Sandi is a good patient. She smiles, doesn’t curse out and fight with the nursing staff when they are trying to help her or make excessive demands like others, but cooperates with them, smiles, and often says “thank you.”

Our pastor said that Jesus only brings up sin when he can heal people from it. It is my hope that my words will convince people to not start or continue destructive habits. I didn’t listen to good advice, but finally I saw the light and came around.

A few years ago, I overheard a conversation about some drug that gets people very high, very cheaply and is extra dangerous. I heard a guy say that this drug kills people much more quickly than other drugs. This doesn’t matter, he explained, because all the user is interested in is getting high. Nothing else matters.

Burning down the tobacco fields is not going to resolve the false religion of Sister Nicotine and The Holy Smokes, no more than just pushing out the pusher will cure the drug abuse problem, no more than Eliot Ness and his Untouchables not letting anyone have booze.

To restore health, mentally and physically, you need to reject the false gods of the world and turn to a higher power than yourself, God. Healing is not instant, in fact it’s slow, but if one hangs in there, he/she will be better off.

Realizing you need the power of God in order to overcome besetting sins is the first step, as found in Celebrate Recovery’s 12 Steps and Biblical comparisons. The program is not just for addictions, but for other hang ups, bad habits, and hurts. I’ve been going to Celebrate Recovery to help me deal with Sandi’s cancer – for God to give me the serenity to accept that which I cannot change, and the courage to change that which I can change, and the wisdom to know the difference.

1. We admitted we were powerless over our addictions and compulsive behaviors, that our lives had become unmanageable. I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature.

For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. Romans 7:18

Of Small Minds and Big Government

Glenn Beck took the words out of my mouth with his book title “Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government.” You only have to look back to the 1920s and 30s, during the reign of big government progressives to see what a government that claims it can care for citizens better than they can take care of themselves produces. Average working men and their families became homeless and had to hop trains and ride in jalopies to find food and work.  

The train hoppers became known as hobos – a derogatory name for men ruined by the government who were looking for work and were looked down on, as the homeless are today. The homeless can be broken down into three categories:  

  • Hobos, who were out of work but who are looking for work 
  • Tramps, who don’t want to work but travel from place to place looking for handouts 
  • Bums, who are too lazy even to travel and are looking for handouts 

One of the big government initiatives under President FDR’s New Raw Deal was socialist security. Like a bad addiction, this progressive intrusion continues to mess with our freedoms. The mantra is that government knows best.  

I found out by chance that when you turn 65, socialist security automatically steals money out of your social security payment, a fund for which the government confiscated money out of your paycheck as soon as you started working. I just happened to check my bank account and found my social security short more than $100 and found that the government confiscated it for Medicare. I had no way of knowing. The government mentality is that we don’t need to know, and like the 50s sit com, father knows best. 

After I found the government was pilfering money from my social security payments, I called Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’s office. An aide from his office emailed me a privacy form, which I had to sign before the congressman could help me. I couldn’t sign online. Unlike the policy of former PA governor Tom Ridge, who created an online signature a legal signature, this was not the case with Fitzpatrick’s office. I don’t have a working printer, so the aide mailed the form to me. It took about a week to get it to me. The aide said he was concerned I wouldn’t lose my Veteran’s medical coverage if I opted out of Medicare and advised me to call the VA to find out what kind of insurance the VA provides.  

The VA said the aid should have known what kind of VA insurance I had, and explained that the SS deductions are automatic and that I have to opt out of it.  

I tried to opt out online but couldn’t figure out how. When I asked for help from the SS site’s chat line, I just got a battery of articles that had nothing to do with opting out of Medicare. After being unable to reach anyone by phone, I decided to stop in the local social security office.  Fortunately, it wasn’t crowded and the clerk there was efficient. I took time off between meals at the nursing home where I feed my friend who has terminal (God has the final say) brain cancer.  

The SS clerk was efficient but my dealings with him was Kafkaesque. For those of you in Doylestown, characteristic or reminiscent of the oppressive or nightmarish qualities of Franz Kafka’s fictional world:  

A Kafkaesque bureaucratic office.” 

I had to sign a form and explain why I didn’t want Medicare. I wrote that I have VA coverage and don’t need or want it, and added that social security did not have my consent. The now officious clerk in this Kafkaesque bureaucratic office augustly told me that consent is irrelevant. When I told him this was stupid, he said that stupid has nothing to do with it and that it’s automatic to protect people…  I told him I don’t need the government’s protection and called this a nanny state. If he were that robot on the 60’s sci-fi series, he would have said “this does not compute” He did that mentally. After he said the pilfering won’t stop until December and explained that’s the way the system works, I said that was stupid. He realized by then I was not a Kool-aide drinker and stopped challenging me.  I conceded that he was a government employee who can’t change the rules. I almost called him a “government hack”, but bit my tongue. I thanked him for his help. 

The SS clerk also tried subtly to talk me out of opting out of Medicare. He mentioned a penalty. It was only after pressed him for specifics that I learned the penalty is if you change your mind and want to sign up for Medicare later. I told him that wasn’t an option for me. 

What I don’t understand is why homeless advocates think the solution to homelessness lies in big government. As I documented in an earlier blog, there is more homelessness in blue, progressive states than in red, conservative areas. 

The Bible speaks against socialism: 

I agree with John Lock’s philosophy of government. In a nutshell, it’s that the government is a referee and that we the people can take care of our own business, such as retirement and healthcare. 

Halloween Is Not Over

When I read that AHTN reached its funding goals I was incredulous, but then I remembered that Bucks County, PA voted for Hillary Clinton in the election.  It follows that a populous that would fall for the empty promises and show cult like admiration for someone with an unverifiable, abstract platform would also contribute to AHTN.

What AHTN is really raising funds for, along with others in the Bucks’ liberal establishment, is a re-creation of The People’s Temple of Jonestown, Guyana, to be held at the site behind the Levittown public library where Stand Down, the three-day event to help homeless and needy veterans used to be held.

Hillary Clinton will play the part of Jim Jones.

Just as Guyana, being socialist at the time, welcomed the original Jonestown, Bucks County will welcome Pastor Hillary to lead the Jonestown re-creation.

When the county learned that she was considering becoming a pastor, Bucks County made her an honorary pastor, ignoring the rule of law, which just impedes progress. It will bill the event “Pastor Hillary’s Jonestown.”

Promoters of the event point out that the Levittown public library has not used the books the librarian started importing to make a large enough dent to fight racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic traditional values. The library conspicuously displayed Hillary’s books in the library, brought in other books promoting the new world order, but failed to make a radical difference in the progressive community, said Bucks County Information Officer R.I. Diculous, who added, “we need to go all the way!”

Helping the homeless was a large tenet of Jonestown, according to

The Peoples Temple was initially structured as an inter-racial mission for the sick, homeless and jobless. He assembled a large following of over 900 members in Indianapolis IN during the 1950’s.

“He preached a ‘social gospel’ of human freedom, equality, and love, which required helping the least and the lowliest of society’s members. Later on, however, this gospel became explicitly socialistic, or communistic in Jones’ own view, and the hypocrisy of white Christianity was ridiculed while ‘apostolic socialism’ was preached.”

It’s the thought that counts!  At a recent Stand Down in Levittown I attended, State Representative Tina Davis touted how much she has helped the homeless and said she plans to help them even more. You may think this is a lofty goal and that Tina is just a dreamer, but, as the Disney character sings: “Dreams can come true; it can happen to you…”

By the way, Disney is taking over the Golden Gate Bridge, which is between San Francisco and Oakland, California. Why? It connects Fairyland with Jungle Land.

He’s sneaking up behind me.  Pastor Hillary will host a workshop on combating sexism/ how to trump Trump. Participants will go through a diorama of creepy characters, portraying The Deplorables.

To prevent overcrowding, Kool-aide will be served at the end of each day’s events.

Members of Pastor Hillary’s Jonestown will reach out to the Afro-American homeless community to tell them that other members of the homeless community are racists. Although there is no evidence of this, the new Jonestown community will tell homeless blacks they are being repressed by homeless whites. They just don’t know it and need to be told.

There has been isolated fighting between white homeless members. They can be recruited so all the fight can be taken out of them. Of course, like the rest of the homeless, they are itching to fight. The wise Philosopher Kings (and Queens) just know it, just as did Joseph Stalin, who believed the average person is a miscreant that just hasn’t been caught yet.

Disclaimer: This is satire. For those of you in Doylestown, “sat·ire

the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
synonyms: mockery · ridicule · derision · scorn · caricature · irony · sarcasm
a play, novel, film, or other work that uses satire:
“a stinging satire on American politics”
synonyms: parody · burlesque · caricature · lampoon · skit · spoof · takeoff · sendup
a genre of literature characterized by the use of satire.
(in Latin literature) a literary miscellany, especially a poem ridiculing prevalent vices or follies.”

He who works his land will have abundant food,  
But the one who chases fantasies  
Will have his fill of poverty” -Proverbs 28:19

Not A Full Bag Of Goodies

The self-proclaimed King of The Panhandlers in Levittown, PA has some serious competition – AHTN. The non-profit that’s been masquerading as homeless advocates raised $4,000 of its $5,000 goal. This shortfall will be rough on them. They may have to go for some time without a morning stop at Starbucks for their latte, where they can also get some liberal drivel.


Because of all our AMAZING supporters, we are only $1000 away from our goal! Thank you to everyone who donated to us and helped us get here. 

So far we have raised $4000.00 of  our $5000.00 goal, WE ARE NOT FINISHED YET! 

Please consider making a donation, no amount is too small. All money raised will go towards our missions so that we can continue to help Those in Need! 

Our story: As you may know, AHTN lost funding from one of our major supporters and because of this, we now have a $100K shortfall. Our AHTN Board members and staff have been working hard to find alternate ways to raise this money back, but it won’t come quickly.”


I have an idea for an alternate way for AHTN to raise money: They could team up with The King of The Panhandlers – stand beside him at places such as the TD Bank in Levittown – and convince people coming in and out of the bank that this junkie, as Curly of The Three Stooges says, is “a victim of soy cum stances!” After all, he’s a poor kid; he only had one mother and one father. He could wear his shirt with “Monster” printed on the front conspicuously, and AHTN could tell people that society made him that way. Also, that it was a right-wing conspiracy that caused him to do drugs.

AHTN could also tell people that the King of The Panhandlers didn’t have transportation to the drug drop off center because of AHTN’s funding deficit.

Why did Saint Mary Medical cut AHTN’s funding? Gee, I guess it had nothing to do with AHTN not wanting to join a nascent non-profit provide more shelter for the homeless, or virtually doing nothing when innocent homeless people had their bike locks cut at the Levittown public library when they were parked legally, or sticking up for the homeless who were harassed at the memorial for no reason  But, when a homeless guy came to a community meal drunk, cursing and verbally harassed and physically threatened one person in particular and a witness who said something about his behavior and someone whose look he didn’t like, as the person was aghast at his behavior, they let him off the hook and used the victim as a scapegoat  .

It had nothing to do with that. AHTN asks, like Charlie Brown, why’s everybody always picking on me?