Don’t Talk About Us; Talk With Us

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“Don’t talk About Us; Talk with Us.” – Slogan created by a group of homeless people.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog about the homeless in Bucks County, PA, the raison d’être for  I was moved by other issues, so this blog site morphed into issues that were close to my heart at the time, and still are.

Since I started hanging out with the homeless in lower Bucks County early spring, 2014, I got to know them and was struck by the prejudice and lack of understanding of this segment of the population that most people know next to nothing about, including myself. Or at least I used to know nothing about. I’ve learned a lot about the homeless in the past few years.

Shortly after I started hanging with the homeless, I thought about writing a book about the homeless.  Now it’s close to coming to fruition.  I found a publisher, Vernita Simmons, though my writing on Faith  Vernita commented on an article I had written on the site about homelessness. She asked if I was an author. No, I told her, but that I want to write a book on homelessness. The rest is history.

Vernita read my electronic manuscript and liked it – said it was written right from the heart. She edited it and sent me a copy. I have to put the final touches on it, supply photos, etc.  I had to write different sections for the book, such as a book description, and an introduction, and together we are doing the administrative stuff, such as registering the book with the Library of Congress.

The book will come out in paperback and as an e-book.

Much of the book focuses on Sandi, who is the main particular in telling the story of the homeless in Bucks County. For almost three years she was my companion whom I took care of. Sandi was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, which spread to the brain and liver, a few weeks after I started keeping company with her and took her to a local ER.  I’m dedicating the book to Sandi, who returned to the Lord on December 4, 2017.

In the book, “There are Homeless in Bucks County; A Journey with The Homeless”, as was the saying back in the 60s, I tell it like it is. I try to speak the truth in love about both the good and bad of people who say they want to help the homeless as well as about the homeless themselves. I do, however, have some fun in the book using satire, which I’m known to do.

In the book I simply share my experiences and opinions about the homeless and offer my ideas on how to handle the issue.