Are The Homeless Out Of Sight?

Related eBooks party officially says the homeless population in lower Bucks County, PA is shrinking. The other says it’s growing. The one who says it’s growing makes the point that, because they have been driven deeper and deeper into the woods, out of sight, they aren’t counted. He thinks they are growing because, as reported in the October 7, 2018 edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer, “I see a lot of new faces”

I started hanging with the homeless early Spring, 2014 and went to the shared meals. After about two years, I didn’t go to as many, as Sandi, who struggled with cancer for the nearly three years I was with her, had trouble getting out because she was chronically tired. After God took her home, I started attending the meals for a while, then another time out. Recently I started attending the meals semi-regularly. I’ve noticed new faces.

I believe the homeless population in lower Bucks is growing. The establishment wants them out of sight, out of mind, but, being opportunists, they want to shanghai them to give them a taxpayer paid ticket to the Disoriented Express.

The County whines it doesn’t have the funds for homeless housing, but even if it did, says Marlene Piasecki, Family Service Association’s interim chief, it couldn’t provide more needed housing, as reported in the Inquirer. The problem is more complicated than that, the article reports, because people seeking shelter are often simultaneously battling drug addiction and mental illness. Often battling drug addiction? Everybody? Really? So then what about the people who just need housing? Do the homeless have mental “illness” and drug and alcohol problems by default, just because they are homeless? Assumptions? It’s a hustle. I think the official song for Bucks County should be “The Hustle.”

In my book “There Are Homeless In Bucks County; A Journey With The Homeless” available in paperback and as an e-book, I address and offer my opinion on such issues.  I base the book on years of hanging out with the homeless and getting to know them, as well as listening to what people say, communicating with various agencies and law enforcement officials and research on the topic of homelessness.

Years ago I learned of a billion dollar computer study to determine the best way to understand and help people. The result: “Talk with them.”  Picture The Homeless, founded and run by homeless people, have a slogan: “Don’t Talk About Us; Talk With Us.”

Not all homeless people are the same. They are just a microcosm of society. As a whole, they have no greater percentage of what’s called “mental illness” than in other populations. Probably less. Of course, homelessness is challenging and it’s rough. What they need is encouragement, a hand up, and acceptance. I get into this in more detail in my book.

Biblical Counseling founder Jay E Adams is spot on then he writes “Organic malfunctions affecting the brain that are caused by brain damage, tumors, gene inheritance, glandular or chemical disorders validly may be termed mental illnesses. But at the same time a vast number of other human problems have been classified as mental illnesses for which there is no evidence that they have been engendered by disease or illness at all.”

In response to my email to a Bucks County commissioner where I proposed using land under Bucks County jurisdiction to have the homeless build and manage the land, the commissioner poo-pooed the idea, wrote about the need to provide mental health services for the homeless before getting them housing, and mentioned voting for the right person.  Well, Jim Davis, husband of State Representative Tina Davis, pocketed money designated for poor people who rented a house both Jimbo and the Bimbo of Bucks County owned.  He was charged with two felonies and one misdemeanor but he got off with just having to repay the money!

A few years back, Tina Davis told a crowd at Stand Down, an event held then in Levittown, that she has done a lot to help the homeless, and will continue to do more for the homeless. She gave no details. She also said we need the government and we need her. Talk is cheap!

Would you buy a used car from Tina or Jim Davis? Would you vote for Tina Davis?  I comment; you decide.

Do the hustle! Not!