Gimmee Shelter!

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“Bucks County appears to have a decreasing number of homeless residents, according to preliminary numbers released from the January 29 point-in-time count”, reads the headline in the March 4, 2019 edition of     

Interesting, while it’s alleged the homeless population is dropping in Bucks County, requests for housing has increased. According to the same report: “Although the number of homeless people tallied during the point-in-time count dropped, Bucks County officials said the number of people who connected with the housing hotline has grown. In 2018, Bucks County Housing Link completed 5,882 screenings, a 19 percent increase from 2017.” 

Why is the homeless population increasing? 

Many reasons.  

  • In Pennsylvania, Governor “Big Bad” Wolf banned new drilling for natural gas on state lands, which hurts the economy and robs the state of royalties for drilling permits for a clean energy source. Also excessive taxes on gasoline, which raises the cost of other products because energy costs increase. 
  • Some of the homeless spend money on cigarettes, booze, drugs, and other addictions, and blow their money on lots of CDs and other items not essential. 
  • Prejudice against the homeless, where it’s hard to get housing. The homeless are not always given a chance. 
  • Wasteful government spending. 
  • The entitlement state/mentality, where people are given handouts rather than hand ups.   
  • The mental health hustling industry, although some hustle programs have been defunded, part of draining the swamp in Bucks County. 

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