Money Well Spent?

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Fundraising for the 7th Annual Conquering Grounds Music Fest & Relapse Prevention event in September is inching along. The event is being funded by private organizations where people just want to help people conquer the voluntary slavery of addiction and are doing it without pay. Bob Sofronski's photo.

On the contrary, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick wants to soak the taxpayers $25 billion to fund programs that don’t work. 

The group of folks who have organized, as grass-roots citizens have something that works, and has been working for years. Take the Conquering Life Prison & Recovery Ministries (CLPRM) for example. 

In participating in various CLPRM ministries since August, 2018, I have discovered the right way to fight the opioid crisis. I have heard testimony after testimony, talk after talk, got to know redeemed addicts through CLPRM. And there is a network where I learned of Christian events where I was enriched. The problem of addiction has the same root the rest of us with problems: sin.  Unlike the government initiatives, which call addiction a disease and claim it is not a moral failing, these programs really help people. The money the government wants to take from citizens leaves us with less money we could use to voluntarily fund programs that are much more effective in curbing the opioid crisis, which is really a symptom of a spiritually bankrupt society.  

One thing everyone could agree on is that there is a drug abuse epidemic, and something needs to be done about it.  The latest statistics posted on the board in front of the Levittown-Fairless Hills Rescue Squad, posted by the squad on June 27, 2019: 

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The politicians and the government had their chance. It’s about time we the people decide the best way to help people conquer their voluntary slavery of addiction.  Abusing drugs is a choice (why do you think they call it dope?). How to best help addicts should also be a choice. We need more accountability for anti-drug programs as well as for the addicts. If, as the modern mantra goes, which politicians like to spout, drug addiction is a disease, then they can’t help themselves. Well, we can help them help themselves!