Tax The Air You Breathe?

The global warming/climate change crowd continues to clamor to force their scheme to tax carbon emissions to enrich themselves. They need to be stopped! Before you know it, they will start taxing the carbon we emit when we breathe! So, there would be a tax if you want to breathe! 

The carbon tax is a tax as bogus as the sale of indulgences, which was the rage many centuries ago.  The sale of indulgences sheared the sheep by scaring them, the same way Algore et al does. 

The Medieval church said that if you didn’t pay protection money, you’d go to hell.  

The carbon tax shows that this Green movement is about money. 

In Bucks County, PA, a local politician wants to cash in by joining the carbon tax bandwagon.  He called this tax “market based” and would use the money to fund building roads, bridges and for energy. 

A few years back, Pope Francis championed human caused global warming.  BO (former President Barry Obummer) joined forces with the pope on this issue.  The Pope and BO are two sh**birds of a feather. 

These birds are in league with the pseudo-environmentalists, aka watermelon environmentalists (green on the outside, red on the inside).  BO has been legislating under the influence (LUI) of these elitist kooks.  The Jesuits, which Pope Francis is aligned with, historically have had a Marxist bent. 

What does this mean to us? 

BO, the UN and the radical Greens have been unsuccessful in their attempts to bring the US and the rest of the world into a binding international climate agreement.  Now that they have the blessings of the Pope, and those who don’t question his authority, they have a chance of screwing us with the Paris climate scam. 

Fortunately, President Trump put a lid on the Paris climate scam. 

BO, the UN and the radical Greens have been unsuccessful in their attempts to bring the US and the rest of the world into a binding international climate agreement.  Although they have the blessings of the Pope, and those who don’t question his authority, their schemes may very well just be a pipe dream. Just their imagination, running away… 

John 8:32 32Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” 

Little Queeny

During the early years when I started to hang out with the homeless in southern Bucks County, PA, I knew an avid panhandler who bragged “I’m the king of the panhandlers!” He asked people for money at a laundry in Levittown and other various spots and even panhandled fellow homeless people at the shared meals for the homeless and those in need. He had signs to advertise his panhandling and on at least one occasion, called attention to it to a homeless woman, pressing the sign against the window and touted the sign to her. 

Now, several years later it looks like we may have a queen of the panhandlers. At the shared meals, she begged money from Pastors and other hosts and even quests at the meals. She’s even been working in tandem with at least one of her boys. In a tag team like effort, she would hit someone up for money, and if the answer was “no”, then he’d follow up.  You may say it’s a family affair. 

There was an isolated panhandling moment by a guy at one of the meals since the King left the scene, but it looks like he may be a one hit wonder. 

Although like most of the folks who frequent the shared meals, the upcoming Panhandling Queen is struggling, but is believed to have some source of income. And like many of the people who go to the meals, she wants others to fund her wants and just not her needs. One thing that has been burning a hole in her, as well as others’ pockets, is cancer sticks. Although smoking feigns see cigarettes as a vital need, it is really no a necessity; they got addicted to this idol, which they worship at the church of Sister Nicotine (plus addictive, more toxic additives) and The Holy Smokes. 

These folks decided to ride with the outlaw and evangelist for Sister Nicotine and The Holy Smokes. 

Back in January of this year, I was reminded of what addictions do to people when I went to  a fast food restaurant in Bristol. As I pulled into a parking space, a young guy, who seemed to come out of nowhere, slipped behind me, and went around my car and stood about ten feet from my driver’s door. As soon I exited the car, the guy asked if I had a cigarette. I told him no – that I don’t smoke. “Can you give me ten bucks for a pack of cigarettes?”, he unabashedly asked. “No,” I unequivocally said. “When I become an old as* see if I give you anything, the punk snarled, as he walked away. “You need to change your attitude,” I replied. His ignorance grew. “**** you,” this intellectual spouted. 

The Johnny Smoke anti-smoking PSA played on TV during the 60s has been upstaged by the Opioid Crisis. The old folk song asks “Where have all the flowers gone?” I ask, where have all the anti-smoking public service announcements gone? Except for ads selling stop smoking products, there is not much of a campaign to alert people about the dangers of smoking. 

Although the poison from legal cigarettes acts more slowly than that of illegal drugs, it is still a destructive force in society. In the early 70s, my physical education/health instructor in college told us he’d like to go down south and burn down all the tobacco fields. “Don’t tell your parents I’m really going to do this,”, he said and explained he was just trying to make a point about how dangerous smoking is to your health. Early December, 2017, I lost someone very dear to me as a result of smoking.   

Like illegal drugs, which have additives such as fentanyl and morphine, cigarettes also have toxic additives. The government evidently does not have a problem with cigarette additives, which make cancer sticks more addictive. Jesus said that the love of money is the root of evil. Allegedly to curb smoking, the government jacked up taxes on cigarettes. The tobacco industry, and its partner in crime the government, are no better than drug pushers, whom they say they want to push out. More tax money in the government coffers! 

It looks like the King of the Panhandlers has abdicated his throne. He very well may be replaced by a Queen. We may even give the Queen a theme song: 

I explore these kinds of issues among the homeless, as well as their victories in: 

Selling The Snake Oil!

A carbon tax bill, called “market based” has reared its ugly head again, proposed by Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick and another Republican congressman to fund building roads, bridges and energy. 

The bogus carbon tax bill is not based in the free market. It is based on the junk science that says that carbon dioxide is overheating the earth and that polar bears will drown as the sea gets higher.  Greenpeace co-founder and former Greenpeace president debunks this pseudo-science: 

Supporters of the carbon tax bill tout that it will strengthen efforts to severely reduce carbon dioxide, a gas we need to grow plants and produce more food. The only thing this bill has to do with the market is that it does business with snake oil salesmen! 

Unfounded, unproven alternative energy initiatives cripple the economy. They are underwritten by the government, using tax money to fund this pipe dream. A good example of this is Solyndra, Barry’s boondoggle: The manufacturer of advanced solar panels received a $535 million loan guarantee to build a factory outside of San Francisco. 

Solyndra went bankrupt in 2011 amid falling prices for solar panels, and has since served as the poster child for government policy gone bad. 

Its assets were being auctioned off, and DOE is not expected to recover any meaningful amount of money. 

The executives at Solyndra, who contributed to BO’s presidential campaign, walked away with golden parachutes, while we got the shaft. 

We all suffer when the economy suffers, especially the homeless. The homeless are the canary in the mine, an early warning for an environment that can no longer sustain life. 

The government blocks energy production that works, just as Bucks County government blocks plans to create more shelter for the homeless. The free market has provided clean, affordable energy and has created legitimate jobs, not bogus energy jobs that are artificially propped up by the government. 

Taxing people for carbon emissions is counterproductive.  Why not start taxing human beings for emitting carbon dioxide? As the Beatles sang, Politicians want to tax just about everything! 

We need carbon dioxide, not snake oil from politicians and the media!