Homelessness Does Not Define Your Character

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A formerly homeless friend of mine’s pet peeve is that when someone causes a problem the media highlights that the culprit is homeless. Recently, on Levittownnow.com, a man was accused of damaging the Bristol Township PA police station when he was in a holding cell. 

In the second sentence of the article, the accused is readily identified as a homeless man. Homeless people should not be identified with crime, like the game Marco Polo. Instead of responding “Polo” when someone says “Marco”, one would respond “crime” to “Homeless person”!  

Yes, the alleged perpetrator is homeless, but being homeless does not define your character. Someone not homeless could have very well done the same thing. 


By contrast, in another article on Levittownnow.com doesn’t identify a man, in knee jerk fashion, who was arrested for illegally sleeping in a van at an auto dealership in Langhorne, PA after having been repeatedly warned by police not to do this as homeless. It is appropriate that at the end of article there is a reference for those who are homeless. That the man was homeless was inferred in the article; it was certainly not the salient point!  


Homelessness a problem in Bucks County and throughout the rest of the country, and it must not be glossed over, ignored! 

In yet another recent article is a report about a man who dies in the woods in Croydon, PA. The man was obviously homeless and the article reports on another homeless person who died in the woods.  


Homeless advocates, myself included, have beseeched authorities and various parties to do something to give those without walls an opportunity to find a way out of homelessness. I say “opportunity” because some people who happen to be homeless don’t want to take the steps to improve their lot and act responsibly. My proposal a few years back to a Bucks County Commissioner to provide a homeless community fell on deaf ears. Others who wanted to privately help the homeless with housing were likewise stonewalled by the Bucks County establishment. 

These homeless issues are among what I address, based on years of personal experience with the homeless in Bucks County, in my book: https://www.amazon.com/There-Are-Homeless-Buck-County/dp/172865209X/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1?keywords=there%20are%20homeless%20in%20bucks%20county&qid=1555953133&s=gateway&sr=8-1-fkmrnull&fbclid=IwAR2x3SKmaynu1NpSSlpiXlxRhJ_Rd0csXzhmoCc5UHDifcHVRLbAbpmVZok