Christmas Comes Once a Year

“Christmas comes once a year”
“And every man must have his share”
“Only poor Willy in the jail, drinking sour ginger beer”
-Famous phrase that plays on the radio in Guyana, South America at Christmastime

A poor Willy, a homeless guy known as T-Rex, is spending Christmas in jail in Bucks County, PA. I doubt he’s drinking sour ginger beer, but maybe sucking on sour grapes. Maybe, as a clergyman-host at a community meal where T-Rex was drunk and disorderly said, he has the opportunity to think about the sins he committed.

It is sad that someone has to spend Christmas in jail, or be in jail at all. But it’s also sad what T-Rex did to others that sent him to prison.

Standing in line at a lunch for the homeless and needy Saturday, a homeless guy behind me was angry at someone for calling the police on T-Rex and pointed him out — “at the front of the line”. He spouted “it’s terrible!” He had a problem that someone did something about criminal behavior. T-Rex came to several meals drunk and disorderly, culminating in knocking another guest down, cutting the back of his head.

So protecting the rights of others is terrible? Law and order is terrible?

Society must have rules. Otherwise society breaks down into barbarism, as was the case with English schoolboys in The Lord of The Flies. The point of the story is that there is evil with humans, and it must be restrained. The island the boys get stranded on is a microcosm of society.

Not taking into account the potential for humans for doing evil can destroy us. The drug epidemic is places such as Bucks County continues to explode. There’s also been cases of people going into a rage after pressure builds up as anger and frustration festers. The latest incident, this close to Christmas, was when a woman evidently went haywire when she backed out of her driveway, flew all the way across the street, crashed through her neighbors house, then raced forward and smashed into her own house, making it unlivable.

During the Christmas holiday, people have been running around like mad hatters, in a frantic attempt to get everybody gifts and fighting, sometimes literally, over material things. They act like the painted boys when they were dancing madly around in a circle in The Lord of The Flies.

Years ago, when my parents visited some in laws for the first and last time, my mother remarked that there was no love in that family. “All they know how to do is to buy gifts for each other!”

For me, the bastardization of Christmas is like being in jail drinking sour ginger beer.

Meanwhile, our nudge from The Addiction Network keeps reminding us that “addiction is a disease.” No it’s not, and it is a result of the evil, which reared it’s ugly head in The Lord of The Flies, that is part of humanity. Christmas is about Jesus being born in the manger to save us from the sin the dwells within us and to make us right with God, saving us from eternal condemnation.

This Christmas, don’t be like poor Willy drinking sour beer in jail. Jesus came to earth to take us out of the darkness and into the light. God sets the prisoner free!

“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners” –Isaiah 61:1