Different Stokes of Justice for Different Folks

A member of the Bristol Township, PA elite looting the public till and the deal is that he just has to pay it back?  Ricky, I’m shocked! https://youtu.be/HMIyDf3gBoY 


So if you steal about $33,000 from public, taxpayer funds that were supposed to go to help needy people, all you have to do is pay it back?  Maybe, instead of warning would be shoplifters at Walmart that shoplifting is a crime and that Walmart will prosecute, Walmart should have a sign “Warning: Anyone caught shoplifting will have to pay it back!”   

Here is the penalty for shoplifting $2,000 or more in Pennsylvania, much less that the $33,000 Davis stole.  https://www.thefishmanfirm.com/shoplifting-laws-pa/ 

Is the difference in the legal judgment have to do with Davis, just by fiat stealing money, pocketing funds that didn’t belong to him and not actually going into a store or business and robbing it?  Of course the left in this country believes that the money the average person has doesn’t belong to him or her, but to Big Brother, who decides who gets what through redistribution of wealth.   

The real answer is that Davis, who keeps company with State Representative Tina Davis, is part of the Bristol Township Democrat Elites, who: 

  • Demolished the historic Sunbury Farms building on Newportville Road in Bristol, which was in good shape.  The Courier Times reported on March 30, 2016 that Bristol Township Council President Craig Bowden said “It needs to be fixed up” , and added “the township has a wish that whoever buys it will return it to its “pristine condition.” 
  • Was silent on the  banning the annual Stand Down in Levittown for homeless and needy veterans 
  • Voted for Shrillery Killery Clinton (fortunately the rest of the country didn’t drink the Kool-aide) 

Why do people support these elites?  I feel like George in the 1960 movie The Time Machine trying to convince the Elios not to kowtow to the Morlocks, who enslaved them!