There You Go Again!

When an opponent of Ronald Reagan repeated a nonsensical statement, Reagan would reply “There you go again!” Likewise, to the government of Bucks County, PA I say “There you go again!”

This weekend marked the last Stand Down, an event for homeless and needy veterans, which has been held on county administered land behind the public library in Levittown, PA.

Bucks County “won’t be inviting Stand Down, an annual effort to provide needed services and support to ‘positively change the lives of the areas homeless veterans and their families,’ to return to the old Bucks County-owned Thiokol property near the Levittown Library in Bristol Township for 2017” said a county spokesman and Stand Down organizers, as reported in

“The reason for the move was not immediately made clear to Stand Down organizers,” the article continues. Really?

The answer is really “because we said so.” As per the attitude towards the homeless in general in Bucks County, anyone whose status in life doesn’t match the vision of a perfect suburban soccer mom society shakes up the establishment’s bourgeois world.

The Bucks County establishment doesn’t want the homeless in the Levittown public library or at the nearby veteran’s memorial, both open to the public, simply because they are homeless, even when they are following the rules.

So why should homeless and needy veterans be any different? There they go again!

This year, Stand Down was not publicized. Maybe this is a way to constructively push away something people don’t like.

Surprisingly, when I commented about the lack of publicity on the Delaware Valley Vietnam Veterans Facebook page, I was met with hostility. People were very defensive and snapped that I shouldn’t say anything on their page about the matter but take it up with the Stand Down organizers. They practically took my head off! The organization removed my post. When I asked why and challenged their reasoning, I was told I had insulted their organization and was disrespectful.

Dr. Ben Carson was right on target when he said that today, with political correctness, people are afraid to express an opinion for fear someone may not just debate an issue, but try to destroy them. This is not American. This is not why veterans wore a uniform.  This evidently is the case with the Delaware Valley Vietnam Veterans. One of them tried to spin what they did and said they were just maintaining their page. As comedian Pat Paulsen used to say, “bull feathers!”

I am not going to just sit down and shut up! I plan to continue, on my own venue, to spout off my grassroots big mouth.

I’m thinking that if this space on Bucks County land was for an event for illegal aliens or Muslim refugees, the recipients would be more welcomed than the veterans. And planes with banners would fly overhead weeks ahead to advertise. White Toyota pickup trucks would drive through neighborhoods with loudspeakers to announce the event.

Not “welcoming” Stand Down back reflects the liberal attitude of the elites, like President BO and Shrillery-Killery Clinton who don’t believe they have to explain themselves and be held accountable. They say “what does it matter” and make up the rules as they go along. They also make things up to get us off their backs.

Public land, by the way, belongs to we the people. We just lend authority to the government to administer the land. We are the ultimate landlords.

“The righteous care about justice for the poor,
but the wicked have no such concern. ” -Proverbs 29:7

The Private Public Library

Over the past two years, there has been a pattern of harassment against the homeless at the public library in  Levittown, PA.  Children who incessantly scream and run around the library like savages are given a pass, but the homeless are kicked out for frivolous reasons or at least harassed.

I have filed an online complaint with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Below is a listing of facts in the case I am building up against Pat, the director at the Levittown branch of the Bucks County Free Library:

  • Pat confronted a homeless woman who was reading. She told her she needed to do something in the library.
  • I was talking quietly to a homeless man, not making a fraction of the noise the children and other special privileged characters make when Pat burst out of an office and exclaimed “this conversation is getting heated; you have to do something!” Shortly after that, he was kicked out for a week for nodding off at the library. Last night the guy was kicked out again. I suspect that was because that Pat didn’t agree with his point of view. I have to talk with him about this.
  • A couple of weeks ago, as I was talking quietly and briefly with some homeless people, after I had stopped talking for about 30 seconds, Pat told me I have to keep the noise down. I believe she didn’t like my criticism about how the county deals with the homeless, about a political view and a politician who holds the view she holds.
  • A homeless man was served a paper from someone in the Bucks County Free Library system that informed him he was banned from the library for a week. Details are forthcoming.
  • When I was on my cell phone in the designated cell phone area, on hold, I uttered two words: “Come on” and Pat told me I was talking too loud in the library.
  • This past Saturday, Pat confronted a  homeless woman while she was doing the giant puzzle the library put out for people to work. The homeless woman had just gotten back from the funeral for the homeless man who died in a camper fire when the librarian said she had a complaint that the woman was lying on the floor of the ladies room making cigarettes. . The homeless woman had been in the library between 9 and about 11:00 a.m. before she caught the bus for the funeral.

The homeless woman was summarily judged, without question and was told if she did it again, she’d be kicked out of the library. There was no evidence – just someone’s word, most likely someone who decided to make something up to drive the homeless out of the library. Or Pat may have just lied. On one occasion, Pat ordered the security guard to cut the locks on bicycles that she believed were abandoned. Pat told an advocate that she had made an announcement that the locks would be cut to warn those bikers who just parked legally while visiting the library

A credible source who was there when she allegedly made the announcement said he was in hearing range of the PA system and that no announcement was made. Pat lied about this and most likely lied about the woman in the restroom.

  • Three incidents where the homeless were harassed for using the library Wi-Fi as per the rules, Pat approached them and said they shouldn’t be doing that but then backed off after they explained what they were doing.
  • Pat tried to keep out a man with a legal service dog, although anyone could plainly see it was a service dog. The man whipped out some papers and Pat backed off.

Pat has constantly harassed the homeless and has abridged free speech.

She and her hobophobic comrades simply don’t like the homeless and act as if the library is their own property. It’s a public library and the same rules should apply to everyone. The charge that Pat is harassing the homeless in order to get them out comes from two sources as well as from my own observations.

  • The community relations and development director from the Levittown Salvation Army Community center told me “people who don’t want the homeless in the library”.
  • At a meeting at the library, a friend overheard someone ask what is going to be done about peoples’ questions  that “the homeless are making the library their hangout.” The response: “Pat is taking care of that.”

Pat acts as if the library is her personal club and discriminates against anyone who doesn’t match her narrow-minded view of who qualifies to be a member. This is judgmental and discriminatory. This, along with the double standard, must stop!

Where Are My Strawberries?

There was some doubt about the wisdom of crew of the destroyer/minesweeper for getting rid of their captain in The Caine Mutiny. I have less doubt about the need to oust Pat, the head librarian at the Bucks County Free Library Levittown PA Branch. 

Like Captain Queeg in the Cain Mutiny, Pat is coming unglued. Lately she’s been up to her old tricks again, harassing the homeless and anyone who doesn’t fit her narrow idea of who belongs in the library.

About a week ago, she told a disabled man who visited the library that he couldn’t have his legal, service dog in the library. When he stood his ground, Pat remarked “we don’t do that here.”  The man is challenging the librarian’s arbitrary and capricious misuse of authority, going through the system. This may be her Waterloo.

The battle of Waterloo was Napoleon’s final defeat, similar to Custer’s last stand. Likewise, the illegal banning of a service dog in the library may be this megalomaniac’s  undoing, and she’ll get canned.

Recently, on at least two occasions, she confronted homeless people who were legally using the Wi-Fi on their mobile device. Pat told them they weren’t supposed to do that. When they explained they were just using the Wi-Fi, she said “OK” and walked away.

Like Captain Queeg, a career officer who had served admirably, Pat has done some good things for library patrons. There is a free electronic device service. I used it and was able to get my old laptop up to stuff. The technician ran scans, upgrades, etc., and gave me great advice. There’s also chair yoga, which helped me loosen my joints and muscles, breathe better, relax and generally improve my health.
But Pat is obsessed with her authority and acts as though the library is her own place, welcoming whom she pleases. And she is the equivalent of Captain Queeg rolling steel ball bearings in his hands.

On one occasion, when I was on my cell phone in the official cell phone area, on hold, tired of waiting I uttered, in a slightly more than moderate volume, two words: “come on.” Pat passed by and turned to me and sternly told me I have to keep the noise down.

On another occasion, as I was quietly talking to a homeless friend in a lounging section of the library, Pat burst through an office door and stammered “this conversation is getting heated, you better do something, like read a book…” I asked her “what is your problem?”  After she went in the office, I told someone “she’s an A-hole”.  In Kafkaesque fashion, one of the librarians Augustly said “are you leaving?”

“No”, I said.

I was getting ready to take a woman with COPD and others to a community dinner, and I walked over to the computers to get directions. Pat followed me. She agreed to let me look up directions, but then I had to leave. After I got the directions, I walked over to pick up those who wanted to go to the meal.

“Are you leaving?”, a librarian again said Augustly.

“I’m waiting for my friends,” I replied. As the homeless woman with COPD slowly started to get up, a librarian ordered “you have to leave now.”

“Excuse me”, I replied, “I don’t say ‘how high’ when you say ‘jump'”.

I confronted Pat about her harassing the homeless and about the double standard, where, when homeless people talk barely above a whisper they get told about it, while nothing is done about loud people and their screaming, bratty kids. She denied harassing the homeless and said she did do something about people and their loud screaming kids. Lie!

Pat called the police and held the phone, staring at the homeless woman with COPD and I until we exited the library.

On yet another occasion, the homeless woman with COPD sat reading a book. Pat told the woman that she has to do something in the library, not just hang out there.

The latest is a letter a homeless man was given, banning him from the library for about a week, which came from somewhere in the Bucks County library system. I plan to explore this.

Some people are looking into filing a complaint with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

There is a county wide initiative to ban the homeless from the library, just because they are homeless. An official from the local Salvation Army told me that people have complained about the homeless being in the library – that they don’t like them there. She gave me bogus reasons.

A friend overheard someone at a meeting in the library ask “What about the question people have about the homeless making the library their hangout?”

“Pat’s taking care of that,” was the reply.

Part of the problem is that all the homeless people who visit the library are grouped with the druggies from the recovery houses who have become homeless. There is also a stereotype that homeless people have mental problems.

The bourgeois in Bucks County look down their noses at the homeless.

True, there have been problems in the homeless community, just like anywhere else, but they have been resolved. For instance, there had been drama at the community meals, often fueled by liquor. For some time, the meals have been drama free. Not only that, but have been a venue for great fellowship, with the guests and hosts having wonderful conversations!

Another Queeg like quirk Pat displayed is having the homeless bus stop torn down and replacing it with a sign “Emergency Assembly Area.”

Penndel Mental Health Center has been exploiting the idea that homeless people are mentally ill, and have been trying to tap into the public funding the homeless get to employ pork barrel tactics to bring them into the nuthouse.

I have an idea. Round up the homeless and corral them at the emergency assembly area. Then a 60’s VW bus from Penndel Mental Health Center, with psychedelic painting, would pick them up. As the bus approaches, the homeless would head to the emergency assembly area like the zombies in The Time Machine. Instead of hearing sirens, the homeless would hear the Beatle’s song Magical Mystery Tour.

 “All aboard the magical mystery tour; step right this way.”

 La la. The magical mystery tour. La la. The magical mystery tour. The magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away. Take you away.  Take you today.”

 You don’t need an invitation (the magical mystery tour). On Alan’s clipboard we’ll put your invitation…”