Tell Me Why

Falsely accusing someone for gain is nothing new. With Easter approaching, we are reminded how the perfect lamb, Jesus, sacrificed Himself to save us from our sin and bring new life for those who believe.

Jesus was a threat to Caiaphas and his gang, whom the Romans tolerated. At a meeting of the Sanhedrin, the chief priests and the Pharisees decided it was in their best interests to lie about Jesus and turn Him over to the Romans to be crucified. They wanted to conduct business as usual – the money changers and other shady activities.

Likewise, today in Bucks County, PA, the Advocates for The Homeless and Those In Need (AHTN) have a racket they are protecting.  About a year and a half ago, secretly, I believe a member of AHTN lied about an innocent guest at a community meal in order, in her thinking, not to have a mob get mad at them by holding accountable a homeless guy who came to the meal drunk and verbally harass, curse at and physically threaten another guest.

The drunk and disorderly homeless man started harassing the victim after overhearing the guy talking about  court cases he sat in on.  He had a problem with this and went ballistic, cursing at and even swinging at him, just clipping him.  Three of the hosts had to drag the drunken man away. He was ushered to the far corner of the dining hall, with AHTN members accompanying him.

The victim showed great self control, not even verbally arguing with this maniac.  Yet,  when the police approached the victim, the officer told him he had to leave because the host wanted this. The victim was banned from the bus, and, what’s more, the next time he came to the meal, he was told he was banned, because, when pressed for an answer, the host reluctantly said it was because he was saying bad things about the homeless.

The assailant was not only allowed to ride the bus but came back to that particular meal.

It is strange, even Kafkaesque, that the victim, who never had  any issues with this host, suddenly was not allowed to come to the community meal. I wish I were a fly on the wall when AHTN representatives sequestered the assailant. I think what must have been said is why he was not brought to the civil hearing.

For AHTN, it was a matter of expediency masquerading as keeping the peace.

Recently, a year and a half  later, someone related to a leader at AHTN confronted the victim for filing the lawsuit against AHTN, pointing this out to one of the hosts at a meal, wondering why the victim did such a thing. The victim explained that he didn’t file the suit against AHTN, but against individuals from AHTN.

AHTN Mouthpiece: Tell me why eye eye eye you filed.

Plaintiff: And why you lie eye eyed about me.*0wnNO4NdS6s3%21sEyfRTh7HS*TeG1iAMOmifK0r0M1c*ptwefTo6FjgZqvg 

AHTN is not the friend of the homeless. At the Kangaroo district court hearing, AHTN was let off the hook – for the time being (dismissed without prejudice, which means, for those of you in Doylestown, it can be appealed and it is), while the homeless person was given a default judgment. He was not even brought in from the Bucks County jail. As the old Beatles’ song goes “But you left me sitting on my own,
Did you have to treat me oh so bad,
All I do is hang my head and moan.”

By not enforcing rules, and acting like when an individual homeless person does something wrong you are confronting the whole group, it hurts the homeless community. The message that the homeless are supposed to act badly casts a negative image on them. This plays into the mentality of the Bucks County establishment, where, for example, at the Levittown public library and the nearby Veterans’ Memorial the homeless are not welcome.

In this case, AHTN had mollycoddled the assailant who had been harassing the real victim and others for some time. One formerly homeless woman pointed out that if this behavior kept up, the assailant, in a drunken rage, may someday even kill someone! It wasn’t AHTN who is preventing this from happening, but people who stepped up to the plate. All these modern day Pharisees care about is their funding. To them, the homeless are just cattle, from whom they don’t expect any moral code.

Like AHTN, when I called out two non homeless guests for hogging food at the community meals, members of the suburban ganstas circled the wagons and defended the offenders.

When you don’t maintain laws of civility in society, you end up with a society like The Lord of The Flies.