A Word About All Birds

The quintessential Noble Savage, who for a couple long years has been savaging the homeless meals in Bucks County, PA, did not fly north to Doylestown from lower Bucks County as we thought. This comes after he announced his flight north at a homeless meal, during which many of us clapped in applause and gave him a standing ovation. He’s commonly referred to as “Birdman”.  

He even has a theme song, which some of us thought should be played on a big screen at the meal as he makes his entrance:  https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=The+Word+is+the+bird+trashmen+video&view=detail&mid=62E64BD08A680113988862E64BD08A6801139888&FORM=VIRE 

One theory as to why Birdman did not fly north is that he ate too much food from the homeless meals and couldn’t get off the ground to fly. I don’t buy this theory. Birdman is quite skinny, although he takes a large plunder of food home after the meals. Maybe he has an imaginary army of birds he’s feeding. Maybe Alfred Hitchcock’s birds.  I don’t know.  

Maybe Birdman stayed in lower Bucks County to compete for the award for Noble Savage of The Year. There are a few individuals who attend the meals who have been giving Birdman some stiff competition, such as Piglet and Morticia Addams. These competitors are certainly lesser examples of The Noble Savage, but their modus operandi is different. Piglet hustles her way to make sure she is first in line when there is a line, by hook or crook. Last night, like a bulldozer, she crashed through a woman’s walker that was sticking out between the rows of tables, not blocking people walking by but she did not leave enough room for Piglet’s cart she pulled as she worked her way back to find a table. Morticia collects different food and other items and sneaks them off, one by one, from the meal.  

I think it’s time for a woman to get the award for Noble Savage. The Bucks liberal establishment should intervene, and in fairness, pick a female winner, whether she earned it or not.  

The Noble Savage has not just appeared at the homeless meals. Some can be found at the public libraries in lower Bucks County. A little while ago in the library I’m writing from a guy using one of the library computers blasted “music” that spewed out of his earphones. He rocked back and forth and gyrated, banged on the table and himself and at one point started spewing out the gibberish he evidently was listening to. Finally, a librarian told him it was too loud and asked him to turn it down.  

This guy wasn’t the only savage at the library today. Kids were running around like savages and screaming, definitely not disciplined by parents or guardians. That was tolerated by library staff. Maybe the library system will hold a Noble Savage contest. 

We are in a cultural war. My side of the war has been making headway. We’re recovering after having become an Obama Nation. President Trump fired some direct hits in his State of The Union speech, echoing the hearts and minds of the people who want to return to our Christian and constitutional heritage. 

These examples of The Noble Savage in lower Bucks County reflect the cultural war: 


Reconciling in an Upside Down World

It’s wonderful when people who are at odds reconcile, like Euodia and Syntyche in the church at Philippi.  The apostle Paul urged them to reconcile their differences, as it was hurting the ministry of the church.

A guest at a community meal for the homeless and those in need at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Penndel, PA, was at odds with a member of Redeemer, Redeemer, and members of the Advocates for The Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN). The guest filed a civil suit against them.

Rewind to October, 2015. A homeless guy came to the community meal at Redeemer drunk and verbally and physically assaulted this guest, just clipping him when he threw a punch at him. He threatened me because he didn’t like the way I looked at him, as I was aghast at his behavior. When a woman told him that he was spoiling her meal, he replied “I don’t give a f***!” It took three male hosts to pull the drunken guest away.

The victim showed great self-control, not even verbally arguing with this maniac.  Yet, when the police approached the victim, an officer told him he had to leave because that’s what Redeemer Lutheran church wanted.

The victim was banned from the meal at Redeemer Lutheran and the AHTN bus, but the drunken and disorderly homeless guy could continue to ride the bus and go to the community meals at Redeemer.

Tuesday night, after an ATHN member listed in the law suit worked things out, the guest who filed the law suit was allowed back. At the meal, he talked with the woman from AHTN. After he talked with her, one of the hosts called her over to the kitchen to talk with her.  She pointed to the guest who was railroaded. The drunk and disorderly guest was also at the meal Tuesday night, yet, as the railroaded guest pointed out, she didn’t point at him.

In our culture war our Christian heritage is being turned upside down. In The New World Order, which George Soros, et al is trying to usher in, good becomes evil. There are no moral absolutes. Nearly two years ago, Redeemer Church and AHTN kowtowed to the Lynch mob. False witness about the victim, started largely by a formerly homeless woman, circulated through the homeless community and poisoned minds, and left a stench.

As dead flies give perfume a bad smell,
    so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honor.” -Ecclesiastes 10:1

The 411 on the culture war: https://wigtunes.wordpress.com/tag/francis-schaeffer/

I hope Redeemer Lutheran Church and AHTN realizes what they did was wrong and they didn’t just make concessions to avoid the hassle of the lawsuit. It may be, however, that because they realized that there are people who see what happened was wrong and sent a message, they know they were wrong. This is what happened with Martin Luther King’s campaign for equal rights. America is not inherently a racist nation.  Dr. King’s marches called attention to America getting off track and not living up to its principles, so as a result of his campaign, we got back on track.  I pray that these institutions that went astray get back on the right track, just as I hope the wayward churches in the rest of America get in sync with Biblical truths.

Read what Dr. King said, in his own words from his letter from Birmingham jail. Lengthy, but worth it:


See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Blog No Evil

A message in a book I’m reading helped me pinpoint why there are difficulties in life, particularly when dealing with troublesome people in Bucks County, PA.  Dealing With Difficult People, by Charles J Keating, which someone gave me as a joke when I kept company with a homeless woman who left the neighborhood some time ago, planted a light bulb atop my head.

In the Chapter Difficult People in Groups, referencing an “expert” the author writes “He suggests that accurate perception of others within a group is not desirable if we are seeking the best means to healthy and productive interpersonal relationships within the group.” Quoting the source: “…accurate, objective but unfavorable perceptions may be less desirable for many good relationships than inaccurate but favorable perceptions. Most people want to be accepted for what they would like to be, not for what they really are.”  Keating expounds: “In this context he asks whether a child, viewed by his or her parents accurately as stubborn and disobedient, will relate better within the family than the child who is received inaccurately (my emphasis) as charming, well-behaved and intelligent.”

Really? No, the “expert” is not being realistic. So we should all pretend people are OK when they are not? Using the example of a child, the brats that soccer moms bring to the public library in Levittown evidently were just given a pass by their parents, never disciplined when they misbehaved. The bad behavior was ignored and instead the brats were viewed as what the parents would like them to be. They were never told, for example, as was my daughter in preschool, that when inside they need to use “an indoor voice.”

The preschool reinforced my child rearing just as does the Levittown librarian for the soccer moms by giving the noisy brats a pass when they disrupt others at the library.

Some time ago, I confronted the librarian about the double standard at the library, where if a homeless person speaks not much more than a whisper, they are hassled but nothing is done about the brats, who are much louder than are kids who play at Chucky Cheese. The librarian said that she does do something about the noisy kids. So, her inaccurate perception is preferable to the truth in this instance because the library is what she would like it to be, not as it really is. It’s no surprise that Pat is a big fan of Hillary Clinton.

Speaking of the former Wicked Witch of The West Wing, the election clearly was a battle in the culture war. It’s a war about institutions such as the rule of rule of law, free speech, and equal protection of the law.

The 411 on the culture war: https://wigtunes.wordpress.com/tag/francis-schaeffer/

The mores of some people in the homeless and needy community in Bucks County include “do not snitch” when someone does something wrong, even if it is a criminal act, and don’t call certain people out when they, for instance, hog all the desserts and do other things at a community meal for the homeless and those in need that affects others. Just as the librarian reinforces bad behavior of undisciplined kids, the Advocates for the Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN) enables bad, even criminal behavior.

By the way, for those of you in Doylestown, Definition of Mores:

” plural noun, Sociology.

folkways of central importance accepted without question and embodying the fundamental moral views of a group.” -Dictionary.com

One of the mores is that it’s OK to intimidate, even threaten with violence someone who sees something that affects others and expresses an opinion about it. This was the case when I was threatened, but unsuccessfully intimidated, although annoyed and perplexed, at one of the community dinners by members of the suburban gangstas.

HUD director Ben Carson remarked that a problem today is that people are afraid to express their views for fear of retaliation. I agree with Dr. Carson. The trick, however, is to consider, as Kenny Rogers sang,    “You‘ve got to know when to hold ’em
Know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away
And know when to run”

Another example is when a guest at a homeless meal loudly complained about a guy in line who called the police on a fugitive wanted for attacking another guest at a homeless meal. “It’s terrible, it’s terrible!”, he repeatedly exclaimed. The fugitive, now in jail, habitually came to the meals drunk and verbally harassed and physically threatened other guests, and – the waterloo-  knocked down and injured another guest. All along, AHTN pussyfooted in the matter, even getting him off Scott free in one instance. I believe that AHTN is sucking up to those responsible for helping the fugitive escape.

Problems happen when this man drinks. He needs help. AHTN touts that they help the homeless. Will they help the fugitive get help? That remains to be seen!

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

-Proverbs 22:6

We’ve Done It Before and We Can Do It Again!

In my last blog, I pleaded for America to hit the restore button.  Unless you are from Doylestown, PA, you know that I used that phrase figuratively. Cultures, like people, are not restored overnight, but gradually over time by saying and doing the right things.

Facebook has been a great avenue to advocate change – a campaign to restore our conservative, Christian values. For some time, I’ve seen lots of Christian and conservative photos with words and Christian links on Facebook. It’s good to know that good folks are exercising their 1st amendment rights.

People’s beliefs have won people over through persuasive outlets.

I grew up during the cold war, when even in cartoons, communism was laughed at.   The characters Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale, who answered to Fearless Leader and to Mr. Big, a distant, godlike character who made cameo appearances on the Bullwinkle and Rocky cartoon show, mocked the Soviet Union.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boris_Badenov

Another anti-communist message I like is a parody of the Pepsodent ad I heard.

The original ad:

You wonder where the yellow went

When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent

The parody:

You wonder where your father went

When he speaks against the government

Nobody has come to take me away, at least not for speaking against the government (maybe men in white coats). There are people out there who don’t like what I’m saying, and it’s good my blog site is secure.

I have, however, been punished for expressing a view someone didn’t like. The Countess of Carlisle at the Salvation Army Community Center in Levittown PA and I had a different view of the homeless. I said that the harassment of the homeless at the public library in Levittown has to stop. The countess Augustly said that people who visit the library don’t like the homeless being there and that the librarian has unquestionable rule. I disagreed.

A woman from Salvation Army regional headquarters had offered me a job opportunity. I submitted a trial article to the Salvation Army via the countess. I didn’t hear anything for months, until  I ran into the woman who offered me the job  at the Levittown Community Center. She asked me if I was still interested in the job. As per standard operating procedures, I had to ask Captain Casper Milquetoast, the community center boss. As was the case before, he sent me to the countess who said “I don’t have time for that.” The job never materialized.

Another political joke I like is one told by President Ronald Reagan:

An American told a Russian “I have free speech in my country. I can stand at the top of the steps of the White House and shout ‘to H with the President of the United States’ and nothing will happen to me.”

The Russian said that the same is true in his country. “I can stand at the top of the steps of the Kremlin and shout ‘to H with the President of the United States’ and nothing will happen to me either.”

Skillful, passionate people have persuaded their fellow Americans of the bankruptcy and destructiveness of progressive policies such as The New Raw Deal. For example, the weekly magazine Human Events  founded by Frank Hanighen and Felix Morley with a significant contribution from ex-New Dealer Henry Regnery was very influential.  Ronald Reagan said that the magazine “helped me stop being a liberal Democrat.”  

People going to church and seriously reading their Bibles and Christian books such as by C.S. Lewis was also a winning salvo in the culture war.

In a video, Dr. James Dobson, head of Focus on the Family, said that true liberals are in the minority, but they have money and power. Progressives propaganda has been infiltrating our public schools, the media, and other venues.

Today, however, we have more unfiltered sources of communication, such as Facebook, private blogs, and the Internet in general. This is a plus for Christian conservatives.

A member of The Advocates for The Homeless and Those in need (AHTN) asked me to blog for AHTN. Evidently, the management didn’t approve me. I think they know me well enough to know that I don’t just go along to get along. I try to tell it like it is, even if I risk slings and arrows.

“Therefore, laying aside falsehood, speak truth each one of you with his neighbor, for we are members of one another.” – Ephesians 4:25.

In other words, tell it like it is, man!