The Homeless Population in Bucks County Is Growing!

Warren Says Homeless Problem Is Also In Bucks, reads a headline in the January 27, 1988 edition of The Morning Call. Bucks County Commissioner Andrew L Warren told members of the Pennridge Chamber of Commerce that the homeless problem is not just found in major cities like Philadelphia, but right here in Bucks County. -Excerpt from my soon to be published book “There Are Homeless In Bucks County; A Journey With The Homeless”.

Today, just before Halloween, 2018, there are those trying to trick you into thinking the homeless population is shrinking. It is not! I believe much of the homeless population in lower Bucks County, PA is being pushed back into hideaways, where the Bucks establishment wants them. One reason they don’t want to come out, as one source said in the October 7, 2018 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer, is that they want to be left alone.

The February 19 edition of reported that The Rapid Rehousing Program helped get a homeless man, who was suffering from physical and mental problems, including a nervous breakdown, out of the woods in three years!

According to the article, the guy “was on a downward spiral until staff from the Center for Independent Living of Bucks County, as well as the Host Program Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania stepped in to advocate for him.

Both organizations fought for the last few years to help Tanner qualify for disability income, social security, apply for Section 8 housing (a 18-24 month process) and to support him through an ongoing custody battle.”

When I proposed the idea to a Bucks County Commissioner to have the homeless build and manage an official homeless camp or village on Bucks County public land, like that of Dignity Village in Oregon, she replied “I also do not think that is helpful to the homeless. It just creates more space for them to avoid going to Housing Link

and getting the referral, they need, to start getting sober/clean, on medication, in therapy, signed up for assistance or some type of work, and a solid roof over their head.”

So while they wait for government assisted housing, they are left stranded in the woods! This kind of treatment of the poor is par for the course in a system where Tina Davis, who is running for political office, and her husband, got off scot free after pocketing taxpayer funds intended for the poor, struggling people in the house they rented. And all they have to do is pay the money back! Original story:

The Demagogue’s Deal:

Some folks say that the party of the people need to protect us from those, as Elmer Fudd would say “Waskally Republicans.”  Image result for elmer fudd

It’s private efforts, not the government that in the end will help the homeless. The homeless, of course, have to help themselves. They are not all alike. At a homeless shared meal on Sunday, the host, unlike many homeless shared meal hosts, let the homeless come in extra early. The meal started at 2 p.m., and a little before 1 p.m., a few homeless people sat down. They wanted soda. The host graciously offered the two whining people water and said that when they start to serve the meal they will bring them soda. After a while they got up and left the lunch room. When they came back, the homeless bus had come and they carried on like children that they lost their seats. Not all homeless and needy people are like this, which my book gets into. But the liberal establishment likes irresponsible bums, who have an entitlement mentality, like them. I talk about the Bucks Builds Bums/Build-A-Bum initiative in my book.

I haven’t been to Walmart for awhile. Maybe when I visit the store again I’ll find a new sign to warn shoplifters, based on the Davis/Dems precedent:  “Walmart takes shoplifting seriously. If you get caught shoplifting, you will be required to pay Walmart back for what you stole!”