What’s Going On?

Sunday night was a modern version of the 1929 Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre, where seven guys from the North Side gang were murdered. Only on steroids! Las Vegas was the big one Sunday night. In Tullytown, PA, Sunday night a guy allegedly murdered his girlfriend.


Not long ago, a homeless woman was beaten up by another homeless woman, ganged up on as the assailant allegedly had an accomplice, with whom the victim had an ongoing feud, who held her while the other one punched her. Nobody tried to intervene and no witnesses came forward. The police are not exactly passionately pursing the matter. After all, the conventional wisdom in Bucks County, PA is that homeless people are supposed to act that way. Facts show otherwise. The creep who shot up people in Las Vegas lived in a retirement community, and the guy who allegedly shot his girlfriend is not homeless.

My question is “What’s going on?”


Today people seem to have a lot of anger. I’ve heard couples quarreling, parents yelling at kids…  Instead of trying to work things out, have a conversation, or, when things start to get out of hand, walk away, they attack!  People are concerned about self, their ego, and rather than act civilly, attack, even kill others! Rather than attack, either verbally or physically, someone I have a problem with I walk away and keep my distance from, including a member of the Suburban Ganstas who allegedly was involved in the attack of a homeless woman in Bucks County.

Blame shifting and greed, including gluttony, can trigger anger, which can translate into violence.

Because a former homeless person circulated lies about innocent people, people became hostile towards and in some cases, physically attacked them.

False rumors have been going around about a few people, including myself.

  • That they are slashing people’s tents

Response to that charge:

A reliable source told me that a drug crazed guy thought his girlfriend was having relations with all the other homeless guys so he quixotically slashed every tent in the woods he came across.

  • That they are verbally and through blogs badmouthing homeless people

Response to that charge:

People have stepped up and said something about individual homeless people and held them accountable for their behavior, just like they would anyone. For example, a particular homeless person came to a community meal drunk and disorderly. He verbally and physically assaulted others, on more than one occasion, cursing and disrupting meals for everyone else and on one occasion knocked someone down, causing a cut on the back of his head. The truth of this outlandish behavior was the subject of blogs.

Unlike the Bucks County establishment, the individuals charged with badmouthing the homeless call the individual, not the group (the homeless) out. As a result, the community meals have become virtually drama free, a place where friends can comfort and edify one another, the way it should be in the homeless community.

The homeless in Queen Anne Woods did not fare as well. The Chief Bucks County Ranger, Steve Long, told me the raid on the homeless was a result of complaints from neighbors who found syringes and other drug paraphernalia in the woods. There was also trash. And the rescue squad had to drag at least two druggies who overdosed out of those woods.

There are examples in other homeless areas where certain individuals created problems and caused everybody to get booted.

Group think, where people attack the whole group when an individual does something wrong or when people in the group circle the wagons and act like when someone attacks an individual in the group they are attacking all of them, is a problem. The “us against them” is counterproductive, at least in the case when individuals in the group are doing wrong and the group acquiesces. This hurts the group.

Dealing with anger

Awhile back, I read a blog in Our Daily Bread entitled Angry Prayers, where the writer showed how God can help us deal with anger. “But when we choose to cling to our anger, we become mired in the trap of bitterness, ever moving forward. And the only cure for anger is truth,” the blogger wrote.  

We may be angry and think that “we don’t deserve this”.  Actually, when you think of it, the blogger explained, we don’t get what we deserve. God cut us a lot of slack by not giving our sinful selves what we deserve. He showed mercy. Mercy is not giving us all the punishment we deserve, and God’s grace is Him giving us what we don’t deserve.

Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.James 1:19,20

If You Can’t Take The Heat

If the shoe fits, wear it! One of the culprits who has been snatching an excessive amount of food and clothing at community meals for the homeless and needy in Bucks County, PA went ballistic after having the light of truth being shined on her and her confederate. It’s like shining a bright light on a yellow jackets’ nest at night without using a red filter. Like the awakened yellow jackets, she is trying to sting the one who is speaking out about those who have been embezzling what is for other people.

Image result for you can't handle the truth quote

Interesting that in the homeless and needy community, some people have harassed and demonized a guest based on lies and, at best, gross exaggerations. Yet, when the light of truth was shined on the culprits who have been hogging food and clothing graciously given by the hosts at community meals, there is no massive outcry against this outrageous behavior, even by the homeless, some of whom say people who aren’t homeless have no business going to the meals because they are taking their food. Well, the people I’m calling out are doing exactly this!

Some homeless people have told the victim of false witness that he should not even be going to the meals. Yet some people are still lovey-dovey with the miscreants at the meals who have been seen grabbing all the desserts, etc., for whom greed is getting worse who, at the homeless meals take their booty.

One woman in need I know often comes a little late to the meals because she doesn’t get out of work in time to get there earlier. Because of the greed of miscreants, there may not be anything left for her.

You would think the culprits would at least wear a patch over one eye and bring a parrot with them and greet their friends with “yo ho hoe” when they go to the community meals!

Friendship can be a funny thing. Some people normally friendly to the victim of an unprovoked attack by a homeless man turned away from him, just as some friends have started distancing themselves from me because I stood by the victim of malicious gossip. True friendship should be based on character and loyalty.

The mouth of the miscreant duo is friends with a handicapped person whom I used to help but took advantage of me. Many people told me she takes advantage of “friends”. After our “deal” ended, one guy who used to drive her to the meals said that I should be happy to be rid of my burden – that once you do something for her, she thinks you are her slave. The mouth knows this, but says she loves (in a sisterly sense) her.

Nobody is perfect. I know I’m not. But I try not to habitually wrong others. When I do, I say I’m sorry and try not to wrong the person again. After the “deal” was broken and I got kicked out of the house by the homeowner after I put my foot down on the inordinate amount of taxi service I had to provide the monster drink fueled momma, she tried to shift the blame, even lying to a mutual friend about it. She was all smiles and acted if nothing needed to be reconciled and wanted nonetheless to remain friends with her and her husband. I kept telling her I was busy when she approached me but didn’t take the hint that I didn’t want to be bothered with them. It wasn’t until she asked me how my sick friend was and I answered “what to you care; all you care about is feeding your face at other people’s expense” that she left me alone.

Feeding one’s face at other people’s expense is exactly what The New Adams’ Family has been doing.

I trust that, like The Adams’ Family, they will stop their evil ways, baby!

If you can’t take the heat, don’t cook up a stink in the kitchen!

Swim Upstream

“Remember, a dead fish can float downstream, but it takes a live one to swim upstream.”

– W. C. Fields

Before the plaintiff went into the district court in Warminster, PA recently, a representative from the Redeemer Lutheran church, one of the defendants, remarked to the plaintiff “I just wish we could drop the whole thing”.

The expectation was for the plaintiff to just go with the flow, just as a dead fish can do. The mores in Bucks County, PA, as in Washington DC under the progressives, are that there is one standard for the August institutions such as the Advocates for the Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN) and the Redeemer Lutheran church, and another for regular people, including the homeless.

The so-called justice postured himself to look like he was seeking justice, but in reality just wanted to dispose of the case without even listening. He said there was not enough information to create a  defense. In other words, he didn’t want to hear it. Evidently he views AHTN and Redeemer as pillars of society and beyond reproach.

It’s ironic that a Lutheran church acts as if it is infallible, not subject to question. Founder Martin Luther swam upstream and challenged the Catholic church, where he was a priest. He started a movement where anyone from any walk of life could challenge the clergy. Martin Luther tacked his 95 Theses, his arguments against church abuses, on the Wittenberg Door.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ninety-five_Theses

If being asked by police to leave the community meal at Redeemer was the only thing, the plaintiff told the church representative who asked him to drop the manner, he would have. The victim of false accusations challenged the church and AHTN after he was told, after driving to the next community meal at the church, that he was not allowed at the meal. Initially, a church representative didn’t give him a reason, but once pressed, he said the plaintiff was not allowed to the meal because he was saying bad things about the homeless.

I don’t know exactly what Christine Jandovitz, from AHTN, told the hosts when she and the homeless drunk who verbally assaulted the plaintiff and others, and tried to beat him up but was physically restrained, went to the other side of the room, but it seems Kafkaesque that someone was banned from a community meal just for saying things people don’t like. There was false witness, vicious gossip that many members of the homeless community parroted, and they became hostile and ready to attack a scapegoat. There were lies circulating that the plaintiff was a sexual predator and a pedophile.


Neither AHTN nor people from Redeemer Lutheran talked with the plaintiff to get both sides of the story in an attempt to find the truth (which will set you free).

The homeless drunk who created the problem and disturbed the meal was allowed to come back to the meal at Redeemer as well as ride the AHTN bus. It wasn’t until he created a problem at another meal that he was banned from the bus – for just two weeks. In time, he created problems at other meals, culminating where he knocked the plaintiff down, cutting his head. The drunk fled the scene but after a few weeks was captured. He’s now in the Bucks County jail.

You don’t resolve problems by ignoring them, pretending everything is alright. This way you are living a life of quiet desperation.

The representative from Redeemer who asked the plaintiff to drop the case, asked him if he plans to sue the whole church. “The church is a building; you can’t sue a building,” the plaintiff explained.

The church, established by Jesus, is a place to worship God and his commands. The 9th commandment: “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” -Exodus 20:16

Nobody is beyond reproach. Just ask the judge, public safety director and Langhorne deputy constable recently charged by the feds!

The Only Thing Necessary

Just as a salvo was fired in the cultural war with the recent election, people who genuinely care about the homeless have been pushing back against the elites in Bucks County, PA who don’t want to hold homeless people accountable for their behavior. Although at the district court today the case against members of the Advocates for The Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN), the Redeemer Lutheran Church and an individual church member was dismissed, no only is the fight in court not over but it sent a message that good people will not just do nothing when a wrong is committed.

A default judgment against T-Rex, the homeless drunk who started the problem when he verbally and physically attacked the victim who filed the suit in district court and others was entered, and moved to the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas. T-Rex remains in the Bucks County Prison.

The Only Thing Necessary for Evil to Triumph?

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. - Edmund Burke


The travesty that occurred at Redeemer Lutheran was influenced by false witness, a spark that was ignited by a formerly homeless woman who spread lies about the victim. She told people in the homeless community that the guy was a sexual predator. When I started looking after a sick homeless woman, she told her to watch out for me because I “grab homeless women”, implying that I exploit them. When we used to hang out at a fast food restaurant, she tried to get my friend to sit with her – “with the girls” on the other side of the restaurant.

The gossip also told me to keep from friend away from the victim of her lies, because he is a predator.

There were also rumors that the victim of T-Rex betrayed the locations where homeless people were camping. One such area, behind the Levittown Public Library and the Homeless Shelter, was cleared out, according to Chief Bucks County Ranger Steve Long, because of drug use and warrants against people camping in the woods. Another homeless eviction where the victim was accused of “ratting out” the homeless also has no basis in fact.  LevittownNow.com reported that neighbors in that area had been complaining about the homeless in those woods.


Sometime after the news report T-Rex’s victim, who was at a district court for another reason, sat in on a hearing about evicting the homeless from the woods behind Michael’s Carpet.

At that fateful community meal at Redeemer Lutheran, http://redeemerlutheranpenndel.org/ the guy talked with some friends about the pending eviction, and mentioned that the RV, that was allegedly donated, was calling unwanted attention to the homeless camp. T-Rex, who was sitting a few seats away, who was clearly drunk, made snarky remarks. “What kind of a life do you have,” T-Rex snarled, “that you go to court hearings?”

At one point T-Rex started cursing at the victim. Noticing my look of disapproval, T-Rex threatened to jump over the table and beat me up. “Don’t look at me like that!”, he demanded.

A woman who was there with her husband, politely but firmly told T-Rex “you are spoiling my dinner.”

“I don’t care; f*** you”, T-Rex snapped.

T-Rex closed in and started lunging at the man, who was civilly talking with friends. A few men at Redeemer Lutheran had to physically restrain T-Rex.  As one man was retraining the reptile with a record, T-Rex snarled “who do you think you are? Don’t touch me!”

At one point, T-Rex was ushered to the opposite end of the big room, accompanied by Christine and Dave from AHTN. The police came. Nobody asked the victim or anyone sitting at his table what happened. But the police told the victim he had to leave immediately, because the host, whose members talked with Christine, said he had to leave.

The victim was banned from the bus “for his own protection.” Yet T-Rex was not.

There was also gossip circulating among the homeless community that the victim was bad mouthing the homeless. This further inflamed the homeless community’s  Lynch mob mentality.

The next time the victim went to the community meal at Redeemer Lutheran, he was told he was banned. After pressing the host for the reason, he said it was that he was saying bad things about the homeless. Another church member who worked in the food pantry echoed these sediments.

I didn’t hear what Christine said to the host, but somehow Redeemer Lutheran got the idea that the victim was saying bad things about the homeless.

T-Rex continued to go to the meals at Redeemer Lutheran.

At a later community meal at another church, T-Rex came up behind me and yelled “keep my name off your f-ing blog!” AHTN members and some hosts were sitting at the table. Hearing this, Barbara from AHTN, who was in the dark about the dangerous monster, said that T-Rex should be banned from the bus.

He was.

For awhile, T-Rex acted civilly, but it didn’t last long.

He got banned for another two weeks.

The day he the ban was over, he acted up at another meal, this time knocking the man who filed charges against him, the church, and AHTN to the ground, and cut his head. Someone called the police. A homeless guy told the woman not to call the police.

T-Rex was captured after being on the run for weeks and landed in jail.

AHTN knew about T-Rex’s behavior for some time, but just kept slapping him on the wrist, not holding him accountable for his behavior, as did Redeemer Lutheran. By fiat, these institutions act like if you charge a homeless person with a crime you are going after all of them. Evidently, AHTN didn’t want to fall out of favor with the homeless Lynch mob, and the church went along with them, and created a scapegoat. By their actions, AHTN is keeping the homeless down, exactly where they want them, cattle that keeps them in business.

AHTN will not keep law and order in the homeless community, so Marshal Matt Dillon came to town to stop the Lynch mob.

By not holding the homeless accountable for their behavior, the homeless will think that criminal behavior is acceptable. They are now finding that there are consequences for bad behavior.

What’s sad is that the homeless get hurt. Today, AHTN and Redeemer Lutheran were let off the hook but T-Rex was given a default judgment. He didn’t have the opportunity to defend himself. He was not given a certified civil complaint until Friday, hence he was not given enough time to respond, unlike the ones who helped enable his behavior, who had plenty of time to react and whose wrongdoing was not taken seriously by the district judge.

He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him. —Proverbs 18:13

Wossamatta U Homeless?

“Even so the tongue is a little member and boasts great things.  See how great a forest a little fire kindles!  And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity.  The tongue is so set among our members that it defiles the whole body, and sets on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire by hell.”

–James 3:5,6.

Like other communities today, there are problems in the homeless community. Although in places such as Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the homeless are considered undesirable by some people, unfortunately by some who have influence, and they have gotten an unfair shake, some problems are caused by members of the homeless community themselves.

Bucks County tends to use the one-size-fits-all approach to the homeless and stereotypes them. One stereotype is that all homeless have mental problems. One dubious report stated that 95 percent of the homeless are mental.

The county has been capitalizing of this myth by actively seeking homeless people to sign them up for their taxpayer funded mental health centers, often offering them housing if the climb aboard the Disoriented Express, using their public funds.

Fraud by the county is not the only problem. The problem is that, like all of us, we have fallen away from God’s ways and as a result have unresolved conflicts. According to pastor and Christian counselor Dr. Jay Adams, except for “organic malfunctions affecting the brain that are caused by brain damage, tumors, gene inheritance, glandular or chemical disorders” most cases of people labeled “mentally ill” are wrong.

Because of false witness, which the Bible clearly speaks against — “A false witness [that] speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.”– there has been altercations, some physical in the homeless community in lower Bucks County. A spark of lies has created a wildfire across this community.

Last night I, and others who were eating at a community meal for the homeless and those in need were sickened by the gossip spewed out by a members at the table where I was sitting.   Someone lamented that a guy, who was falsely accused of “ratting out” the locations of homeless camps, being a pervert, exploiting women, etc. was still going to the community meals. Because she, and others who fell in lockstep said so, he should not still be going to the meals.

One of the Kool-aide drinkers said that it’s good the guy hasn’t been riding the free bus run by the Advocates for the Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN) to the meals because he “ran his mouth”. Another judgmental person reveled in the memory of the guy getting “tuned up” in the parking lot. One idiot quipped that he should have been tuned up more and that the job should have been finished.

So much anger! Such much hate! So little evidence!

To discover the truth, I did some research. I looked on Megan’s List, which included photos of perpetrators, and did not find him. As to the “ratting out” of where the homeless were staying, I learned that after the group Warming Hearts visited two camps bearing gifts, like The Trojan Horse, the next day or so these camps were raided. I had also heard from a credible source that this group didn’t deliver on a promise to bring gifts to members of “The Memorial Mob”, who hung out in the vicinity of the public library in Levittown.

There were articles in LevittownNow.com about one camp, where it was reported the occupants were given a camper, which could be seen from Route 13. A representative from Warming Hearts was quoted in the article. The article mentioned that, although the landowner let the homeless camp on his property, there were complaints from neighbors. About a year after this article was published, a local district justice ordered the homeless to leave the property. The case was appealed and they were given a stay, but eventually the homeless had to leave.

The homeless who camped in Queen Anne Woods, starting behind the Levittown public library, were ordered to leave. Bucks County Rangers collapsed tents, told the homeless in person and left eviction notices. In an email, Steve Long, Chief Bucks County Ranger told me that the raid was a result of drug use and people with warrants living in the Queen Anne Woods. Steve told me there were complaints about syringes in the woods. I learned that the Rangers had to go into the woods to take someone who overdosed to the ER.

In some cases certain irresponsible individuals in the homeless community  cause everybody the whole encampment to have to leave.  I believe that the guy who has been the object of scorn in the homeless community was overheard offering constructive criticism to this affect.

It’s mostly the druggies, most if not all refugees from the local recovery houses the feds have been pushing down our throats, who have been causing problems for all the homeless.

A close homeless friend told me that everyone was booted from a homeless camp where she stayed because some people abused the privilege the property owner gave them. They were allowed to charge cell phones, but some of them started plugging in TVs and using more electricity than they were allowed.  My friend also said that people (probably druggies) were stealing copper.

I understand that homelessness is tough, and that people are angry and frustrated at their situation. I lived in my car for a few months. My feet and my legs swelled up. The problem is that in this case the anger in the homeless community is misdirected and they made someone a scapegoat.

There have been small victories. A guy who was misinformed that I had ratted him out and who was after me and the scapegoat ended up sitting with us at a community meal, because there was nowhere else to sit. We reasoned together and made peace, all three of us.

Even when there are legitimate gripes, where the homeless are harassed at the Levittown public library, the Veteran’s Memorial, the WIC building, and at fast food restaurants such as Subway, McDonalds, and especially at Burger Kings, they still need to be as cool as possible. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr told blacks, who were harassed during the Jim Crow South, to keep their cool under pressure and act responsibly. They did, and they overcame.

The lower Bucks County homeless community needs to heed the eighth commandment: “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor,” as well the other commandments.

The homeless community, like the rest of us, especially myself, needs to listen to God and trust and obey Him. This is the way to peace.

One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show

After a season of drama free community meals for the homeless and needy in Bucks County, PA, lately, one particular guest at the meals has been acting up. At one meal he was asked to leave and at last night’s meal, the monkey was told to settle down after snapping out, yelling at two different people.

Up until recently, the meals have been peaceful, mainly because some guests insisted that the perpetrators be disciplined, and they were. As the saying goes, evil triumphs because good people do nothing.

The community meals have not been just a place where needy people don’t just get a free meal, but a place where friends get together and socialize, sometimes having intelligent discussions on various topics and a way for the guests to bond together. It’s a place where people meet and make friends.

Although the problem people, the persona non grata disrupt the meal, the show must go on. I for one plan to continue to go to the meals.

Just because people are homeless, they don’t have to act like animals. Last night a homeless guy implied that someone from the table where I was sitting was bashing the homeless. Not true. He demanded “where do you live, a hotel, a house, a tent…?” Dwelling in self pity, basing his outrage on false information, he chided an undefined recipient of his rage not to say things about the homeless when they haven’t experienced homelessness.

False witness was the catalyst for the guy’s vehement diatribe.

“Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.”

-Ephesians 4:29

It’s because of idiots like this that the community doesn’t want to help the homeless, but develops hobophobia, an irrational fear of the homeless and harasses them. Most homeless people are not like this but are just like everyone else and have become homeless because of the economy, for instance.

As The Animals sang, “one monkey don’t stop no show.”

The homeless community  needs to act civilly and show the community that they are just like everyone else. One reason Saint Patrick’s Day was created was to show the world that the Irish were not a bunch of shiftless, no good drunks but people with potential for good.

To show the community that the homeless are generally decent people and are just like you and me, we should have a homeless day parade in Bucks County. Just as was the case with civil rights for blacks during Jim Crow, the homeless need to stop making themselves a victim of circumstances and do positive things to, as The Animals also sang “get out of this place, if it’s the last thing we ever do. We’ve got to get out of this place” and “make a better life for me and you.”


You Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee

“You see you don’t have to live like a refugee (don’t have to live like a refugee)
I said you don’t have to live like a refugee (don’t have to live like a refugee)…”

-Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

Many homeless people are living like a refugee. The recent eviction of the homeless camped in Queen Anne Park in lower Bucks County, PA is an example of the nomadic existence some people have to live.

Why aren’t the homeless in Bucks County able to live in a more stable place? And why are they unwelcome in many places?

The answer is largely hobophobia, “the extreme and utter fear of hobos, or the homeless. This is usually caused by the lack of exposure to the homeless throughout the world. A dose of homelessness is an easy cure to hobophobia”, according to the Urban Dictionary.

What causes hobophobia? One factor is the homeless themselves. In many cases, irresponsible people in the homeless community cause problems and it brings the heat down on the whole community.

Complaints about drug use (syringes were found in the woods) and warrants for people living back in the woods precipitated the recent eviction in Queen Anne Park.Trashing the place out and open campfires contributed to the problem. The final straw was when a homeless young woman in the woods overdosed and had to be taken out of the woods.

In most cases when the homeless were raided, the homeless were not exactly discreet where they stayed. An exception is two tent cities that were raided the day after Warm Hearts brought the Trojan Horse when they visited the encampments.

Of course, there is existing prejudice against the homeless from judgmental people, many of them who can’t get a good view from their Ivory Towers.

Prejudice against the homeless is analogous to racial prejudice against blacks.

How do you combat prejudice — hobophobia?

Back in the 60’s, unlike some homeless who contributed to stereotypes by coming to community meals and other public venues drunk and disorderly, doing drugs, panhandling, stealing, etc., blacks got with the program and acted responsibly. They realized that contributions to ethnic stereotypes are not tax deductible.

Circa 1960, in King of Prussia, PA, where I grew up, blacks started coming into the public school district. They weren’t completely accepted right off. Although people weren’t prejudice per se, they, especially school kids, weren’t used to kids who looked different than them, and some black kids were teased, as were others.

Soon, blacks were accepted and blended into the white suburbia.

Most of the blacks in our school district were from decent families, many of them churchgoers. And they didn’t create problems in schools. White kids were the main troublemakers. Blacks kids, however, could be funny and mischievous.

In boy’s health class, when the teacher turned his back to write on the blackboard, a black kid sitting in the front row flashed a Playboy Centerfold so all the boys behind him could see.

In the cafeteria, when the lunch monitor wanted to quiet the kids down and said “shhhhhhh”, a black kid said “it”. This kept up and a lot of kids joined in, saying “it” every time the lunch monitor said “shhhhhh”. It was like playing Marco Polo. I think even the lunch monitor thought it was funny.

To fight hobophobia, the homeless need to coalesse their feces (get their sh** together). They need to not tolerate druggies and other irresponsible people who cause problems, and need to hold them accountable for their actions and get them evicted.

Another problem is some homeless people’s mouth. A homeless person whose quest was to be the Queen of the Homeless started spreading false witness, and there was a chain reaction of non-thinking homeless folks who parroted the lies and verbally, sometimes physically, attacked the target of the Queen wanna be. Being homeless is tough and I can understand pent up anger, but this kind of behavior is counter productive.

To become people who will respect you, you need to, in the words of The Staple Singers 

“Respect yourself, respect yourself, respect yourself, respect yourself
If you don’t respect yourself
Ain’t nobody gonna give a good cahoot, na na na na
Respect yourself, respect yourself, respect yourself, respect yourself”

Read more: The Staple Singers – Respect Yourself Lyrics | MetroLyrics          

The way to truly become a human being someone will like and respect, we need God — all of us.

“Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.”

-Philippians 2:3

We shall overcome.