A Word About All Birds

The quintessential Noble Savage, who for a couple long years has been savaging the homeless meals in Bucks County, PA, did not fly north to Doylestown from lower Bucks County as we thought. This comes after he announced his flight north at a homeless meal, during which many of us clapped in applause and gave him a standing ovation. He’s commonly referred to as “Birdman”.  

He even has a theme song, which some of us thought should be played on a big screen at the meal as he makes his entrance:  https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=The+Word+is+the+bird+trashmen+video&view=detail&mid=62E64BD08A680113988862E64BD08A6801139888&FORM=VIRE 

One theory as to why Birdman did not fly north is that he ate too much food from the homeless meals and couldn’t get off the ground to fly. I don’t buy this theory. Birdman is quite skinny, although he takes a large plunder of food home after the meals. Maybe he has an imaginary army of birds he’s feeding. Maybe Alfred Hitchcock’s birds.  I don’t know.  

Maybe Birdman stayed in lower Bucks County to compete for the award for Noble Savage of The Year. There are a few individuals who attend the meals who have been giving Birdman some stiff competition, such as Piglet and Morticia Addams. These competitors are certainly lesser examples of The Noble Savage, but their modus operandi is different. Piglet hustles her way to make sure she is first in line when there is a line, by hook or crook. Last night, like a bulldozer, she crashed through a woman’s walker that was sticking out between the rows of tables, not blocking people walking by but she did not leave enough room for Piglet’s cart she pulled as she worked her way back to find a table. Morticia collects different food and other items and sneaks them off, one by one, from the meal.  

I think it’s time for a woman to get the award for Noble Savage. The Bucks liberal establishment should intervene, and in fairness, pick a female winner, whether she earned it or not.  

The Noble Savage has not just appeared at the homeless meals. Some can be found at the public libraries in lower Bucks County. A little while ago in the library I’m writing from a guy using one of the library computers blasted “music” that spewed out of his earphones. He rocked back and forth and gyrated, banged on the table and himself and at one point started spewing out the gibberish he evidently was listening to. Finally, a librarian told him it was too loud and asked him to turn it down.  

This guy wasn’t the only savage at the library today. Kids were running around like savages and screaming, definitely not disciplined by parents or guardians. That was tolerated by library staff. Maybe the library system will hold a Noble Savage contest. 

We are in a cultural war. My side of the war has been making headway. We’re recovering after having become an Obama Nation. President Trump fired some direct hits in his State of The Union speech, echoing the hearts and minds of the people who want to return to our Christian and constitutional heritage. 

These examples of The Noble Savage in lower Bucks County reflect the cultural war: 


How Can People Be So Heartless?

“How can people be so heartless
How can people be so cruel
Easy to be hard
Easy to be cold”

-lyrics from Three Dog Night’s Easy To Be Hard

Except for some of the churches and caring individuals in Bucks County, PA, who help the homeless and people in need, Bucks County sees people in this category as useless, a blight on their suburban paradise. One example of this attitude is nixing the annual Stand Down for homeless and needy veterans which for years has been held in a clearing in the woods behind the Levittown public library.

At Stand Down, veterans can either come for the day, where they get free medical and dental checkups, clothing, acupuncture, etc., or stay overnight a couple nights. Here, veterans can get information and referrals. At the last Stand Down I attended someone set up a medical appointment at the Horsham veteran medical clinic, and got me in quickly. There’s normally a long wait – sometimes so long that vets have died – a problem that The Donald is working on.

Evidently, we need to drain the swamp in Bucks County.

In their hubris, callousness and dysfunctionality, authorities in Bristol Township/Bucks County didn’t give a reason why the annual Stand Down will no longer be held behind the library. http://levittownnow.com/2016/09/10/program-helps-veterans-need-kicks-off-last-year-current-site/


Banning Stand Down reflects a snobbish attitude from people who don’t want anyone who doesn’t fit into their fabricated, middle class, bourgeois world around them. The public relations gal at the local Salvation Army echoed this attitude when she argued against my complaint that the (former) librarian was on a campaign to oust homeless people from the library just because they are homeless. The Countess of Carlisle decreed that some people who visit the library don’t like the homeless being there and that It’s OK for the library to keep them out just because of their prejudice. Because I disagreed with the countess, she used her position to block me from getting a job writing for the Salvation Army.

In Bucks County, the homeless are a commodity. The Bucks County Mental Health Hustlers, who fortunately were defunded, round up the homeless like cattle and leech onto their government funding to get them into programs such as at the Penndel Mental Health Center. I observed and keep hearing that people come out of this place in worse shape than when they come in. Just today at an afternoon community meal, a friend told me of someone he knew that came out of Penndel Mental Health worse than when he came in. “I thought they were supposed be help you get better!”, he exclaimed.

Personal Peace and Prosperity is the underlying attitude that causes the Bucks establishment to treat others the way they do. Evangelist Francis Schaeffer, who coined the phrase, said that someone who subscribes to the philosophy of personal peace wants to avoid controversy and struggle at any cost and lack moral conviction.

Dr. Schaeffer expounds on his observation of personal peace and prosperity, which he says is an epidemic of the 20th century:

“Personal peace means just to be left alone, not to be troubled by the troubles of other people…Personal peace means wanting to have my personal life pattern undisturbed in my lifetime, regardless of what the result will be in the lifetimes of my children and grandchildren. Affluence means an overwhelming and ever increasing prosperity — a life made up of things, things and more things — a success judged by an ever–higher level of material abundance.”


The three day a year program for homeless and needy veterans was another thing the elites considered useless, not in their interests, as is their resistance to providing more shelter for the homeless in Bucks County. They are on a roll. They cleared the homeless from the Queen Anne Park woods, around the memorial, and imposed Draconian rules for the whole Lower Bucks Government Complex. For sure, some of the homeless in this area gave the establishment good reason to boot people from the woods, but it will not even get out of the way to allow caring people to create housing for the homeless – official places with rules where the druggies and other miscreants are excluded.

The Godless belief system that has polluted the 20th century is being played out in Bucks County, PA. No longer do people have intrinsic value, made in the image of God.

Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’  This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”  -Matthew 22:36-40

The Bird Is The Word!

“Well everybody’s heard about the bird!

The bird bird bird, the bird is the word!…”


There’s a character who’s been flocking to the community meals for the homeless and needy in Bucks County, PA known as “Birdman.” People at meals are getting the word about this infamous bird, who, like a wild animal, comes to the meals armed with pitchers and large bag and goes from table to table trying to swipe whatever he can – food, drinks and other items that are supposed to be for the people at each table and tables where food and drink are set out for all the quests. At one meal, he took the top off the coffee pot and was about to drain the coffee into his container when he was caught.

Some of us are thinking of playing The Bird is the Word, when Birdman enters a community meal. It will be his theme song.  Image result for popinjay

One guest thought he must have descended from a hawk, with the way he quickly, out of nowhere, appears and grabs his prey. To use Navy terminology, I would say he’s a sh**bird.

At the last meal he raided he started to take eating utensils from the table in front of him, until someone at the table yelled at him and told him the utensils were someone else’s. In spite of being yelled at, he returned to the table, on the prowl for things he could take. People at the table had to keep looking over their shoulder to watch Birdman like the hawk he is.

When I said something to someone at the table when I walked by right after Birdman tried to take the utensils, a guy at the table snapped “he’s an a-hole” and added that the bird was banned from two of the community meals permanently.

A few meals ago, Birdman was about to snatch the salt and pepper shakers, but the host stopped him.

If you sit down at a community meal, you have to set a watch to make sure that Birdman doesn’t take any of your stuff, including food that’s on your table whenever you get up to get a beverage, some food, or go to the restroom.

Birdman is the quintessential noble savage. The noble savage is a relativistic philosophy championed by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, where all restraints of civilization or any authority are removed and the self becomes the center of the universe. There are no borders.

Most of the folks who go to the community meals, both homeless and those needy with homes, act civilized and show self restraint.

Birdman is a reflection, an example of our rich heritage being turned upside down in an attempt to be replaced by the utopian new world order, which is destroying our society.


Loving Others

In a recent case on the People’s Court, a young woman was charged with damaging a man’s car when she recklessly flung her shopping cart and hit it, after loading groceries into her car.  Judge Milian explained to the defendant that in that situation she has “a social contract”, where certain behavior is expected.

What’s expected is that after you are done with your shopping cart, you return it to a corral or at least put it in a place that is out of the way, the judge said and added that this was a selfish act; the defendant had no concern about how she affects other people.

Not every rule is posted. There are certain ways we behave because it’s part of our internalized code of conduct. In a neighborhood, if you subscribe to the old school of thought, you respect your neighbor’s property and don’t trespass, even if there are no “no trespassing” signs. Today in Levittown, PA, which is infested with Democrats, many neighbors just let their kids use other people’s property as if it’s their own. No borders.

People have different codes of conduct. In many cases there are no codes and people just, like programming a computer, use codes to fit situations as they come along. No absolutes, no restraints of a civilized society. At the community meals for the homeless and needy in Bucks County, PA, after watching a character known as “Birdman” going from table to table to carry off food and drink as well as preying on beverage and food tables, I told another guest that he was “the quintessential Noble Savage.” I would use that term to describe a couple of other guests who attend the meals.

Read about the consequences of the Noble Savage and the Counter Culture: https://wigtunes.wordpress.com/tag/francis-schaeffer/

At some community meals, the hosts have specific rules about how many desserts and items of clothing the guests may take. Others don’t. Unfortunately, not everybody is able to exercise self restraint.

Because of a few miscreants, Queen Latifah, the host at the Salvation Army Levittown Community Center community meals treats the guests like criminals and children.

People need to have a moral compass, the right code of conduct, absolutes. You won’t get that by turning inward or by contemplating your navel, or by worshipping the sun.

Back in the 70’s, evangelical Christian theologian, philosopher and pastor Francis Schaeffer said that freedom is misused and, to keep order in society, two things will happen. We will either have a police state, where people will be controlled by outside forces, or there will be a revival and we’ll have a Reformed Christian consensus. The former society, ushered in during the late 60’s and was prevalent particularly during the past eight years and manifested in political correctness, is bondage. The 2nd choice brings true freedom. http://www.theopedia.com/francis-schaeffer

Image result for bible verses about love for fellow man

All I Want To Do

“All I wanna do is have some fun
I got a feeling I’m not the only one
All I wanna do is have some fun
I got a feeling I’m not the only one
All I wanna do is have some fun
Until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard”

-Lyrics From Sheryl Crow’s All I Wanna Do

Is all you want to do in life is have some fun, until the sun comes up over Santi Monica Boulevard? Hummmm?

An article on LevittownNow.com reminded me of the drug problem in Bucks County, PA. Back in April, 2013 neighbors found a 27 year-old guy dead along the fence line at Red Cedar Drive and New Falls Road near the walking path, not far from the Levittown public library complex. A few months later, in July, the coroner said the cause was drug overdose.

He had some fun until the sun came up over Red Cedar Drive and New Falls Road.

This incident is just the tip of the iceberg in the drug abuse in Bucks County, a leader in the nation’s epidemic.


Another article on LevittownNow.com reports that drug overdoses in PA has increased four times in the last 35 years!  http://levittownnow.com/2016/03/16/drug-overdose-deaths-in-pa-increases-14-fold-in-last-25-years/

One wonders why so many people today engage in destructive behavior.

“Because Something is happening here but you don’t know what it is
Do you, Mr. Jones?”, to quote Bob Dylan.

We have lost our moral compass. We used to have a Christian consensus but we are becoming rudderless, drifting aimlessly towards a moral abyss.

Can we change course and head in the right direction?

This country needs to return to God. Churches need to teach the unadulterated gospel and people need to worship God in sprit and in truth, not just knowing what’s right but doing it. If we don’t get on the right course, we will be shipwrecked!

The 1987 movie The Untouchables illustrates the depraved society, with corrupt politicians of the progressive era in America. These are the fruits that resulted then, as today, in a godless society. As our nation started turning to God, we overcame and became a better society. But then we backslid. History repeats itself.

At one point, our country realized that banning alcohol because of the problems  of a few who abused it didn’t work.  Enter Alcoholics Anonymous’, which over time  created the 12 Steps program (it started with six steps) to deal with peoples’  drinking problems by changing them from the inside.

Changing people from the inside is the way we can cure drug and other problems. I attend the 12 Steps Journey program, which addresses drug, alcohol, depression, anxiety, anger, and other problems from their root cause. http://www.12stepjourney.com/ There are weekly meetings at a church in Levittown and in Newtown.

Back in the 70’s, evangelist Francis Schaeffer said that freedom in our country has been misused, and that to handle the nation’s problems, we’ll either have to create a police state, where people are controlled from the outside, or have a Reformed Christian revival, where people are controlled from the inside.

Christ is the only way to change people from the inside.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” –2nd Chronicles 7:14

What is “is” ?

What is “is”?, quipped a previous progressive President when he wanted to evade a probing question. This is not unique. The government does not have an absolute definition on other matters, such as “what is marriage?”

To the church, marriage is a union of a man and a woman, which is designed to create children, whom the parents teach to further the faith. Recently, instead of defining marriage as strictly a union that started with Adam and Eve, the government has co-opted it and said that marriage could also be a union between Adam and Steve. What’s next? Because there are no absolutes, why not call marriage a union between Adam and Fido, or between Adam and Betsy the cow?

During the 50’s, traditional marriage was the societal norm. Then came the turbulent, flower power sixties, where everyone called each other “brother” or “sister”, particularly among the children, as they couldn’t for sure determine their fathers.

Then came the Femi-Nazis, during the “me decade” of the 70’s. Sociology Professor Marlene Dixon of the University of Chicago sociology said “The institution of marriage is the chief vehicle for the perpetuation of the oppression of women.” Frederick Engels, Karl Marx’s Communist sidekick, wrote that “marriage is legalized prostitution; in a capitalistic marriage.”

The ancient Greeks also had a negative view of marriage. Greek gods, who were mad at Prometheus for giving men fire, sent men a psycho b-itch named Pandora, who is rumored to be an ancestor of Hillary Clinton. Gangsta’ rappers depict women as a Pandora.

Because the state has gone beyond treating “marriage” as a civil union, which delineates obligations concerning guardianship of children, property ownership, responsibilities for debts, etc., and redefined marriage, some Christians think that some leaders of the Reformation were right about thinking church and state should be separate.

The problem, as I see it, is that the church needs to be a good influence on the government. During the Eisenhower 50’s, it did. Our country had a Christian consensus. Our culture was a result of the healthy, nuclear family influencing society. Families stayed together, parents disciplined their children, people lived within their means and they worked hard and acted responsibly.

Our country prospered as we operated as a free market society, where there’s a free choice between sellers and buyers and there was peace and prosperity.

But all that changed. In the mid 60’s, with President LBJ’s so-called Great Society, and his alleged War on Poverty, the family unit, especially among black families, was destroyed. As a result, there was more crime and poverty. I explored this in detail in my blog What’s so Great About the Great Society.

In the 70’s, Christian theologian and philosopher Francis Schaeffer. who founded L’Abri Fellowship, wrote that crime and law enforcement is increasing and that freedom has been abused. One of two things will happen, Dr. Schaeffer wrote: either we will have to have a police state to control behavior, or we’ll have to have a Christian revival, and we change people from the inside.


The destruction of the free market, and the use of the government to be a thug, through eminent domain for a bully such as Presidential candidate Donald Trump, is creating a tyrannical society. Fortunately, Trump did not succeed in using the government for a land grab in the case where he wanted a window’s property for his gambling business and in another matter.


In Levittown, PA is an example of a tyrannical government. As I noted in earlier blogs, the feds are forcing recovery houses on the community against its wishes, and escaped druggies run amok in the community like Frankenstein monsters. Because of these monsters, a security guard was placed in the Levittown public library and has given the head librarian an excuse to create a police state.

It seems that anyone who doesn’t fit the librarian’s arbitrary  criteria is treated like a mindless drug addict, especially the homeless. Earlier today I left my laptop in a far corner of the library and ran a scan while I used the library computer, periodically checking on it. The last time I checked it was gone.

Big Brother Librarian snatched my private property and took it to the office. When I complained about them seizing my private property while it was running a scan, one of the stormtroopers said that someone may need the space, although there were about ½ dozen tables open.

Of course one can’t reason with someone who struggles to define what “is” is.

This must be the government rulers definition of what a public servant is. Evidently, it isn’t how Webster defines it or what a public servant was during the Eisenhower 50’s!

And the mental health hustlers continue to try to shanghai homeless people. I recently said one of them with a clipboard at a community meal. He saw me and escaped. Before long, Penndel Mental Health Center will start putting large advertisements on the Advocates for the Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN) busses that take the homeless to community meals. After all, Big Brother knows best!

The Root of The Problem

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My homeless friend and were parked at Silver Lake Park in Bristol, PA, shuffling stuff that was overflowing inside my car around, when a  man who had just walked his dog approached and asked “can I help with anything”?

I explained that my friend, who has no place to sleep, has been sleeping in my car.  Brian told us about a food mission for the homeless his church has.  I explained that we have sufficient food, between food stamps, food pantries, and community meals, but told him there may be some homeless people who may on occasion be able to use this food, which doesn’t need cooking.  I added that I know a trustworthy homeless, seasoned leader who knows who would be in need and would make sure the food is distributed fairly.

I told Brian that the problem we have, like many other homeless folks, is shelter, which is a scarce resource in lower Bucks County.

Churches and church affiliated groups have stepped up to the plate in lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania to help the homeless.  This is one recent example.

After having been booted from many eating establishments, as I’ve related in my blog No Dogs Allowed, we have found a haven: Denny’s Restaurant on Business Route 1, near the Langhorne-Penndel border.  We and other homeless people feel almost like family here.  One worker here told us we can stay here as long as we want in this 24 hour restaurant, and we have.

My friend has cancer, and looks sickly and portrays a sort of homeless look.  Instead of making excuses to remove my friend from their presence, people here have been gracious.  Customers have anonymously bought meals for us.  One customer gave us a discount coupon on her way out, and made a remark that indicated that she was someone of faith, which was the motivation for what she did.  The staff here also has been gracious to us.  They have been giving us discounts and even gave me a discount card.

On one occasion, we talked with other customers where God was brought into the conversation.  We felt at home with them.  I’ve overheard parties discussing the Lord.

Back to the Shelter Problem,  the only shelter in lower Bucks County, run by Family Services of Bucks County, is not only overflowing, with demand greatly exceeding supply, it is not exactly a refuge from the storm.

A window, who has been having financial and other problems, had something valuable stolen from her at the shelter.  She is not only upset at this, but at the attitude of the shelter staff about the theft and other matters.  A volunteer from the Advocates for the Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN) comforted her and helped her out with her material needs.   Other homeless people have comforted her.

Although the government helps out somewhat, with food stamps for example, it really doesn’t deal with the problem, and certainly doesn’t get to the root of it.  In many cases, as former President Ronald Reagan said, “government can’t solve problems; government is the problem”.

I’ve been struggling with Pennsylvania Welfare for months to get the right coverage to continue my friend’s chemotherapy.  Even a staff member from a local state legislator’s office is having a problem dealing with welfare on this matter.  It is a life or death situation, and that’s no hyperbole!

One of the basic reasons for homelessness is the economy.  Yet the Governor of Pennsylvania,  a Wolf in Wolf’s clothes (and this little boy is pointing out his wardrobe),  is interfering with the production of natural resources.  Rather than serve we the people, he made this move to placate the pseudo environmentalist special interests, who have money and influence.

Decades ago, the late Francis Schaeffer, a Christian college professor who has worked with the Counter Culture, who wanted to best be known as an evangelist, wrote that freedom in this country has been abused and one of two things is going to happen.  Either we will have a big government, police state to control people from the outside, or we will have a Christian consensus, where people are changed from the inside and they will do the right thing.

Arguing the point of big government versus individual initiatives is beyond the scope of this blog.  I would refer readers to Glenn Beck’s Arguing with Idiots; How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government.

It is up to us as American’s to step up to the plate and help our fellow American’s, our neighbors, in the tradition of President Grover Cleveland, which Glenn discusses in the book I just referenced.

To help the homeless find much needed shelter, please click on this link.   http://www.gofundme.com/lq6sfc

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