No Excuse For Selfishness!

One of the guests, known as Piglet, at the meals for the homeless and needy Tuesday night in Bucks County, PA took up three chairs – one for her and two for her stuff. It was crowded, as is the case with the growing homeless population in Bucks, and seating was tight. When a woman confronted Piglet about taking up extra spaces, she explained she needed to because she is 59 years old.  “I am 89 years old,” the woman retorted, and told her to move her baggage off the two chairs. 

Piglet is one of a few rogue guests who frequent to homeless/needy meals who have been competing for the Noble Savage of 2019 award. These rogues, by the way, are not homeless. They have been hogging space and purloining items that the homeless need more than they do. One thing Piglet is famous for is jumping in line, making sure she is first in line, telling people she has to catch a bus (as though nobody else has places they have to go).   

Another competitor for the Noble Savage award is Morticia Addams, who is famous for pulling tricks to abscond with great amounts of items such as sodas. On Tuesday, when I went to get sodas for myself and folks at my table early in the meal, none were left!  Morticia’s husband Gomer is said to be her accomplice. At Tuesday’s meal, one of the host told her to limit what she took of certain items. Gomer demanded the host apologize to his wife! Really? The perpetrator owes the homeless and other folks who attend the meals an apology! Morticia adams origional.jpg

One competitor for the Noble Savage award, who came under serious competition from other savages was said to really go over the top late in the week prior to Tuesday’s meal. The meal runs from 6 p.m. until 7 p.m.   Birdman arrived at the meal at 6:55. One soda was left. But he demanded the host bring him another soda. To top that, he demanded the host make a fresh pot of coffee, five minutes before the meal was over!   

The majority of people who frequent the meals act civilized.  It’s some of the non-homeless but needy that have been acting selfishly, rudely, at the meals, callous in regards to the needs of others.  In contrast, on one occasion recently, one guest gave some cereal the host gave her and her boyfriend to someone with children, who needed the food more than they did. This is how we should treat others! We should practice acts of kindness and selflessness! 

People who attend the meals, who are in similar circumstances, don’t act the same. Your circumstances don’t define who you are. I address this in regards to the homeless in my book: 

Philippians 2:2-8 2then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind. 3Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, 4not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. 5In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus: 6Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; 7rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. 8And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death- even death on a cross! 

A Word About All Birds

The quintessential Noble Savage, who for a couple long years has been savaging the homeless meals in Bucks County, PA, did not fly north to Doylestown from lower Bucks County as we thought. This comes after he announced his flight north at a homeless meal, during which many of us clapped in applause and gave him a standing ovation. He’s commonly referred to as “Birdman”.  

He even has a theme song, which some of us thought should be played on a big screen at the meal as he makes his entrance: 

One theory as to why Birdman did not fly north is that he ate too much food from the homeless meals and couldn’t get off the ground to fly. I don’t buy this theory. Birdman is quite skinny, although he takes a large plunder of food home after the meals. Maybe he has an imaginary army of birds he’s feeding. Maybe Alfred Hitchcock’s birds.  I don’t know.  

Maybe Birdman stayed in lower Bucks County to compete for the award for Noble Savage of The Year. There are a few individuals who attend the meals who have been giving Birdman some stiff competition, such as Piglet and Morticia Addams. These competitors are certainly lesser examples of The Noble Savage, but their modus operandi is different. Piglet hustles her way to make sure she is first in line when there is a line, by hook or crook. Last night, like a bulldozer, she crashed through a woman’s walker that was sticking out between the rows of tables, not blocking people walking by but she did not leave enough room for Piglet’s cart she pulled as she worked her way back to find a table. Morticia collects different food and other items and sneaks them off, one by one, from the meal.  

I think it’s time for a woman to get the award for Noble Savage. The Bucks liberal establishment should intervene, and in fairness, pick a female winner, whether she earned it or not.  

The Noble Savage has not just appeared at the homeless meals. Some can be found at the public libraries in lower Bucks County. A little while ago in the library I’m writing from a guy using one of the library computers blasted “music” that spewed out of his earphones. He rocked back and forth and gyrated, banged on the table and himself and at one point started spewing out the gibberish he evidently was listening to. Finally, a librarian told him it was too loud and asked him to turn it down.  

This guy wasn’t the only savage at the library today. Kids were running around like savages and screaming, definitely not disciplined by parents or guardians. That was tolerated by library staff. Maybe the library system will hold a Noble Savage contest. 

We are in a cultural war. My side of the war has been making headway. We’re recovering after having become an Obama Nation. President Trump fired some direct hits in his State of The Union speech, echoing the hearts and minds of the people who want to return to our Christian and constitutional heritage. 

These examples of The Noble Savage in lower Bucks County reflect the cultural war: 

The Word About The Bird

A legacy has left the homeless meals in lower Bucks County, PA. Word is that Birdman, the Noble Savage that has been showing up at the meals, ravaging through food and drink, collecting his booty and hauling off with gobs of goodies, like the Vandals sacking Rome, has moved! The word is the bird. 

But not to worry, someone has come to replace Birdman.  We haven’t created a name for her yet, but so far, she seems to be filling Birdman’s shoes, or shall I say claws, as the official Noble Savage. Like a wild animal, Birdman came to the meals armed with pitchers and a large bag and goes from table to table trying to swipe whatever he can – food, drinks and other items that are supposed to be for the people at each table and tables where food and drink are set out for all the quests. At one meal, he took the top off the coffee pot and was about to drain the coffee into his container when he was caught. 

The last encounter I remember having with Birdman was when he came to my table, reaching in the bread baskets for grub, simultaneously asking (rhetorically) if people want any more. “Get out of here,” I yelled at him. As soon as he started opening his mouth, I preempted him, saying “get out of here!” This was repeated for a while until Birdman finally got the message and moved on, as other guests laughed.  

One guest thought he must have descended from a hawk, with the way he quickly, out of nowhere, appears and grabs his prey. To use Navy terminology, I would say he’s a sh**bird. 

At one meal he started to take eating utensils from the table in front of him, until someone at the table yelled at him and told him the utensils were someone else’s. In spite of being yelled at, he returned to the table, on the prowl for things he could take. People at the table had to keep looking over their shoulder to watch Birdman like the hawk he is. 

When I said something to someone at the table when I walked by right after Birdman tried to take the utensils, a guy at the table snapped “he’s an a-hole” and added that the bird was banned from two of the community meals permanently. 

A at another meal, Birdman was about to snatch the salt and pepper shakers, but the host stopped him. 

If you sit down at a community meal, you have to set a watch to make sure that Birdman doesn’t take any of your stuff, including food that’s on your table whenever you get up to get a beverage, some food, or go to the restroom. 

Birdman is the quintessential noble savage. The noble savage is a relativistic philosophy championed by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, where all restraints of civilization or any authority are removed and the self becomes the center of the universe. There are no borders. 

Most of the folks who go to the community meals, both homeless and those needy with homes, act civilized and show self-restraint. 

Birdman is a reflection, an example of our rich heritage being turned upside down in an attempt to be replaced by the utopian new world order, which is destroying our society. 

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Blog No Evil

A message in a book I’m reading helped me pinpoint why there are difficulties in life, particularly when dealing with troublesome people in Bucks County, PA.  Dealing With Difficult People, by Charles J Keating, which someone gave me as a joke when I kept company with a homeless woman who left the neighborhood some time ago, planted a light bulb atop my head.

In the Chapter Difficult People in Groups, referencing an “expert” the author writes “He suggests that accurate perception of others within a group is not desirable if we are seeking the best means to healthy and productive interpersonal relationships within the group.” Quoting the source: “…accurate, objective but unfavorable perceptions may be less desirable for many good relationships than inaccurate but favorable perceptions. Most people want to be accepted for what they would like to be, not for what they really are.”  Keating expounds: “In this context he asks whether a child, viewed by his or her parents accurately as stubborn and disobedient, will relate better within the family than the child who is received inaccurately (my emphasis) as charming, well-behaved and intelligent.”

Really? No, the “expert” is not being realistic. So we should all pretend people are OK when they are not? Using the example of a child, the brats that soccer moms bring to the public library in Levittown evidently were just given a pass by their parents, never disciplined when they misbehaved. The bad behavior was ignored and instead the brats were viewed as what the parents would like them to be. They were never told, for example, as was my daughter in preschool, that when inside they need to use “an indoor voice.”

The preschool reinforced my child rearing just as does the Levittown librarian for the soccer moms by giving the noisy brats a pass when they disrupt others at the library.

Some time ago, I confronted the librarian about the double standard at the library, where if a homeless person speaks not much more than a whisper, they are hassled but nothing is done about the brats, who are much louder than are kids who play at Chucky Cheese. The librarian said that she does do something about the noisy kids. So, her inaccurate perception is preferable to the truth in this instance because the library is what she would like it to be, not as it really is. It’s no surprise that Pat is a big fan of Hillary Clinton.

Speaking of the former Wicked Witch of The West Wing, the election clearly was a battle in the culture war. It’s a war about institutions such as the rule of rule of law, free speech, and equal protection of the law.

The 411 on the culture war:

The mores of some people in the homeless and needy community in Bucks County include “do not snitch” when someone does something wrong, even if it is a criminal act, and don’t call certain people out when they, for instance, hog all the desserts and do other things at a community meal for the homeless and those in need that affects others. Just as the librarian reinforces bad behavior of undisciplined kids, the Advocates for the Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN) enables bad, even criminal behavior.

By the way, for those of you in Doylestown, Definition of Mores:

” plural noun, Sociology.

folkways of central importance accepted without question and embodying the fundamental moral views of a group.”

One of the mores is that it’s OK to intimidate, even threaten with violence someone who sees something that affects others and expresses an opinion about it. This was the case when I was threatened, but unsuccessfully intimidated, although annoyed and perplexed, at one of the community dinners by members of the suburban gangstas.

HUD director Ben Carson remarked that a problem today is that people are afraid to express their views for fear of retaliation. I agree with Dr. Carson. The trick, however, is to consider, as Kenny Rogers sang,    “You‘ve got to know when to hold ’em
Know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away
And know when to run”

Another example is when a guest at a homeless meal loudly complained about a guy in line who called the police on a fugitive wanted for attacking another guest at a homeless meal. “It’s terrible, it’s terrible!”, he repeatedly exclaimed. The fugitive, now in jail, habitually came to the meals drunk and verbally harassed and physically threatened other guests, and – the waterloo-  knocked down and injured another guest. All along, AHTN pussyfooted in the matter, even getting him off Scott free in one instance. I believe that AHTN is sucking up to those responsible for helping the fugitive escape.

Problems happen when this man drinks. He needs help. AHTN touts that they help the homeless. Will they help the fugitive get help? That remains to be seen!

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

-Proverbs 22:6

The New Adams Family

Since I started going to the meals for the homeless and needy in Bucks County, PA, I kept hearing complaints about the Adams Family, who would plunder food and other items and cart off more than their fair share at the meals. Word is that, because of pressure put on them, they changed their evil ways, baby.

We now have new piggies on the block, Dee, Sharon, and Birdman. Four to six months ago, Dee, who thinks nobody has the right to call her and her confederate out for hogging take homes at the meals, complained about the Adams Family doing the same thing.

Typical Democrat/Shrillery Clinton supporter: Do as I say, not as I do. Lately, Sharon’s been doing most of the plundering with the pathetic duo, but she’s been quiet. Dee has loudly protested being called out for her bad, selfish behavior. Evidently, like Shrillery, she thinks she’s above the rules; they don’t apply to her.

These pigs are not homeless, but have a place. As I mentioned in a previous blog, there’s been a feud, mostly hidden, between the homeless and those with a place. Some homeless don’t think people not homeless should even be coming to the meals. The actions of these selfish pigs are adding fuel to the fire. As one guest who attends the meals said, they may start a war!

The facts: At Wednesday night’s meal, Sharon took home six full ham, potatoes, and cabbage dinners. Also two boxes of desserts, which she stuffed with cake, cookies and donuts. The mouth of the duo was not really egregious with taking things from the meals Wednesday night  as was the silent but deadly rogue grocery shopper.

Meanwhile, at Friday night’s meal, Birdman tried hard to bring himself up in the piggy rankings. The host at that meal does not allow his anti-social behavior, but Birdman was able to win round one by swooping from table to table, snatching up bread and butter. He was just about finished his plunder by the time the host caught on to him.  But Birdman was trapped when he tried to take off the coffee filter and tried to fill his pitchers from the coffee pot. Stopped dead in his tracks!

At Wednesday night’s meal, the host checked the bags of a guest who was sitting near Sharon, to make sure she took no more than three items of clothing. She didn’t. But Sharon got away before the host could check her bag. I’m not a betting man, but I would wager that Sharon carried off more than three items.

The homeless and needy community is best off when people think about the needs of others. These piggies wouldn’t like it if someone ran off with a great gob of goodies at their expense!

Many of the people at the meals apply the golden rule. They show concern for others and try to lift up one another. Unfortunately, there are some people who, like the little piggys, don’t. To quote the Beatles’ song:

“In their styes with all their backing
They don’t care what goes on around
In their eyes there’s something lacking
What they need’s a damn good whacking.”

And a damn good written whacking is what I’m giving them. The pen is mightier than the sword. When I sincerely believe something, I speak out, and won’t back down from anyone. I write only what is true, which I can back up, and express my opinion about it. As Ben Carson said, people are afraid today to express their opinion and stated that this is wrong. I agree with Dr. Carson – he has the right remedy to fight for the truth.

The community meals have been free of rancorous verbal and physical threats and actual violence since someone called the police on someone who had been coming to the meals drunk, who on one occasion ambushed a guest and knocked him to the ground, causing the back of his head to bleed.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke


They Are Weak But…

In a conversation at our table at a recent community meal for the homeless and needy, we talked about a guy who came to an earlier meal drunk and disorderly and was consequently banned from the bus temporarily. Someone remarked that we have to realize that people have weaknesses.

For sure, we all have weaknesses. It’s just a matter of what kind and to what degree.

We need to reach out to help people who become slaves to alcohol or other substances, to food, material things, romantic relationships and so on. Throughout history, humans have worshipped false gods, idols. A woman said of her then boyfriend that he thinks he can find the answer to problems in the bottle.

Today, drug abuse has become an epidemic! In lower Bucks County, PA, I know more than a dozen people who have a drug problem. And a few who abuse alcohol.

Why? “The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.” -2nd Corinthians 4:4

I remember an interview years ago with a minister who reached out to gangs and troubled youths  to try to resolve problems. The interviewer asked him what he would do before he could help them change – if a group of thugs closed in on him in an alley. “Then I would put on my P.F. Flyers and run,” he quipped.

The point is that when people engage in destructive, anti-social behavior, the only recourse is to restrain that behavior. Actions have consequences, and when other people are offended or hurt by someone’s behavior, justice demands that they answer for their actions.

But offenders need to have an opportunity to help themselves and work on resolving their problems, overcoming their weaknesses. A victim of someone with a weakness told me that if he were ever going to file a complaint, he would insist to the authorities that the offender be offered treatment in lieu of a fine or other punishment.

I once had a difference of opinion with a law enforcement ranger at a Pennsylvania State Park where I worked about crime. The ranger’s take was that once someone got into the criminal system, he automatically became a career criminal. That someone who enters the criminal system is a hopeless case, trapped in a pattern of sin and criminality was a prevailing view held in the prison system more than 150 years ago, and to some extent today. To counter that view, I cited the case of the short story writer known as O. Henry, who was sentenced to five years in jail for embezzlement. In jail, O. Henry spent his time doing constructive things, including writing. He was released after three years for good behavior and then continued to be a productive, law abiding member of society.

“He was being punished!”, the ranger snapped. He then Augustly said that my view doesn’t agree with the state of Pennsylvania. That didn’t convince me. I don’t subscribe to the view that just because the state decrees something, like King Ozymandias, it doesn’t mean it’s so. The state is not infallible. It is not God!

I believe that people can be restored, their weaknesses overcome. The Bible abounds with examples of people God strengthened, made right. You should read it sometime. The problem with our culture today is that we took God out of the picture.

People can change. But they have to be willing to work on their weaknesses. We should at least offer help. As Lord Alfred Hayes used to say on World Federation Wrestling when he promoted an aftershave that women like men to wear, “the rest is up to you.”

No matter how far you’ve fallen, God can restore you.

“And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.” -Joel 2:25