Hit the Restore Button

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”  -Excerpt from Abraham Lincoln’s  Gettysburg Address.

Now, more than a century after President Lincoln called for equality among citizens, Shrillery-Killery Clinton, after the FBI found that she committed gross wrongdoing with that email fiasco, and while others have been convicted for much less, she was let off the hook.

Women don’t lie about rape, said Clinton, except when women accuse the former Wicked Witch of The West Wing’s meal ticket, Slick Willy Clinton of rape. Not only did Shrillery-Killery summarily dismiss the women’s allegations, she belittled the women, calling one of them “trailer trash.”



In Bucks County, PA, this double standard exists, where the soccer moms bring their boisterous brats to the public library in Levittown, who scream and carry on like wild animals, disturbing people who are trying to use the library for its designated use. Yet the homeless, whom the elites think of as “trailer trash”, although they are living in tents, in cars, on walkways, wherever they can scrounge out a place to stay, are held to a different standard than the soccer moms with out of control kids in toe.

Pat, the head librarian is tolerant of the behavior of the moms and undisciplined kids and other special privileged characters, but she confronts homeless people for talking more than a whisper and has kicked out homeless people for making a fraction of the noise of the boisterous brats. On some occasions she’s confronted the homeless over phantom problems.

Not surprisingly, Pat is a fan of Shrillery-Killery Clinton. She once conspicuously faced the covers of two copies of Shrillery-Killery’s book out on the book shelves.

Just as the soccer moms are permissive with their kids, The Advocates for the Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN) are permissive with individuals in the homeless community who create problems. People who ride the AHTN bus to community meals said that discipline on the bus is lacking. Two different black women said they’ve heard racial slurs. And there have been other problems. When I used to take the AHTN bus, I never heard an ethnic slur. Other bad behavior was rare.

In my nearly 2 ½ years hanging with the homeless in Bucks County, I haven’t witnessed or heard of any racial problems. There were some problems between people, but none of them had anything to do with race.

One problem, that started several months ago after a then homeless person spread false witness about someone who lives in a house and goes to the meals (which is for people in this category also) created mass hostility and threats of violence and even minor violence. When a disorderly homeless person threatened the person who lives in a house at a community meal, AHTN, led by one AHTN representative who twisted what happened, the victim, who did nothing to provoke the homeless person, got blamed. AHTN banned him from the bus. When he returned to the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Penndel, PA, the host said he was also not welcomed there.

Nobody bothered to check out the complaints from the homeless – there was no discussion – but AHTN and Redeemer Lutheran Church summarily sided with the homeless. AHTN’s decision was a matter of expedience, not of right and wrong or holding the individual homeless accountable for their behavior. This is a double standard.

The double standard is not what our country’s framers had in mind; it’s not constitutional.

Today we are in a cultural civil war. One side, the one I’m on, is fighting for equal treatment under the law, free speech, the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and other principles guaranteed by the constitution.

Progressives, like Barry Obama and The Clintons, are not the friend of the homeless or others who are not on the list of their special privileged characters. Liberals play favorites. In previous blogs, I have illustrated how progressives, from the early 20th century, have created homelessness and other problems and have favored the fat cats. In the past we’ve experienced economic and a moral depressions in our country and have been falling down that rabbit hole again since the 60s.

It’s time to hit the restore button and refresh our true American values!

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” –2nd Chronicles 7:14

Wait For It!

The past two years have been a test of faith — job loss, dog dying, problems with problem people, severed relationships, etc. This took a toll. And the latest, a car accident.

A Christian sister once told me that if you pray, then you don’t have to worry, and if you worry, why bother to pray. The two ideas are mutually exclusive, she implied.

The choice is either to ring your hands and become a nervous wreck or wait patiently for God to deliver you.

My mother used to cite an old German saying: “Why is it so soon we become old but so late we become smart?” My grandmother used to quote Proverbs 3:5 : “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.”

After I lost my job and could not get regular work, my funds dwindled. I soon scrambled to find food to eat. I found a local food pantry but that wasn’t enough. I volunteered at the food pantry. As my funds ran dry, I kept losing things, like the woman in an episode in The Twilight Zone, a spendthrift who struck a deal with the only creditor who would take her on, but with the condition that when she misses a payment, something is taken from her. First the cat, then the dog, then her kids, then her husband, then her house, then her car. For me, one of the things to go was my Internet service.

So I used the Wi-Fi at the local library. I befriended some homeless people I knew from the community center where I went to  meals for the homeless and those in need. I didn’t have my car and the told me about a free bus that takes them to other community meals. Some of the hosts also had food banks.

I was able to find sporadic work. At Christmas time, a local homeless advocate set up a Christmas party at the Levittown Public Library, where I was given Wawa and Walmart gift cards. I used the Walmart gift card to buy some insulated, waterproof boots, which I really needed.

After my house was sold, I got my car back and got money from various sources.

It was circumstance after circumstance where I couldn’t see a positive outcome but God provided for me in the end. Each time, I worried, but then felt silly after things went OK.

A little more than a week ago, a car turned into a car wash, darting right in front of me as I was driving the other way. Nobody got hurt, but the one of my wheels was smashed in and the car was undrivable. I was worried that I would not be able to take a cancer patient I’ve been taking care of to her appointment at the cancer center a few days later.

The next morning, my insurance company told me that Geico, the other party’s company, accepted full liability and I drove off in a rental car before noon, courtesy of Geico.

Through Geico’s website via email, I was able to buy another car, without draining my account too much.

By now, it’s finally starting to sink in that God has my back. I still have to be reminded, though.

I continue to associate with the homeless in lower Bucks County and still go to the community meals, which is not just about food but about fellowship. Some friends I meet there talk about their faith in God. There has been problems at the meals — arguments and other drama, but lately the meals have been more civil.

There are things people on a low budget can do for themselves. I found the chair yoga class very healthy. It helps my breathing, relaxing me and helps my well being. The physical part is good. I just ignore or laugh at the humanist-pagan elements, such as us being able to bring peace and light to our world on our own. One substitute teacher was hard core. For about five minutes, we waved our hand back and forth chanting “I am”. As I told a friend in the class “It’s the Popeye thesis; I am what I am!”

I’ve found Kava tea, a natural muscle relaxer, to help prevent cramps and to relax. Bananas also prevent cramps.

Another thing I found helpful is the 12 Steps Journey program. Based on the original 12 Step Program, this faith based program helps people get their act together, including quelling anxiety, restoring them by letting God mold them into what he designed them to be.


A Christian friend used to say “God’s got it!”

As a sergeant would tell the marching formation waiting for his instruction, “wait for it”!



You’ll Never Walk Alone

While an old woman, formerly homeless who found temporary shelter with her caretaker-companion struggled against cancer, a drug addict to whom they gave drink, food and shelter and treated her like their daughter stole her cell phone charger and it’s believed also her purple winter coat. This is what druggies are– selfish, sociopathic users who repay kindness with larceny.

When her caretaker-companion was out, the predator took advantage and stole the cancer stricken woman’s stuff.

Holy don’t cast your pearls before swine, Batman!

Unfortunately, the cancer patient also struggles with cancer stick addiction. People seeing this 80 some pound, 5 foot 4 inch tall woman smoking outside in her purple coat have called her “the purple chimney.”

The purple coat was the woman’s signature; people could find her from far off as she wandered around in various places in Levittown, PA.  Someone who is familiar with the druggie’s MO said that she cons people into letting her stay places, and takes clothing as a souvenir. A nomad, she doesn’t return to the scene of the crime.

She burns her bridges behind her. Evidently, she finds it hard to develop deep relationships. Contraceptives were found at one of her tent sites, ready for a quid pro quo, strictly business.

Nobody knows where the druggie or the purple coat is at the moment.

The authorities want to know where she is; there is a warrant out against her.

Lines from Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone fit her to a T:

“Ahh you’ve gone to the finest schools, alright Miss Lonely
But you know you only used to get juiced in it
Nobody’s ever taught you how to live out on the street
And now you’re gonna have to get used to it
You say you never compromise
With the mystery tramp, but now you realize
He’s not selling any alibis
As you stare into the vacuum of his eyes
And say do you want to make a deal?”

The druggie had the privilege to go to the prestigious George School in Newtown, PA. And now, as in the Dylan dirge, she’s out on the street, scrambling like a gypsy for survival.

There are people, however, who have shown kindness to the woman with cancer. At the public library in Levittown, PA and the community meals people always ask how she’s doing and send her their best. When her caretaker had to go out of town for several days, someone from church visited her at the place they stay and picked up milk for her, which she drinks voraciously.

Even at the cancer center, the staff has developed a relationship with the cancer patient. After losing her job and was out on the street, her fellow homeless gave her physical and moral support. One day she woke up in a pool of water, cold, after heavy rain, sick. A homeless person took her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with pneumonia..

Because of nasty fellow homeless people, the woman, after recovering from pneumonia and still had COPD, moved from Bristol homeless camps to Levittown, when Code Blue, where churches let the homeless stay overnight when it’s real cold, started. Other homeless people let her stay with her until someone took her in, sleeping in the car with him. One morning, after having problems at code blue, the companion took her to emergency, where she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and lung cancer, which spread to the liver.

The tumor was treated successfully, and the chemo soon started destroying the cancer.  She’s just tired most of the time and rarely has the strength to go out.

The woman suffering with cancer continues to stay with her caretaker. It’s tough emotionally as well as physically on her, but she knows that people and God are in her corner, of which her caretaker periodically reminds her.

If God is for us, then who can be against us?

The Homeless and The Druggies

Almost two years ago, a source told me that guy who called himself “the librarian” at the  public library in Levittown, PA stated that homeless people are one step below drug addicts. After he harassed me and I contacted a county commissioner, he soon was gone.  This, by the way, was before authorities associated me with the homeless.

Homeless people are that way for different reasons, including as just a result of the economy. People are in recovery houses because of their addiction, which usually leads to stealing and other antisocial behavior.

A former homeless guy who frequented the Levittown library and the nearby Veteran’s Memorial complained that the homeless get a bad rap and that it’s people from the recovery houses that have been causing problems at the library and surrounding area.

As I mentioned in other blogs, it was the druggies who precipitated the evictions on the homeless living in the woods by the Levittown library.

Yet, there is prejudice against the homeless. Even the Community Relations and Development Director at the local Salvation Army echoed the sentiments of anti-homeless special interests in the community. She said that people visiting the library “don’t like” the homeless people being there, adding that they stink, spread food out all over the tables, and dress shabbily. I told her this isn’t the case and if someone breaks the rules, they should be told about it like everybody else and that homeless people have a right to be at a public library.

So it’s OK to keep people away from a public place simply because people don’t like them? This is not what the guys who are honored at the nearby Veteran’s Memorial fought and died for!

So here’s a Salvation Army person, a former Major who once helped run a rehab center, kowtowing to the world’s judgementalism. When I told her I’ve been sticking up for the homeless, including contacting commissioners, she snapped “what’s that going to do?”  She added that the librarian has  complete sovereignty and belittled me. She asked “didn’t your parents teach you to respect authority?”  It’s no wonder that she goes through a door marked “private”, as she was demoted from Major (joke).

Many of the druggies in the Levittown have gotten mixed in with the homeless. After getting kicked out of recovery houses, many of them end up with the homeless, and cause problems. This may be one reason people don’t like the homeless.

There was a town hall meeting in Bristol Township, PA on Thanksgiving eve to address the problem of recovery houses in the area to protect the community and property values, while helping people with their addictions. The council did not approve the motion by council vice-president for a moratorium on recovery houses because they believed it would be overrided by the Feds.  http://levittownnow.com/2015/11/27/officials-announce-support-for-recovery-house-moratorium/ 

Drug addiction is a problem, especially in Bucks County, PA, not just for the addict but for the communities.

In one neighborhood, it was reported that crime greatly increased since a recovery house moved in.

Part of the problem is the recovery houses themselves. There have been reports of overcrowding,

Recently I met a guy who runs a recovery house in the area. He pointed out that all the recovery houses are not bad, and that he runs a tight ship. He said the neighbors don’t even know we’re here.  Some recovery houses, he said “are just a business.”

The state of Pennsylvania has been addressing how to regulate recovery houses, mainly for safety.

People running recovery houses need to be held accountable, not just for safety factors such as overcrowding, but for professionalism — that they do what’s best for the addicts and the community.

Even if the recovery houses get their act together, there still should be a moratorium on them.  Sometimes, no matter what you do, addicts will continue their destructive behavior, to themselves and others. Addicts have been coming from outside of Bucks County, PA for the recovery houses. With more houses we risk more rogue druggies who, like the Frankenstein monster, are set loose on the community.

One recovering alcoholic told me that addicts should have to suffer the consequences of their destructive behavior — that we should not make it too easy for them to get into a recovery house, so there would not be a revolving door of addicts who aren’t seriously trying to resolve their problem.   Good point. This friend seems to be getting his act together.

Another friend with an alcohol problem isn’t doing as well. He started out well, after people tirelessly ministered to him and after finally coming to grips what he’s doing to himself and people he loves, and went to a short term treatment center. Less than a week before the program ended, he stormed out of a meeting and since has been getting kicked out of friend’s places.

The last time he got kicked out, which was the second time this friend kicked him out, his girlfriend asked me to pick him up and take him to the library. I told her that I’m not going to bail him out everytime he screws up. This kind of thing makes him too comfortable in his choices and he doesn’t realize the consequences of his actions.My friend took a step or two, but has a long way to climb before reaching the top of the 12 steps. My friend who is getting his act together said that many addicts don’t advance after a few steps.

At the local 12 Steps program I’ve been attending the past several months, I’ve seen people come and go. One night we had to set up extra tables. There has been a handful of people who have attended the program regularly since I started going. Now advanced, they mentor others and they have pinch hitted for the guy who regularly leads the meetings.

This local program is not just for drunks and druggies, but for people with other problems, such as anxiety and anger management.

Check it out.  http://www.12stepjourney.com/

Judge by the Content of Character

“A man should not be judged by the color of his skin but by the content of his character”, said Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, whose holiday will be celebrated on January 18.

That quote is right on!

Just as the new Christian left is twisting the gospel, the left has hijacked and bastardized Dr. King’s ministry. Some people preach that we need to make up for past wrongs by giving extra rights to so-called minorities. People are afraid to apply the same standard to a blacks as they do whites and when blacks do something wrong, they are afraid that if they try to hold a minority accountable for his or her actions, the race hustlers will call them racists.

An example of this is the Salvation Army Community Center in Levittown, PA.  At the community meals there, the social services director, known by volunteers as “Queen Latifah”, shows little humility. She talks to the homeless and needy there as if they were criminals or children, with a very unloving, unkind, condescending, non forbearing attitude.

The Queen also bullies volunteers and she tends to favor black people who come to the food pantry for things. Because of her arrogance, when the local Wawa moved, the pantry was without their donations for months. The Queen didn’t think she had to answer certain questions.

On one occasion, when Queen Latifah was about to tell me something, she prefaced her monologue with “I know you won’t listen to me because I’m black.”

“People have a problem with you”, I responded, “because you talk down to people.”

The command at this Salvation Army branch does not want to mess with the queen.

Political correctness trumps the fruits of the spirit.

During the month of February, the Levittown Salvation Army Community Center fills its hallways with a Black History exhibition. Evidently, they couldn’t distinguish the naughty from the nice, as they displayed President BO, who is inimical to Christianity.   Oh, but he is black, and we love everybody!

That’s not the point. The point is that the Salvation Army, which claims to be a church, is there to further the gospel, not a leftist agenda. Like many people under the influence of liberal theologians, and hence the world, they confuse tolerance and compassion with what’s right or wrong.

Using tolerance as the yardstick, a book was written to argue that Dr. King would have been an advocate for same sex marriage. In an article in the Christian Post, Christine Thomasos refutes this bogus argument.  Dr. King responded to a boy who struggled with homosexual ideas. He saw this as a problem. Hate the sin but love the sinner.  http://www.christianpost.com/news/what-did-dr-martin-luther-king-jr-think-of-homosexuality-67259/

Dr. King would also have been against abortion.

Many people voted for BO just because he was black. When I had business in an office in the Northampton County PA courthouse after BO was voted back in, I overheard a guy fawning over BO’s reelection. I was waiting for urine to start dripping down his pants.

Some people are obsequious towards blacks because they feel guilty.

No need to feel guilty any longer. Professor of Economics at George Mason University, Walter E. Williams has given whites of European ancestry amnesty and pardon:   

Proclamation of Amnesty and Pardon Granted to
All Persons of European Descent
Whereas, Europeans kept my forebears in bondage some three centuries toiling without pay, Whereas, Europeans ignored the human rights pledges of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution,

Whereas, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments meant little more than empty words,

Therefore, Americans of European ancestry are guilty of great crimes against my ancestors and their progeny.

But, in the recognition Europeans themselves have been victims of various and sundry human rights violations to wit: the Norman Conquest, the Irish Potato Famine, Decline of the Hapsburg Dynasty, Napoleonic and Czarist adventurism, and gratuitous insults and speculations about the intelligence of Europeans of Polish descent,

I, Walter E. Williams, do declare full and general amnesty and pardon to all persons of European ancestry, for both their own grievances, and those of their forebears, against my people.

Therefore, from this day forward Americans of European ancestry can stand straight and proud knowing they are without guilt and thus obliged not to act like damn fools in their relationships with Americans of African ancestry.

Walter E. Williams, Gracious and Generous Grantor

I’m looking forward to granting amnesty and pardon to those hobophobic non homeless people who harassed the homeless.

Car 54 Where Are You?

Recently I saw a newspaper headline that reminded me that just because Jonestown, Guyana is on the ash heap of history, people are still drinking the Kool-aid.

The headline said something to the effect that blacks are attracted to candidate Ben Carson. Holy segregation, Batman!  I could never understand the insane concept of “the Black vote”, the Hispanic vote” ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

Did Martin Luther King’s idea to judge people not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character fall on deaf ears? Evidently, it did!

After BO’s reelection, in a county office in Easton, PA, most of the people were ecstatic about a black man being reelected. I overheard one Kool-aid drinker passionately tell someone that he had written a letter to BO to say how great it was that a black man can be elected in this country. I thought the guy was going to pea his pants.

The person listening to him asked if BO responded to the letter. The answer was “no.”

In his concurring opinion on a U.S. Supreme Court case that, at least legally, put affirmative action, which requires an arbitrary number of minorities to be hired, to death, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote that using race even for the benefit of a particular group is racist.

This is how Barry Obama got elected, at least in part.

Back to Ben Carson. What difference does ethnicity make about choosing a leader?  None!

Years ago, when the Temple University public radio station was making changes, I read a piece in the newspaper in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia that said that the station would play classical music for whites, and jazz for blacks.  As Mr. Spock would say, “that’s highly illogical.”  And stupid.

This is what Justice Thomas would call “assigned behaviors.”

I’ve listened to both classical and jazz. What does it make me? Someone with an identity crisis?

Dr. Carson is high on my list of candidates for president, based on the content of his character and his prescription for what would be best for the health of our country. Like his initials, BO, the content of the character of  our current president stinks.

We need to stick to issues, And believe me, we have some serious issues that need to be resolved, not fiddle around with silly race games. You baby boomers probably remember the comedy cop show Car 54 Where Are You?

“There’s a hold up in the Bronx,
Brooklyn’s broken out in fights.
There’s a traffic jam in Harlem
That’s backed up to Jackson Heights.
There’s a scout troop short a child,
Kruschev’s due at Idlewild
Car 54, Where Are You? “

The question is: Where were the American people the last two presidential elections? I know where there heads were. In a very dark place!

The reason some white boys played some funky music and voted for BO is guilt. Not to worry, Professor Walter E. Williams, who happens to be black, has given us amnesty for past wrongs.   http://econfaculty.gmu.edu/wew/gift.html

As far as blacks being attracted to Ben Carson: Although race shouldn’t matter, this is good news  It doesn’t matter who you are, Dr. Carson is a much better choice that BO.

I cannot understand why blacks would vote for a progressive such as Barry Obama. As I documented in previous blogs, progressives have hurt the little guy, especially blacks!  Take LBJ’s so-called Great Society.  Please!  Much of the out-of-control situation we have with groups such as Black Lives Matter has its roots in The Great Society.

I don’t understand why blacks vote Democrat when, as historically, they have not had black’s best interests at heart. After the Republicans left a decade or so after the civil war, the Democrats took charge and they brought Jim Crow laws.

In the current administration, blacks have been hurt. So has everyone else. One thing I’ll say about BO is that he’s an equal opportunity oppressor, in a sense. He does have a double standard, however.

On Glenn Beck’s TV program on conservative blacks, a black woman said that Obama practices “plantation politics”.  She pointed out that BO will give “us” food stamps, but nixed school choice, where blacks have a better opportunity to move on up.

Progressives, as witnessed in the lame stream media, don’t want blacks to leave the liberal plantation.

One thing I like about Dr. Carson is that he stands his ground for what he believes, defending himself against the race hustlers and the liberal media.

Elections are not about race.  It’s about what’s best for our country.

As radio talk show host Tom Marr succinctly said “When you have liberal rule, you have more crime and poverty.”

One group that is particularly hurt by progressives is the homeless, as I documented in my blog Fight Homelessness; Don’t Vote for Progressives.

A local liberal claimed she’s been helping the homeless and that they need the government, they need her.  Well, I think we are waiting for Godot.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waiting_for_Godot

I have to ask the American people:  CAR 54 WHERE ARE YOU?


Replacing The Kool-aid

In my last blog I warned people not to drink the Kool-aid. Of course I’m not knocking the beverage, but just speaking figuratively about buying into ideas that lead to destructive behavior. Drinking the poisoned Kool-aid was the result of people being guided by the wrong influences — they were the disciples of destruction.

The People’s Temple in Jonestown, Guyana is a memorable example of how thinking influences behavior. Holy cognitive therapy, Batman!

Allen Ginsburg’s Howl was written in 1955 and published in 1956, during a time I consider a golden time in American history. We were recovering from the world of Gangsters, FDR’s New Raw Deal, racism, poverty and accompanying homelessness, and other social ills. During the Eisenhower 50’s, crime lowered, blacks were moving on up, Jackie Robinson could play in the major league, American Indians could self govern, the nuclear family was intact — divorce was rare, etc. In short, it was a time of relative harmony, peace and prosperity.

There has been and always will be a tension between completing influences.

Ginsburg and his beatnik disciples wanted something more from life. They saw the status quo as square, and these Daddyeos (and Mommyeos) wanted to explore where no man has gone before and entered the outer realms of their own bizarre world.

Throughout history, since the Garden of Eve, people weren’t happy with what they’ve got and reached out for greener pastures, which actually were brown, even dead. In their song Woodstock, Crosby Stills and Nash plead that “we’ve got to get back to the Garden.” They also imagined that the nations bombers be turned to butterflies.

Just by these rockers thinking this doesn’t make it so. These hipsters have a distorted view of reality.

There will always be weeds in the garden. The way to care for society’s garden is not to eliminate anyone who doesn’t fall in lock step with the state’s social engineering program, but to be diligent and realistic about showing people the right way — being the light in a dark world.

I call the world view of Allen Ginsberg, et al, who admitted “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness” a dark world. Just like the gangster rappers of today, he wasn’t objectively reporting on the world he saw.

Although I’m not a fan of Al Sharpton, I like what he once said as a guest on Jay Lenno. Sharpton told Jay about how he confonted some gangster rappers about the decadent world they rap about. “But Rev. Al,” a rapper told Sharpton, “that’s the way ” it is.

Sharpton argued that if something is wrong, then try to fix it. This is the message M.C. Hammer delivered in a video accompanied by the refrain “You’ve got to pray every day just to make it today.” Neatly dressed in a white leisure suit, Hammer approached a group of guys on the street who looked like they were going to fight or make a drug deal and signaled, like an empire calling a runner safe, to stop this crap.

Evil doesn’t prevail because of evil but because good people do nothing.

The problem of drunks disrupting the community meals for the homeless and those in need in lower Bucks County, PA is a microcosm of this. People seeing this as wrong and as an affront to the hosts and other guests have been expressing righteous indignation about it. Others have just played Lord Chamberlain, giving these selfish, out of control monsters a pass.

During the 50’s, the good guys prevailed. Today, our country is an Obama nation.

People are fighting back!

I’ve noticed that Facebook has become less pedestrian and good people have been speaking out against the evil in our country today. The message I keep hearing that our country needs to return to God is righteous!

One of the evils people have been attacking is the race baiting groups such as Blacks Lives Matter, who, like President BO and his racist wife, have an enormous chip on their shoulders.

Some people are fighting evil the right way. Unlike some blacks who are attacking whites because of wrongs committed against blacks (some real and some made up), the people at the African Methodist Episcopal church in Charlestown, S.C. saw the murders at their church as an act of an evil individual, and continue to worship God and show his love towards others.

Showing God’s love towards others is what I found at an AME church in Bucks County. Before I started to associate with the people at this church, because of the name, I thought it may be Afro-centric. It’s not Afro-centric at all; the “A” denotes that the denomination was formed because in the late 18th century blacks were not allowed to be ministers.

The local Salvation Army is more Afro-centric than the AME church, where I’ve found subservient deference and a double standard towards blacks. Volunteers there said the social services director, who runs the food pantry, works hard to be black. The people at the AME church work hard to be good Christians.

Unlike “Queen Latifah”, as one volunteer called the food pantry boss, who treats the homeless and needy guests like children and criminals and has a chip on her shoulder (like her buddy BO), the hosts at the AME churches in Bucks County, PA are very gracious towards their guests.

Kool-aid Kool-aid may taste great, but to get rid of the metaphorical Kool-aid? I can’t wait!

Twelve Angry Men

In the movie Twelve Angry Men, 11 of the jurors want to convict a man of murder in what they thought was an open-and-shut case and they are anxious to go home.  But one man, played by Henry Fonda, has doubts and wants to further discuss the case.  The 11 are angry with the man who is more concerned with not convicting an innocent man than wanting to be done with the trial and hear a baseball game.

Eventually, the one holdout seeking justice wins over the other jurors, one by one, and the defendant is acquitted.  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0050083/synopsis?ref_=ttpl_pl_syn

Recently,  at the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Penndel, PA, a drunk at a community meal for the homeless and those in need verbally harassed and physically threatened another guest at the dinner.  He was out of control and had to be physically restrained.  The police came.

“The Pope” accosted the victim because the guy sits in on court cases in order to learn first hand what’s going on in the law locally.  The Pope had a problem with this and went ballistic.  He was drunk and very disorderly.

The victim showed great self control, not even verbally arguing with this maniac.  Yet, when the police interviewed the victim, the officer told him he had to leave because the Redeemer Lutheran church wanted this.  This same drunk did the same thing to me some time ago at another community meal.  Instead of the victim remaining seated, as in this case, the drunk threatened me and followed me as I walked towards the bathroom.

I spun around and went into a defensive position.  Then one of the hosts got between us and we separated.  The host thanked me for remaining calm and preventing a problem.

Nobody at the Redeemer Lutheran Church thanked the victim for exercising self control– they even blamed him!   One of the bus drivers from the Advocates for the Homeless and Those in Need told him he could not ride the bus.

Fast forward 12 days.  Last night, when the victim rode the AHTN bus to a meal one homeless individual snidely remarked that he wasn’t supposed to be on the bus.  At the meal, an AHTN volunteer told him he wasn’t supposed to ride the bus, for his protection.

When I challenged the AHTN volunteer about this, she was defensive, gave me spin, and said the decision was made by the head of AHTN.  When she remarked that two people who may fight shouldn’t ride the bus together, I argued that The Pope shouldn’t be allowed to ride the bus.  He’d been riding the bus for 12 days after the  problem at the church he created occurred.

The AHTN volunteer uttered some nonsense about taking care of people who are out in the cold.  That’s noble, but they need to abide by the rules.  When I was living at my parent’s house when I was over 18, my language slipped when I was taking a shower.  My mother overheard it and said that if this bad language continues, I’d be kicked out of the house, and she meant it.

Unlike my mother, AHTN does not hold the homeless accountable for their behavior.  In fact, by fiat, they encourage it.  AHTN’s name should be changed to APHCB (Advocates to Promote Homeless Criminal Behavior).

The Pope even threatened me at the meal, but later apologized.  He keeps apologizing for his behavior but continues being drunk and disorderly.  Interesting that this happened in a Lutheran church.  Founder Martin Luther said that the best way to apologize is to stop doing the wrong.

What entered into APHCB’s, aka AHTN, decision is the false witness that one or two people in the community has been spreading about the victim.

Proverbs 6:16-19

There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.

And the Kool-aid drinkers just summarily believe the lies.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drinking_the_Kool-Aid


As was the case in Twelve Angry Men, the truth will come out.  It has for me, and like the Henry Fonda character, I will go against the tyranny of the majority and will not shut up and sit down on this matter.

APHCB (AHTN) does not genuinely care about the homeless.  One reason they favor the drunk is that he conforms to the stereotype they have of the homeless.  Like the liberals they are, they want homeless to be rudderless and use them for their pet project, much like President LBJ did to blacks (see my blog What’s so Great about the Great Society).

APHCB showed its true colors at the Homeless Video Shoot a short while back.  The film crew, which AHTN sponsored, walked past the homeless like they were fixtures, and AHTN left the pizza at a place where they knew the homeless would not be.  They didn’t want to portray the actual lives of the homeless but just made the video to tell their own version of the story, like the Fractured Fairly Tales on the old Bullwinkle and Rocky Show.

The so called Advocates for the Homeless and Those in Need is an interfaith organization.  I have lost faith in them.  Evidently, there are like the many churches that have lost their fidelity to scriptures.  Based on their fruits, AHTN and the Redeemer Lutheran Church fit into this category.

Matthew 7:15-20

A Tree and Its Fruit

15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. 16 You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? 17 So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit. 18 A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Thus you will recognize them by their fruits.


Holding People Accountable

A major problem with helping the homeless is the perception the public has of them — that they are useless, violent drunks, druggies, aggressive panhandlers, shiftless bums, etc.

Last night, a certain homeless individual was drunk and disorderly at a community meal in lower Bucks County, PA.  When some other guests and I were having a conversation, he verbally assaulted, cursed out, and physically threatened to attack someone holding the conversation.  He had to be restrained, verbally and physically from attacking the victim just because he didn’t like the idea that the guy likes to drop in on court cases to learn something about the law.

Contributions to homeless stereotypes are not tax deductible!

The whole time, the victim remained cool and calm, remaining in his seat.

The police came.  The assailant, a de facto Pope, who believes his actions cannot be questioned, was interviewed in a distant part of the dining room.  After he was interviewed, an officer talked with the victim, who remained in his seat.  Although he did nothing wrong, the officer asked the victim to leave right after the interview.  The officer explained it was the host’s request.

“The Pope” did the same thing to me at a community meal some time ago to me.  When he staggered into the dining area, he almost tripped over himself.  For no reason, he threatened me.  As I walked towards the restroom, he followed me.  I spun around and went into a defensive position.  Before long, one of the hosts got between us and separated us.

The host thanked me for “remaining calm” and helping to diffuse the problem, adding that we were in a place of peace.

Nobody thanked the victim last night for exercising self control and doing what he can to prevent a fight.  Instead, he was treated like he was guilty.  Holy moral equivalence, Batman!  http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/02/05/obamas-immoral-equivalence-between-isis-and-christianity/ 

Last night, the victim was verbally and almost physically assaulted, the same way a man comes home drunk and verbally and physically assaults his wife.  The man assaulting his wife is called “domestic violence”.  What do you call this?  “Homeless acting like the homeless?”  I don’t call it that.

Homelessness is tough!  But it is no excuse for bad behavior.  Everybody else at the dinner remained civil, except for this virtual Pope and Dave, one of the bus drivers from the Advocates for the Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN).  Dave told the victim that he wasn’t allowed on the bus.   Then the victim pointed out that he did nothing wrong and questioned this.   Dave became hostile.  He made a blanket statement to the victim about the people he served being ungrateful…

At one point I said “moral equivalence.”

Dave seems to suffer from the epidemic of “group think” in Bucks County.  Actually, I think he took off the mask that, except for some volunteers, exposes what AHTN really thinks of the homeless. AHTN promoted a “public service” video to allegedly help the homeless, which in reality perpetuates stereotypes about the homeless.  AHTN also kowtowed to the head Levittown librarian when she had the bus shelter and bus stop outside the library removed after certain individuals had a fight there and after two people did something obscene thereThe individuals in the fight were banned from the library but the couple doing something nasty were not punished, as one of them was an AHTN volunteer’s pet.

Like King Lear, who sucked up his evil two evil daughter’s servile flattery but dismissed his other daughter’s honest, good appraisal, AHTN subtly treats the homeless as unaccountable victims.  As Curly on the Three Stooges would say “I’m a victim of circumstances.”


The homeless have been known to discuss Shakespeare when they get together.

AHTN touts how much they care about the homeless, but, except for some volunteers, does not respect them.  They didn’t even want them around during that video shoot about the homeless.  They left the pizza at a place the homeless would not be during a night there wasn’t a community meal, and the film crew passed by the real homeless people like they were statues.

People need to hear what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

Last night at the dinner, the victim was analyzing problems with the homeless finding shelter and how the homeless could prevent problems.  I’ve been chastised for offering constructive criticism on how the homeless can help themselves.

A homeless friend once told me that if you drink or do drugs, you are not going to make it through homelessness.

People need to be accountable for their behavior and people need to be judged as individuals.  Judge a person by the content of his character, not by the place where they live, how much money they have or how they dress.

The content a person’s character is the criteria we who are trying to find shelter for the homeless plan to use to determine who will get into the shelters.  We plan to have the homeless develop property we acquire.  Our policy will be “no drunks, no druggies, no thieves or other criminals, no violent people, no trouble makers” and no smoking in the buildings.

We are working on acquiring the Head Start property in Bristol Township, PA, which has been abandoned for 1 and 1/2 years, just waiting for someone to live in.  It just needs a little fixing up, much of which the homeless can do.

Werewolves of Harrisburg

I saw Tom Wolf knocking at the door

Better not let him in

He’ll make you poor and homeless Jim



Werewolves of Harrisburg

I saw Tom Wolf with an EPA scheme in his hand

He will destroy jobs and the economy with his plan



Werewolves of Harrisburg

I saw Tom Wolf having tea with the first lady the queen

His hair was perfect

If you see him stalking around your door

Realize he’s not a statesman but a political whore

He says he’ll protect the environment

When he is just courting the special interests



Werewolves of Harrisburg



Werewolves of Harrisburg