To Serve Man

There are two basic attitudes one can take when helping people such as the homeless and needy.

  • Become detached and help people so you can show people how caring you are and for your own self aggrandizement.  You don’t really care and robotically serve people the way Jeff Dunham’s Walter would be a Walmart Greeter: “Welcome to Walmart; get your sh** and get out!”  Of course, you would be more subtle.
  • Out of compassion, you genuinely care for people and make sacrifices to help the needy.  Like Christ, you show agape love — love which expects nothing in return.  Develop relationships with the people you serve and focus on what’s best for them.

In one episode of The Twilight Zone, To Serve Man, a Kanamit lands on earth and promises hope and change. The nine foot plus giant says he’s going to serve humanity by ending hunger by transforming deserts into booming fields, end energy shortages, and stop war.  There is no need for the military.  This virtual Santa Claus came to earth just to serve man.

Earthlings are initially skeptical of the nine foot plus Santa Claus,  but soon, like Captain Hook and the Crocodile,  they are taken in.  Only, instead of a welcome grin, the Kanamit looks and talks stoically, robotically like some of the hosts on MSNBC.

The government found a book, written in code, left by the Kanamit.  After a decoder cracks the book’s title, To Serve Man, society believes the Kanamits are there to help them.  People then line up to book flights to the alien planet, which they are told is a paradise.

As the head decoder is waiting to board the spaceship bound for Paradise, his assistant, who decoded more than the title of the book, frantically runs towards her boss yelling “TO SERVE MAN IS A COOKBOOK!”

Some people serve the needy the way the Kanamits do — for their own desires.

Serving others is a mission, not a job.  It is not about politics or your ego.  Unfortunately, it has become that way in some instances.

Even the Salvation Army has become self serving.  The social services director, part of the hired help,  at the Army’s Community Center in Levittown, PA  has a judgmental, unloving, unChristian attitude towards the homeless and needy.  At the community meals, she talks to them like they are rudderless criminals — like they are children.  She tells them not to run around the building and actual has told them they need to behave themselves!  These are adults!

If it were up to me, this street thug, this member of a spurious aristocracy, who is known to bully volunteers,  would have been dismissed long ago.  Instead, the last time I came to volunteer in the food pantry she left word with the staff that I wasn’t allowed to volunteer in the food pantry.  This is the first time I heard this.

Likewise, the Advocates for the Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN) is self serving.  The most recent example of this attitude is that, instead of judging what is right, they seemed to side with a drunk who verbally assaulted and physically threatened one of the guests at a community meal.  One of the two drivers said he wouldn’t let the victim on the bus.  Leading up to that is that some gossip on a power trip has been spreading false witness about the guy, who is trying to learn more about the homeless and try to help resolve the problem.

The gossip spread like wildfire, so instead of like the Henry Fonda character in 12 Angry Men, who was the one hold out who went against the other jurors because he wanted to find the truth (and later won the rest of the jurors over), for expediency AHTN sides with the gossipers.  This is what John Stuart Mill called “Tyranny of the Majority”.

I suspect the motivation for spreading lies about the man is the ego of the person doing it.  This person wants to be top dog, or queen bee, and by putting others down, it makes this person look good.  It’s a gangster mentality.

Homelessness is a struggle, so instead of fighting one another to see who can be the top gangster, people in the homeless community need to care for and respect one another, and focus on ways to overcome the problem.  It begins with everyone involved developing the right attitude, including myself. It’s not about ego; it’s about serving one another.

The organization that we just launched is trying to acquire property and have the homeless play a large part to develop and maintain it in order to become self sufficient.  But first, all the Bovine Scatology has to stop!  We need understanding, civil discussion, and sometimes tough love in order to be able to work together.  We are in this together.

We should be on the same team!  This is the only way we shall overcome!




Socialism, Christianity and the Homeless

Most of the homeless folks I know in lower Bucks County, PA are not fans of President Barry Obama. In this population, there seem to be less Kool-aid drinkers than there are in other populations.

This most likely is because they have suffered first hand the rotten fruits of BO’s socialist agenda.

Many people have become homeless as a result of the bad economy.  People just can’t get jobs and end up on the street.  Not only did socialism foster homelessness, but the liberal-socialist establishment in lower Bucks County compounds the loss of freedom for the homeless.  They want to keep the homeless homeless, pawns of the state.

Of course there are places that help the homeless look for jobs,and they have to be responsible, but the combination of the hard times fostered by BO and the lack of cooperation by Bucks County to find shelter for the homeless compounds the problem.

Instead of lifting the camping ban and working with compassionate citizens who want to help the homeless build shelters, the establishment hunts down the homeless and demeans them. They even try to shoo them from public places, as if they were cockroaches.  Sometimes the homeless create their own problems by doing things which calls the authorities in, but not always.

Not long after Bucks County realized the homeless problem here in the late 80’s, they have tried to recruit the homeless to go to mental institutions, whether it was warranted or not.  They diagnose first and ask questions later.  During  an expedition to a homeless camp, a member from the Penndel Mental Health Clinic went along.  And people in the mental health industry periodically visit the homeless at Code Blues and other places.

Mental illness has become a talisman to get shelter in Bucks County.

Besides shelter, the homeless need people who genuinely care for them — who accept them unconditionally and not have a hidden agenda.  People in the community have been reaching out to the homeless. Some people have brought food and have socialized with them.  They show them God’s love; they are his ambassadors.

At the community meals for the homeless and the needy, the hosts have developed relationships with the regulars and have sat down and talked with them.  Many of the homeless and hosts know one another by first names.

This is a start.

In the tradition of President Grover Cleveland, who nixed a government bailout to help Texas farmers who suffered drought, we need to count on Americans helping their fellow Americans in need.  The private sector needs to be the driving force.  The government needs to accommodate them and just get out of the way.

Socialism is evil, even as just an economic system.  There are people who call themselves Christians who say that the Bible doesn’t condemn socialism and that it even encourages it.  They point to the story where people sell their goods for the common good of the community.  Well, that was an ad hoc thing and just involved a private group of people who did this among themselves.  There’s nothing wrong with people chipping in for a common cause.  It’s noble.

But to heavily tax people and redistribute wealth is wrong.

There was, and still probably is a movement known as “Christian Socialism”.  I refer to the phrase used in the practice of law, “Expressio Unius Est Exclusio Alterius.”

Expressio Unius Est Exclusio Alterius Definition:

Latin: the expression of one thing is the exclusion of the other.

“Christian” excludes “Socialism”.

Socialism is central planning, which limits individual choice. For socialism to work right, you must assume that the people making plans for us are right and have our best interests at heart. History tells us otherwise.

Getting everyday people to read and scrutinize scripture is a trend started by Martin Luther and enabled by Gutenberg when he invented the printing press.  Anyone can challenge a Pope, a Jim Jones or anyone at the top by being informed and thinking.  Even people in high positions are fallible. There’re only human.

Today the government says same sex marriage is OK.  Not everyone believes this, especially Bible believing Christians.  And look at the garbage on TV and other places.

Freedom rings when people are free to express their views and read, watch or listen to what they want.  And, like an economic system, they are free to choose in the marketplace of ideas.

A blogger on FaceBook recently wrote that to further a true belief in God, we need to change people’s hearts.  I agree.  This can be done better in a capitalistic, free market society.

Back in the 70’s, the late evangelist Francis Shaffer said that in this country, freedom has been misused, and that to keep order in society, one of two things must happen.  Either people will have to be controlled by the outside in a police state, or they’ll have to be changed on the inside through faith in God.

I value the variety of opinions on FaceBook. There are some that are totally irrational, but that’s the price of freedom.  I have the freedom to ignore views I don’t like.

The homeless are the canary in the mine to indicate the health of a society.  When you have a large homeless population — and it’s steadily growing as a result of liberal-socialist rule — it’s time for genuine hope and change.

My hope is to change back to the Eisenhower 50’s with institutions that worked well for society.

We Are Not in Kansas Anymore!

“But Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man / That he didn’t, didn’t already have.”

–lyrics from America’s Tin Man.

At Stand Down 2015, an event to help needy veterans, held in Levittown, PA, a politician Augustly stated:

“You need the government, you need me…”, to resolve the homeless problem.

As was the case in The Wizard of Oz, the government is no talisman.

The characters in the story seek Oz to empower them and solve all their problems,  as people in real life look at the government this way.  In the story, the people who are tripping, going to Oz find that the Wizard is a fake and is actually just “a common man” who has made everyone believe he was powerful. Likewise, the government can’t accomplish miracles, bringing us hope and change.  As the Wizard comes clean, he tells the travelers that they have to apply themselves, for instance, by going to school to get a brain.

There is no such thing as a government issued brain, although leaders in today’s Brave New World are trying to reprogram our brains.

Don’t pay attention to the politicians behind the curtain.

We are no longer in Kansas, Homeless Dog, but in post modernist America.

Word Origin and History for postmodernism

post modernism, by 1977, from post- + modernism. Defined by Terry Eagleton as “the contemporary movement of thought which rejects … the possibility of objective  knowledge” and is therefore “skeptical of truth,unity, and progress”

Like Dorothy, people are following the yellow brick road to BO’s hope and change fantasy world, just as their heads were in the deep dark place of FDR’s New Raw Deal and LBJ’s alleged Great Society.

We can’t count on the government to provide homes for the homeless.  People with brains, compassion and drive can advocate for the homeless and help them get homes.

We can do it: