The Homeless And Needy

At the shared meal for the homeless and needy in southern Bucks County, PA last night, the host passed out tickets to their guests as they entered in order to make sure nobody misses out on the goods they graciously give them. There have been some people who, like wild animals, go and grab all the gusto they can and could care less if others miss out. 

The shared meals are for the homeless and needy, not the homeless and greedy. “The Homeless And Greedy” would make a good soap opera, wouldn’t it? 

The homeless and needy themselves should realize that their brothers and sisters are going through the same thing they are, like the characters in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath and should help and encourage one another. 

Instead, some of the homeless and needy in southern Bucks County act like the rabid, jealous, greedy characters in Frank Norris’ McTeague. 

It’s unfortunate that hosts at the shared meals have to regulate adult guests. The guests should be mindful of the interests of others, and not just look out for themselves. “Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.” -Philippians 2:4 

Overall, the shared meals are a venue for friends to get together and talk about shoes and ships and sailing things and ask whether pigs have wings. Seriously though, it’s a place where people can talk about dealing with life, especially when things get rough.  Not only the guests among themselves, but many of the hosts fellowship with their guests, not only making them feel at home and show that they matter, but are there to address their concerns and feed them spiritual as well as physical food.  

How the shared meals in Bucks County are an important ministry is one thing I address in my book: 

Copies of There Are Homeless in Bucks County; A Journey With The Homeless are available in the Bucks County Free Library system.