The New Stand Down Order

Finally, the real reason Philadelphia Stand Down, the three-day event to help homeless and needy veterans, will no longer be held in the field behind the Levittown public library is out. This year, Bucks County will do a re-creation of Jonestown, Guyana. Hillary Clinton will play the part of Jim Jones. 

The original Jonestown was welcomed by Guyana, as the country was then socialist.  Lately, Guyana has been moving away from socialism. 

Bucks County, PA is more socialistic than Guyana today, so the plan to remake Guyana is welcome here, as Bucks, which voted for her, welcomes Hillary Clinton with open arms. When the county learned that she was considering becoming a pastor, Bucks County made her an honorary pastor, ignoring the rule of law, which just impedes progress. It will bill the event “Pastor Hillary’s Jonestown.” 

Promoters of the event point out that the Levittown public library has not used the books the librarian started importing to make a large enough dent to fight racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic traditional values. The library conspicuously displayed Hillary’s books in the library, brought in other books promoting the new world order, but failed to make a radical difference in the progressive community, said Bucks County Information Officer R.I. Diculous, who added, “we need to go all the way!” 

Helping the homeless was a large tenet of Jonestown.  According to 

The Peoples Temple was initially structured as an inter-racial mission for the sick, homeless and jobless. He assembled a large following of over 900 members in Indianapolis IN during the 1950’s.  

“He preached a ‘social gospel’ of human freedom, equality, and love, which required helping the least and the lowliest of society’s members. Later on, however, this gospel became explicitly socialistic, or communistic in Jones’ own view, and the hypocrisy of white Christianity was ridiculed while ‘apostolic socialism’ was preached.” 

It’s the thought that counts!  At a recent Stand Down in Levittown I attended, State Representative Tina Davis touted how much she has helped the homeless and said she plans to help them even more. You may think this is a lofty goal and that Tina is just a dreamer, but, as the Disney character sings: “Dreams can come true; it can happen to you…”  By the way, Disney is taking over the Golden Gate Bridge, which is between San Francisco and Oakland, California. Why? It connects Fairyland with Jungle Land. 

He’s sneaking up behind me.  Pastor Hillary will host a workshop on combating sexism/ how to trump Trump. Participants will go through a diorama of creepy characters, portraying The Deplorables. 

To prevent overcrowding, Kool-aide will be served at the end of each day’s events. 

Members of Pastor Hillary’s Jonestown will reach out to the Afro-American homeless community to tell them that other members of the homeless community are racists. Although there is no evidence of this, the new Jonestown community will tell homeless blacks they are being repressed by homeless whites. They just don’t know it and need to be told. 

There has been isolated fighting between white homeless members. They can be recruited so all the fight can be taken out of them. Of course, like the rest of the homeless, they are itching to fight. The wise Philosopher Kings (and Queens) just know it, just as did Joseph Stalin, who believed the average person is a miscreant that just hasn’t been caught yet.  

Disclaimer: This is satire. For those of you in Doylestown, “sat·ire 



  1. the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. 
  1. synonyms: mockery · ridicule · derision · scorn · caricature · irony · sarcasm 
  • a play, novel, film, or other work that uses satire:  
  • “a stinging satire on American politics” 
  • synonyms: parody · burlesque · caricature · lampoon · skit · spoof · takeoff · sendup 
  • a genre of literature characterized by the use of satire. 
  • (in Latin literature) a literary miscellany, especially a poem ridiculing prevalent vices or follies.” 

He who works his land will have abundant food, 

But the one who chases fantasies 

Will have his fill of poverty” -Proverbs 28:19 

Don’t Drink The Kool-aid

“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness…”

— Beat poet Allen Ginsburg, from Howl.

The Beats were supposed to be so cool, man, cool. If you call decadent, perverted sex, drugs and bizarre, destructive behavior and a nihilistic attitude of life cool. Wonder what your meaning of “is” is?

In an interview, Mary Travers, of Peter, Paul and Mary 60’s folk singers fame, was asked if she identified with the beatniks. Mary answered an unequivocal “no”, and explained that the beatniks don’t bathe, don’t work, etc. The one thing she said she had in common with the Beatniks, however, is that she’s a rebel, speaking out against things she thinks need changing.

The Beatniks morphed into the Hippies, largely disciples of Allen Ginsburg. And the Hippies further devolved into yuppies.

Hope and change aren’t always complimentary.

Fast forward to Woodstock, a bastion of decadence, a prelude to the cults and the me generation of the 70s.

And along came Jones. Long tale Jones. Slick talking Jones, false preaching Jones. Along came Kool-aid pushing Jim Jones.

In a documentary of Jim Jones and Jonestown, Guyana, Jonestown survivors related how they became disillusioned with Jonestown and lamented their dehumanizing degradation and the loss of privacy and freedom in a police state. One survivor, in retrospect, wondered why he and others didn’t act a red flag they should have seen early on.

Before the tragic grand finale at Jonestown in 1978, Jim Jones did a dry run for the poison Kool-aid episode. He had members of his flock (whom survivors said he fleeced) drink the Kool-aid, telling them they will die. Jones very well may have been mimicking the Bible story where God told Abraham to sacrifice his son, only at the last minute to stop the sacrifice in order to test Abraham’s obedience.

Jim Jones thought he was God.

People were taken in by Jones’ welcome grin. Guyana, which, according to the documentary on CNN, was a socialist state in 1972, welcomed Jones, a comrade in arms, a fellow traveler.

Jones and his henchmen preyed on the weak and needy in society, including a homeless person who was picked up in California and lured to the utopian promise of hope and change of Jonestown, Guyana.

When people don’t have solid values, then anything is possible. Jonestown Guyana is a perfect example. If people don’t follow the true, unadulterated Word of God, and practice it, destruction isn’t far behind.

During the Reformation, Martin Luther started a practice where anyone, from any walk of life can challenge the clergy on the truth of scripture, and one another.

Jesus is the solid rock on which I stand. All other ground is sinking sand.

In John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, the allegory of the soul, Evangelist” points up, directly to God.

The Romantics in the 18th century, as a college professor told my class, were the forerunners of the flower children. They believed that the love of nature leads to the love of man. Wrong! For the Christian, the love of God leads to the love of our fellow humans.

I went to a conference the spring before last where the theme was “Reflecting God”. A analogy was made to the moon. The moon has no light of its own but gets it from the sun. Likewise, we reflect God’s love; we have no goodness apart from him.

“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.” — 2 Corinthians 5:20

The ultimate hope for the homeless community and our nation is God. Dig, man?


Freedom Rocks

In a recent blog, I compared the plight of the Okies, who had to leave their homes because their farms closed, and the homeless today, as I particularized in the homeless in lower Bucks County, PA.  The economic root cause for this problem in both cases is similar:  The overreaching, social engineering government.  Before and after the depression, allowing the free market, cutting taxes, and letting a free people take responsibility and initiative fostered a healthy economy that was good for all Americans.

It was not WWII that brought us out of the depression, nor the latent policies of FDR, but big tax cuts, fostering entrepreneurship, free trade, and an individual work ethic and other mores that is the foundation of a free people.

Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon had it right when he slashed taxes in 1920  that reduced the top individual tax rate from 73 to 25 percent.  And as a result the economy flourished.  But after the progressives imposed on us gross tax hikes, the economy petered out, which resulted in poverty and rampant homelessness.

The New Deal brought ruin to the nation, and we are repeating this mistake as our country has become an Obama nation.

In a tax and budget bulletin from the Cato Institute, Chris Edwards concludes (and it is worth quoting in full):

“New Deal interventions were not only bad for the

economy, but favored fat cats over average families. Most

farm subsidies went to major land owners, not small-time

farmers. Required reductions in farm acreage devastated

poor sharecroppers. Efforts to keep farm prices high led to

the destruction of food while millions of families went

hungry. Compulsory unionism led to discrimination

against blacks because it gave monopoly power to union

bosses who often didn’t want them hired. NIRA cartels

prevented entrepreneurs from cutting prices for consumers.

Roosevelt’s strategies of handouts, federal jobs,

subsidized loans, demonizing businesses, and public works

projects in swing states worked well politically. But

economically, Roosevelt and his “brains trust” had no idea

what they were doing. They attempted one failed

intervention after another. The Great Depression was a

disaster, and sadly an avoidable one.”


Read the full text: 


The liberal lie that big government intervention helps the little guy –everyday people — is largely responsible for today’s homeless problem.  At one of the community meals for the homeless and those in need, a kool-aid drinker (popular at Jonestown, Guyana in the 70’s) said that the Republicans are responsible for the homeless problem in Bucks County and added that they take food out of the mouths of children.  Holy disconnect from reality, Batman!

We need to learn from past mistakes, namely progressivism as championed by social engineers such as FDR.  Speaking of engineers, all those hobos who hopped freight trains and camped out at the railroads, and were harassed and even worse, is one of the fruits (Grapes of Wrath) of gross government intervention.

It’s “individual achievement and personal responsibility”, as Rush Limbaugh says, that creates a great nation.

The Veteran’s Memorial is a celebration of our freedom to make choices that not only improves our lot, but can help all American’s pursue the rights of liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We at Gimmee Shelter for the Homeless, a nascent non profit, was to created to give the homeless a chance to improve their lot and pursue their dreams.