Will The Bird No Longer Be The Word?

In my last blog I argued that homelessness does not define your character. There are characters who frequent the homeless and those in need meals who are showing their character. As Winston Churchill said “I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do. Behavior never lies.” 

These characters, for the most part, are not homeless. I didn’t mention more recent behavior by these “needy” people in my blog. At the shared meal Friday night, hosts had to stand in front of the kitchen to keep a small mob from bum rushing the kitchen. These characters just thought they could run into the kitchen to raid it, like the mob that stormed the Bastille, which was the official start of the French Revolution. 

Speaking of French ideas, take the Noble Savage. The Noble Savage is a relativistic philosophy championed by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, where all restraints of civilization or any authority are removed and the self becomes the center of the universe. There are no borders. The characters at the meals are vying for the Jean-Jacques Rousseau award for 2019. 

The next day, at the early afternoon shared meal, a woman, for whom I have yet to coin a nickname, started screaming at a host who simply asked her to get a clean plate when she gets seconds. Evidently, she didn’t think she should play by the rules. I’ve observed her tone of voice often being hostile. She also makes herself a victim. On one occasion, as she grabbed the coffee from a guy who was sitting next to her, asked if he would mind if she could have it, as she started drinking it. Birdman on a small scale.  

Update: I now have a nickname for this woman, a new entry for the Noble Savage award for 2019: “The Wicked Witch Of The West”. She talks a lot like this bad witch in the Wizard of Oz. Maybe I could stifle her by pouring water on her! I can imagine asking one of the hosts at a shared meal for water. I’ll tell the host I need it to tone down the Wicked Witch Of The West.

I also recently learned why there were police cars after the meal. Evidently The Wicked Witch was not allowed on the bus and nobody would drive her so the police drove her to a stop where the homeless bus dropped people off.

Birdman has some stiff competition for the Noble Savage award for 2019!  Birdman is a character who’s been flocking to the meals.  People at meals are getting the word about this infamous bird, who, like a wild animal, comes to the meals armed with pitchers and large bag and goes from table to table trying to swipe whatever he can – food, drinks and other items that are supposed to be for the people at each table and tables where food and drink are set out for all the quests. At one meal, he took the top off the coffee pot and was about to drain the coffee into his container when he was caught. 

Some of us are thinking of playing The Bird is the Word, when Birdman enters a community meal. 


One guest thought he must have descended from a hawk, with the way he quickly, out of nowhere, appears and grabs his prey. To use Navy terminology, I would say he’s a sh**bird. 

At the last meal he raided he started to take eating utensils from the table in front of him, until someone at the table yelled at him and told him the utensils were someone else’s. In spite of being yelled at, he returned to the table, on the prowl for things he could take. People at the table had to keep looking over their shoulder to watch Birdman like the hawk he is. 

When I said something to someone at the table when I walked by right after Birdman tried to take the utensils, a guy at the table snapped “he’s an a-hole” and added that the bird was banned from two of the community meals permanently. 

A few meals ago, Birdman was about to snatch the salt and pepper shakers, but the host stopped him. 

If you sit down at a community meal, you have to set a watch to make sure that Birdman doesn’t take any of your stuff, including food that’s on your table whenever you get up to get a beverage, some food, or go to the restroom. 

Birdman is the quintessential noble savage.  But so are others; his title maybe overthrown!

Most of the folks who go to the community meals, both homeless and those needy with homes, act civilized and show self-restraint. 

Birdman, et al, is a reflection, an example of our rich heritage being turned upside down in an attempt to be replaced by the utopian new world order, which is destroying our society. 


A Word About All Birds

The quintessential Noble Savage, who for a couple long years has been savaging the homeless meals in Bucks County, PA, did not fly north to Doylestown from lower Bucks County as we thought. This comes after he announced his flight north at a homeless meal, during which many of us clapped in applause and gave him a standing ovation. He’s commonly referred to as “Birdman”.  

He even has a theme song, which some of us thought should be played on a big screen at the meal as he makes his entrance:  https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=The+Word+is+the+bird+trashmen+video&view=detail&mid=62E64BD08A680113988862E64BD08A6801139888&FORM=VIRE 

One theory as to why Birdman did not fly north is that he ate too much food from the homeless meals and couldn’t get off the ground to fly. I don’t buy this theory. Birdman is quite skinny, although he takes a large plunder of food home after the meals. Maybe he has an imaginary army of birds he’s feeding. Maybe Alfred Hitchcock’s birds.  I don’t know.  

Maybe Birdman stayed in lower Bucks County to compete for the award for Noble Savage of The Year. There are a few individuals who attend the meals who have been giving Birdman some stiff competition, such as Piglet and Morticia Addams. These competitors are certainly lesser examples of The Noble Savage, but their modus operandi is different. Piglet hustles her way to make sure she is first in line when there is a line, by hook or crook. Last night, like a bulldozer, she crashed through a woman’s walker that was sticking out between the rows of tables, not blocking people walking by but she did not leave enough room for Piglet’s cart she pulled as she worked her way back to find a table. Morticia collects different food and other items and sneaks them off, one by one, from the meal.  

I think it’s time for a woman to get the award for Noble Savage. The Bucks liberal establishment should intervene, and in fairness, pick a female winner, whether she earned it or not.  

The Noble Savage has not just appeared at the homeless meals. Some can be found at the public libraries in lower Bucks County. A little while ago in the library I’m writing from a guy using one of the library computers blasted “music” that spewed out of his earphones. He rocked back and forth and gyrated, banged on the table and himself and at one point started spewing out the gibberish he evidently was listening to. Finally, a librarian told him it was too loud and asked him to turn it down.  

This guy wasn’t the only savage at the library today. Kids were running around like savages and screaming, definitely not disciplined by parents or guardians. That was tolerated by library staff. Maybe the library system will hold a Noble Savage contest. 

We are in a cultural war. My side of the war has been making headway. We’re recovering after having become an Obama Nation. President Trump fired some direct hits in his State of The Union speech, echoing the hearts and minds of the people who want to return to our Christian and constitutional heritage. 

These examples of The Noble Savage in lower Bucks County reflect the cultural war: 


Why’s Everybody Always Pickin’ On Me?

A bird has been getting into the community meals for the homeless and those in need in Bucks County, PA. It has not only been eating the food and beverages there, but has been flying off with some grub to take back to its nest. Must have a big family with all the food and drink it takes home.

At the meals, someone once asked “what is that?” when this creature walked by with large bags. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it’s Birdman! Faster than a speeding bullet, more gall than a telemarketer, able to take off with a ton of food and drink at one meal in a single bound.  Image result for a popinjay


The hosts at the Friday night’s community meal kept an eye on this bird. Rather than directly draining the beverage containers into his containers, last night he made trips to his table with cups of beverages, two or three at a time. He went into the kitchen a few times to beg for more hoagies, unsuccessfully.

When the guests came into the dining area, the hosts gave them a bag of chips or Fritos. Birdman, who was behind me, asked how many he could have. The host said one. I turned around and told the host “better watch that guy, he’ll take the whole box.”

As the hosts were cleaning up, I told one of them to watch Birdman because he likes to take the salt and pepper shakers home. “I already yelled at him about that,” the host replied. This old bird, about 70, acts like a childish brat. My daughter was better behaved than Birdman when she was two-years old!

As the guests were getting ready to leave and the hosts were ready to take back the remaining bottles of drink back to the kitchen, Birdman bum-rushed the table. As he was ready to snatch the bottles, as host to him to stop and said the church needs what’s there for an upcoming event. “What’s your problem?”, Birdman snapped, “I’m just getting a drink!” He tone was insolent, hostile.

He returned to his seat and started packing up and said to Queen Nora, who joined him “they treat me like dirt!” I was tempted to respond “that’s because you are dirt,” but I bit my tongue. I’ve been trying to control my tongue. He’s angry because he didn’t get his way. He is a dirty bird, or to use Navy terminology, a sh**bird. Like Charley Brown, he wonders why everybody is picking on him!


Birdman and Queen Nora make a very dysfunctional couple.

Birdman is the quintessential noble savage. The noble savage is a relativistic philosophy championed by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, where all restraints of civilization or any authority are removed and the self becomes the center of the universe. There are no borders.

Most of the folks who go to the community meals, both homeless and those needy with homes, act civilized and show self-restraint.

Birdman’s behavior comes down to selfishness. He could care less about taking drinks designated for an event to others. When the host told him that, I don’t think it even registered, as there is no world outside himself, except for him to selfishly grab all its gusto.

The host was nice enough to graciously provide for others. There was plenty to eat for everyone. Nobody should go away hungry!

I’m glad that Birdman’s behavior was challenged individually and not the group. Birdman is not homeless, but he exhibits the stereotypical way that some people falsely believe homeless people are. Your status, situation in life does not define your behavior.

After hearing Birdman cry out that he’s treated like dirt, I started thinking that this is an ingredient to make a deranged, angry mass shooter. Maybe we need to keep an eye on him, and not just for looting the meals! This anger, feeling he’s a victim who is being picked on could build up and these captive thoughts translate into action. I hope not.

Modern thinking would label Birdman as being “mentally ill” as being “mad”.

Mad or just bad? http://www.nouthetic.org/images/pdf/Mad_or_Bad.pdf

In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets“. -Matthew 7:12

Birdman’s theme song (to be played when he enters a community meal) https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=The+Bird+is+the+word&qpvt=The+Bird+is+the+word&FORM=VDRE


The Bird Is The Word!

“Well everybody’s heard about the bird!

The bird bird bird, the bird is the word!…”


There’s a character who’s been flocking to the community meals for the homeless and needy in Bucks County, PA known as “Birdman.” People at meals are getting the word about this infamous bird, who, like a wild animal, comes to the meals armed with pitchers and large bag and goes from table to table trying to swipe whatever he can – food, drinks and other items that are supposed to be for the people at each table and tables where food and drink are set out for all the quests. At one meal, he took the top off the coffee pot and was about to drain the coffee into his container when he was caught.

Some of us are thinking of playing The Bird is the Word, when Birdman enters a community meal. It will be his theme song.  Image result for popinjay

One guest thought he must have descended from a hawk, with the way he quickly, out of nowhere, appears and grabs his prey. To use Navy terminology, I would say he’s a sh**bird.

At the last meal he raided he started to take eating utensils from the table in front of him, until someone at the table yelled at him and told him the utensils were someone else’s. In spite of being yelled at, he returned to the table, on the prowl for things he could take. People at the table had to keep looking over their shoulder to watch Birdman like the hawk he is.

When I said something to someone at the table when I walked by right after Birdman tried to take the utensils, a guy at the table snapped “he’s an a-hole” and added that the bird was banned from two of the community meals permanently.

A few meals ago, Birdman was about to snatch the salt and pepper shakers, but the host stopped him.

If you sit down at a community meal, you have to set a watch to make sure that Birdman doesn’t take any of your stuff, including food that’s on your table whenever you get up to get a beverage, some food, or go to the restroom.

Birdman is the quintessential noble savage. The noble savage is a relativistic philosophy championed by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, where all restraints of civilization or any authority are removed and the self becomes the center of the universe. There are no borders.

Most of the folks who go to the community meals, both homeless and those needy with homes, act civilized and show self restraint.

Birdman is a reflection, an example of our rich heritage being turned upside down in an attempt to be replaced by the utopian new world order, which is destroying our society.


The Homeless Are Not The Problem

Dems and their comrades in the fake news media think letting unvetted refugees and illegal immigrants into our country is noble, while they work to keep our own homeless people out of the neighborhood, as if they were lepers.

The problem is not the homeless; the homeless are a symptom of a cultural problem.

For the past several decades, the US has been engaged in a cultural war. It’s a war about God – about what’s right against the godless, who think wrong is right. For the left in this country, there are no moral taboos. It will do anything to accomplish its goals; the ends justifies the means.

For the left, homosexuality isn’t just OK, but they praise it – so much that they go to great lengths to punish people who don’t embrace this sin. But reading the Bible and prayer in school isn’t cool.

The 50s were a time of stability, low crime, a crime when families stayed and prayed together, people weren’t wacked out on drugs the way they are today. People respected their neighbor and their kin. They would not show up on court TV to fight their sisters, their brothers, their mothers… You didn’t need DNA tests to find out who your father was.

My granduncle ran a wholesale toy store in Philadelphia through the 50s and into the 60s where, when he made a business deal, all that was needed to seal the deal was a handshake, which was a businessman’s bond. Not so today.

What happened?

One thing is the failure of the church in America. Many churches stopped teaching the Word of God as gospel, but subject to the whims of human desire. Anything in the Bible that they thought would cramp their style was ignored. Some churches even conduct same sex marriages!

Along came Woodstock in 1969, where the Noble Savage was celebrated. For those of you in Doylestown, the Noble Savage is someone who throws off the restraints of civilization and  lets loose his base, savage nature. In other words, is borderless. “Generation X” is so named to denote a generation that has lost its moral compass – that anything goes.

Following close behind came the 70’s, which author Tom Wolfe coined “The Me Decade.” One of his examples was feminists, who talk about “my” baby, which is only hers and can consequently do anything she wants with it, “my career”, etc.

Enter  Roe v. Wade in 1973, where murdering babies just because it cramped a woman’s style became legal. Today, Planned Parenthood not only cuts a child’s life short, but, like the “noble savages” they are, harvests body parts.

Human life is no longer sacred. People no longer have intrinsic value, made in the image of God who breathed life into them.  Their value is determined by who they are and what they can do. So it should be no surprise, although disgusting, that the homeless are devalued in our society. Just as people who, when asked, say they support traditional marriage are attacked, caring people who reach out to help the homeless are met, figuratively, with torches and pitchforks.

The principle that humans have intrinsic value, by some, is not considered a self evident truth. People who should speak out for the homeless having value just go along to get along and view the homeless as a threat to their personal peace and prosperity. The Salvation Army Levittown PA Community center is an example. During a conversation I had with another volunteer there, The Countess of Carlisle (not her real name), in public relations butted into the conversation and defended the campaign to constructively rid the public library of the homeless.  Her argument? The Countess declared that some people who visit the library don’t like the homeless being there. And this is from an official who represents a Christian organization that had historically reached out and showed God’s love to give the down and out a loving hand up to help restore them to the way God originally made them.

Lines about the Salvation Army’s PR gal’s namesake: “In 1838, Lady Carlisle articulated a negative opinion of Charles Dickens, who was then emerging as a successful author. ‘I know there are such unfortunate beings as pickpockets and streetwalkers. I am very sorry for it and am very much shocked at their mode of life, but I own I do not much wish to hear what they say to one another’, she said.”

At the February 13 meeting held at the Church of The Nazarene in Burlington Township, New Jersey to address the concerns of neighbors to a proposed housing complex for the homeless, the neighbors went on the attack, charging the Citizens Serving the Homeless of endangering the community. Members of the audience ranted that the druggies (they were begging the question) would cause problems in their neighborhood, threaten and harass people, and cause drug related problems, such as tying up emergency services.

It’s funny that people think the homeless have a monopoly on drug abuse. Headline on Levittownnow.com: “Judge Calls Family Man Turned Robber A ‘Pill-Popping Junkie’ “.  The guy isn’t homeless, and in fact was doing fairly well financially. He only resorted to robbery because he wanted to hide his besetting sin from his family. http://levittownnow.com/2017/03/01/judge-calls-family-man-turned-robber-pill-popping-junkie/

The Citizens Serving the Homeless will screen those who would be living in the community. https://burlingtontownshipsun.com/nonprofit-seeks-to-build-homeless-housing-in-burlington-township-c1881e031a3d#.n5ntx4nhb

They are on the right side of the cultural war, which, with God’s help and guidance, we are starting to win.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

2 Chronicles 7:14

One Way or Another

One way or another I’m gonna find ya
I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha…

-Lyrics from Blondie’s One Way or Another

Well, the authorities found Tyrannosaurus Rex, the homeless drunk who had been on the run for weeks after having knocked another guest to the ground in an unprovoked attack at a community meal for the homeless and those in need. He now is contained in the jail in Bucks County, PA.

For some strange reason, not everyone is happy about the capture of T-Rex. They evidently don’t want to close down Jurassic Park, but still  ask, in the words of Rodney King, “why can’t we all just get along?”


When one of the victims of T-Rex’s attacks came to a community meal after T-Rex was rounded up, he was greeted with dirty looks.

Despite T-Rex running rampant, lunging at other guests at community meals, disturbing their dinner and risking harm, which actually happened, some people still think that dinosaurs and people can peacefully coexist.

Who will tame the savage beast? 

I’m a great believer that people, no matter have far they’ve fallen, can be redeemed. After my behavior was on a downward spiral, having fallen into a black hole, I finally hit the ground and turned around. God rescued me and pulled me out of the pit of despair, and has been directing my paths. I sometimes stray and sometimes forget who I am and have to be reminded and have God set me straight.

A counselor at an inpatient treatment center, where I visited a friend with an alcohol abuse problem, told the guests visiting their loved ones to establish rules, set boundaries, but to never condemn them.

We all have a beast inside us. Christians are sinners saved by grace – that is that we are forgiven by God and made right through Jesus’ death on the cross. The concept of The Noble Savage, where the restraints of civilization are removed, creates chaos, which we’ve witnessed in barbaric protests from savages who don’t like the results of the recent election. People are not inherently good.


There is something inside us that tells us to not just do what we feel like doing, that something is wrong. This comes from God.

T Rex and his sidekick, as word in the homeless community has it, harassed a disabled person, who was defenseless. Sometime after that, someone took the poles out of the sidekick’s, who is still at large, tent, flattened it and took the poles.

People in the homeless community, who don’t like snitches, are starting to see T-Rex and his sidekick for the monsters they are. They are having second thoughts about keeping Jurassic Park open.

An aid for The Advocates for the Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN) who didn’t really know T-Rex, and AHTN  are finally starting to see T-Rex for what he is.

People can change, if they are willing to. Maybe with his extended time out, T-Rex will have a chance to think about what he’s been doing. The victim wants to see T-Rex straighten out – to get help. Help is out there, but you have to want to help yourself. The first step is to admit you have a problem and that you need help.

Recognizing your problem takes longer for some people than others. A guy with a drug problem who used to go to the community meals, as a relative told me, finally started to get his act together. Awhile back, one of the hosts ministered to the man, who was out of sorts. During the meal, he occasionally stuttered that he needs to get treatment. He got it. The rehab is going well. He has a job.

When I was visiting the friend at a treatment center in Bucks County, I ran into this guy. He said that he understood the seriousness of his problem then and followed through on committing himself to getting straight.

This is an example of people that can be worked with. The only thing that can done for incorrigible people such as T-Rex, who is repeatedly drunk and disorderly, is to have them arrested. Maybe someday T-Rex and others with chronic social problems will come around.

A Song of degrees. I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.

-Psalm 121:1

The Noble Savage

I try to look at the good at the Levittown branch of the Bucks County Free Library System in Levittown, PA, but the unwarranted singling out of homeless people is a dark secret Bucks County is trying to hide.

The Good:

The chair yoga program is tops.  I’ve been able to breathe better and loosen up.  After one class, I felt like the Tin Man after getting a gallon of lubricant while feeling strong. I’ve even been able to clear my lungs and throat somewhat as my breathing was a little labored because of a cough and runny nose, possibly early signs of bronchitis. The computers, from which you can print, are good. Most of the staff is friendly and very helpful.

There is also a drop in program so people can get help with their laptops.


Since I’ve been exposing the library’s dark secret, the librarian has been backing off the homeless, but it’s still there.

In the past, problem people, who happen to be homeless, have been punished, except for two pets of Christine from the Advocates for the Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN), who were caught having sex at the old homeless bus stop. The library punished the whole group by removing the bus stop, leaving the concrete strip with a sign “Emergency Assembly Area”, and the homeless have to catch the bus in the middle of the parking lot.

Yesterday, a few people at the computers were talking quietly for a few minutes and a rude, loud mouth started screaming at people, starting with something like “shut up; this is a library.”  When someone asked him to be more polite about it, he went ballistic, and started using the F-word frequently. One guy walked over and told him to knock it off, especially because there are children around. The conversation got heated between Loud Mouth and others. One guy asked loud mouth to go outside, a few times, and the security guy asked him stop and let him handle it.

A lady approached the fowl loud mouth and told him he shouldn’t be cursing around her kids.

The guy who asked Loud Mouth repeatedly to go  outside was banned from the library for a week.   When I walked in with him to talk to Pat, the head librarian, she confirmed the ban, and she mentioned that he had cursed before. I told her that he was not cursing yesterday; Loud Mouth was the only one cursing. I may just as well have been talking to the wall.  It’s hard to have an intelligent, two way discussion with a robot. Pat just needed an excuse to oppress a homeless person.

The security guy said the problem was that the guy did not adhere to him telling him repeatedly to back off. He said that Loud Mouth was banned for a much longer time than the guy who confronted him.

I understand that when a library patron doesn’t comply with security’s orders that the problem can escalate, and that the guy had cursed before and that this was cumulative, but I still think the punishment was too much. The guy should have backed off right away, but he did back off. Loud Mouth was really out of control and he was aggravating everybody, and the guy who confronted him did cool down.

I believe the librarian’s prejudice against the homeless and her liberal punish everyone group think mentality influenced her decision.

Soccer moms bring kids who incessantly scream in the library and this disturbs other library patrons much more than the guy who confronted Loud Mouth, yet she says nothing to them.

There is a double standard at the library:

  • On several occasions Pat walked past some screaming kids and then went by them five minutes later. They were still screaming and she didn’t even say anything to them. Completely oblivious.
  • There are two brothers who regularly visit the Levittown library who can be heard, loudly, literally throughout the library, almost non stop. They also get a free pass.
  • Some time ago, when I briefly and quietly talked with a homeless man, Pat stormed out of the office and stammered “this conversation is getting heated, you better…”  I confronted her. After she walked away, I muttered “she’s an A-hole.”  One of the librarians smugly said “are you leaving?”  “No”, I replied. I went over to the computer to look up directions for a community dinner I was about to take a frail, homeless woman to. Pat said I had to leave after I looked up the directions. When I went to the area where the woman and other homeless people sat, a librarian Augustly said “are you leaving?”  I explained I was waiting for my friend, who is slow to get up. “You have to leave now,” Pat demanded.  “Excuse me”, I said, “I don’t say ‘how high?’ when you say ‘jump.'” I confronted her about harassing the homeless and the double standard with the bratty kids. She must think that denial is a river in Egypt. She threatened to call the police. As we exited stage left, Pat held the phone to her ear, eyeballing us until we went out the door, to intimidate us.

There are problems at the library and the surrounding area, including the woods by the library where until recently the homeless stayed. As has been the case at the Veteran’s Memorial, it’s mainly the druggies who get kicked out of local recovery houses and end up homeless who cause problems at the library.  Recently, a druggie was found in the men’s room doing drugs, and, rightly so, was held accountable for his actions.

It was the druggies who precipitated the recent raid on the homeless in the woods. The Chief Bucks County Ranger told me there were complaints of drug use, with syringes as evidence, and there were warrants against people believed to be in the woods by the Levittown library

About a year and 1/2 ago, a druggie who lived in the woods by the library was brought to justice for stealing items from the library and for other crimes.

There were some incidents of certain members of the homeless community who engaged in altercations with one another, fighting, and being drunk and disorderly. But that was readily taken care of.

Several months ago, a friend overheard someone at a library meeting say something to the effect “What are we going to do about the question people have about the homeless making the library their hangout?”

“Pat’s (head librarian) taking care of that,” the speaker replied.

To Pat’s credit, she has been backing off, but this recent event hints of the Empire Striking Back. Treating the homeless with more respect is due to holding the library accountable, education about the homeless, and the realization that there are homeless who visit the library who use it property. Some of them read books, look for jobs and do other productive things.  

The Levittown Public Library is a microcosm of today’s society. There is much anger, which often gets out of control, anxiety, depression, and, as evidenced especially in the last two presidential elections, delusional disorders. People today don’t discipline their kids. The preschool my daughter attended taught the children the difference between an indoor voice and an outdoor voice. Many of the brats who enter the library don’t subscribe to this philosophy. The parents evidently instill in them the Noble Savage philosophy, where you just let it all hang out without the restraints of civilization, which they must have learned at Woodstock.


It’s not civilization that corrupts. On the contrary, it’s our “natural” sinful nature that causes us to erupt in anger, as was the case at the library yesterday. I for one, have gone to God with whom I submitted to have him mold me to be a more civilized person.

To stop the drama at places such as the Levittown public library, we need to change people from the inside, including myself.

Galatians 5:22-23:

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

To Serve God

In my last blog, I focused on how people who allegedly serve others, serve themselves, like the Kanamits in an episode of the Twilight Zone.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To_Serve_Man_(The_Twilight_Zone) 

Today I will focus on serving God, which by doing so, you serve others.

  • Out of compassion, you genuinely care for people and make sacrifices to help the needy.  Like Christ, you show agape love — love which expects nothing in return.  Develop relationships with the people you serve and focus on what’s best for them.

“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.”

2nd Corinthians 5:20

Except for the one host I mentioned at the Salvation Army Community center, Levittown, PA, who often hosts the community meals, the hosts at the meals have been gracious to their homeless and needy guests.  They have been developing relationships with the guests; they know each other by first names.

A woman from one church that provides community meals remarked, during a conversation she had with a few of us after we finished eating, “we are a small church; I wish we could do more.”  I told her that they have done a lot.  They not only give out small care packages at the meals, but they make their guests feel at home.  They accept them unconditionally and help them sort out their problems.

That church is the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church in Newtown, PA.  This is the same denomination where that evil man gunned down people, in Charlestown, SC.  People associated with this church didn’t vent anger by attacking white people or ranting and raving that Confederate flags be banned. Instead, they were forgiving and continued to serve God.

In a Christian blog about progressivism versus Christianity, the writer said that we are actually born liberals —  because we, as my daughter’s preschool teacher told the kids, are born with “a dirty heart”.  In order to practice true, genuine tolerance, Jesus has to change us from the inside.  Because someone is unregenerate (heart not changed by God), he cannot do this.  Instead of addressing the problem of human character flaws, outside circumstances need to be manipulated.

Gun control is a perfect example.  Liberals think that if we take away people’s guns, then we will have peace.  Wrong!

When I first thought about the AME abbreviation, African Methodist Episcopal, I thought that maybe this was an Afro-centric church, and that they, like that certain Salvation Army woman, favors black people.  I went on the church’s website and discovered this was not the case.  The AME church was formed because at one time blacks were not allowed to be ministers, so they formed the African Methodist Episcopal church.

My experience with the AME church is that they genuinely welcome everybody.  I have gone to their church twice.  On my first visit I was one of two visitors.  The pastor welcomed us during the service and asked us to introduce ourselves and to say a few words.  I took communion for the first time in years, as now I was in a real church.

I was hesitant, as my dirty heart needed cleaning.  On my knees, I asked God to help me.  Several men prayed with me.  After the service, a man gave me his phone number.

The last sermon, which I heard on Sunday, was about following God’s path.

Psalm 1:1-6 NKJV

The Way of the Righteous and the End of the Ungodly

1 Blessed is the man
Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,
Nor stands in the path of sinners,
Nor sits in the seat of the scornful;
2 But his delight is in the law of the Lord,
And in His law he meditates day and night.
3 He shall be like a tree
Planted by the rivers of water,
That brings forth its fruit in its season,
Whose leaf also shall not wither;
And whatever he does shall prosper.

4 The ungodly are not so,
But are like the chaff which the wind drives away.
5 Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment,
Nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.

6 For the Lord knows the way of the righteous,
But the way of the ungodly shall perish.

The pastor preached about taking the right path when you come to a fork in the road.  He admonished the congregation that when you come to a fork in the road, follow God.  The pastor warned that if you don’t follow the way of the Lord, you are headed for destruction.  He quoted an old popular song that said that you should just act naturally, that is, act on impulses.  The pastor admonished the congregation not to take this path.

We are born in sin, depraved, and we need to learn to walk in God’s ways.  This doesn’t come naturally.  Christians shouldn’t succumb to un-Godly behavior.  The theory of the Noble Savage, put into practice, leads to destruction.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noble_savage

Addictions and other character flaws can be overcome by tapping into God’s grace.  If your roots are in the Lord, you can overcome your problems, even what is called “mental illness”.  That is unless the cause is organic.  God wrote the book on human behavior, and he knows what’s best for us.

There is a group that meets in lower Bucks County, twice a week, two different locations, that applies Biblical principles to the original 12 step program, created to help alcoholics.  This program helps participants get to the root of this and other addictions and problems, such as anger, resentment and drug misuse.   http://www.12stepjourney.com/

Jesus said he is the way, the truth, and the light.  We shall overcome!

You Won’t Like Me Like That II

In the first part of “You Won’t Like Me Like That, I related a tale about one of my homeless friends in lower Bucks County, PA who, when he drinks booze, turns into a monster, similar to the Incredible Hulk.

It’s not the alcohol that inherently creates monsters and ruins lives, but a deep seated character flaw that it brought out by the booze.  Alcohol is just a catalyst.

“Oz didn’t give nothing to the Tin Man

That he didn’t, didn’t already have”

–Lyrics from Tin Man, from the 1974 song by America

Getting drunk is just one way the monster in us comes out — comes alive.  Just as Oz didn’t give the Tin Man a heart, because he already had one, alcohol doesn’t give people characteristics associated with a drunk.  Meanness, violence, belligerence, boisterousness are not simply a chemical reaction to booze.  It is a manifestation of the deprave nature of human beings.

Dr. Jekyll didn’t become Mr. Hyde simply as a result of a chemical reaction.   The novella is entitled The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but although Mr. Hyde’s evil, bizarre behavior seems puzzling, it really is not all that strange, not hard to figure out.  It’s simply our dark side.  Brought up a Calvinist, I was taught about the “Total Depravity of Man”, the “T” in John Calvin’s TULIP acronym.  Agents such as alcohol, drugs/chemicals just bring this nature to the surface.

People can act as crazy, wrongly, without booze or drugs.  I’ve found that I don’t need any substances to bring out the monster in me.

The concept of The Noble Savage contradicts the view of the inherent evil nature in humans.  The Noble Savage view rejects the civilizing effects of society (Dr. Jekyll) — it strips human nature down to it’s animalistic state.  Those who subscribe to the Noble Savage view see civilization as corrupting what they see as an idealistic, “other” state.  The Noble Savage symbolizes humanity’s innate goodness.

The phrase “Noble Savage” came to be associated with an idealized picture of “nature’s gentleman,” an aspect of 18th century sentimentalism.  Charles Dickens knocked the idea of the Noble Savage.  He used the term sarcastically to disassociate himself with the sentimental slop of 18th and early 19th century romantic primitivism.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noble_savage

In short, the Noble Savage view is based on feelings rather than absolute truth and principles.  Recently, Rush Limbaugh, the burly talk show host, announced that he was “thin”, to mock the view that reality is what we think it should be.

The monster in us needs to be conquered.

I had an opportunity to be a drug counselor when I worked part time at a methadone clinic when I was a student.  After work one night, a counselor sat down with me at the bar next door and went over some material and talked with me about the art of counseling.  I had a problem with the ideas he presented, such as the idea that we aren’t inherently all that bad.  The material we read knocked Calvin’s concept of the total depravity of man.  Instead, the upshot was, we need to feel good about ourselves and don’t have to admit our flaws and deal with them.

In contrast, in the 12 Steps Journey program I’m in, the first step to recovery is to admit that nothing good lives in me, and that we need God to properly manage our lives. http://12stepjourney.com/.

There’s a homeless drug addict in the homeless circle I travel who wears a shirt that boldly reads “MONSTER”.  Actually, it’s a Monster Drink shirt, not a notice to others that he is a monster.  In reality, we don’t see the monster in people, as depicted in the 1988 science fiction movie They Live.  In the movie, Nada (Roddy Piper) doesn’t see the humanoid aliens with skull-like faces until he puts on a pair of special sunglasses that he finds.

Rather than looking at the world through the rose colored glasses of the Noble Savage, we need to see ourselves for the monsters we can be.  Noble Savage is an oxymoron.

There is hope, even for the homeless.  A good way to deal with problems is through industry.  We at Gimmee Shelter for the Homeless have a plan to supply the homeless with the property, tools and materials to develop and homestead it, modeled on the Homestead Act of 1882.     http://www.historynet.com/homestead-act

Read all about our organization:  http://www.timespub.com/2015/04/30/working-for-a-place-to-stay/#more-45529http://www.timespub.com/2015/04/30/working-for-a-place-to-stay/#more-45529

Howl Do We Get Here?

“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of the night…”

— Allen Ginsberg

Where has this line of thinking found in Ginsberg’s classic beat poem Howl, written in 1955, taken us today?  Beat poets such as Allen Ginsberg, and the beat generation, were searching, pushing the envelope for meaning.  These non conformists raged against materialism and exposed the dark side of the human condition, while escaping through drugs and sexual experimentation.  They challenged tradition.

In a PBS documentary on the singing group Peter, Paul and Mary, Mary was asked if she could relate to the Beatniks.  “No,”  she said.  Mary had a problem that they don’t bathe or work, etc.  The only thing in common she had with them is that she was a rebel, challenging established traditions.

Some ideas of the Beat movement were incorporated into the hippie culture and counterculture movements in the 60’s.   In fact, Allen Ginsberg’s writings became an integral part of the early 60’s hippie culture.   This mushroomed into a purple haze at Woodstock in 1969, which was the epitome of the idea of The Noble Savage, where the restraints of civilized society were severedThis literary stock character, who first appeared in the 17th century, symbolized humanity’s innate goodness — that people are basically good by their own nature.


Although the counter culture addressed some legitimate problems, such as materialism and racism, said evangelist Francis Schaeffer, their so called solutions put them a step lower than the society they challenged.  They seemed to throw out some good things; they threw out the baby with the bath water, when they took a bath.

In the early 70’s, drugs entered the quiet suburbs and soon began to run rampant.  So did the materialism and the racism the beatniks and their successors protested against.  Racism is now in a different form, with those who were made whole during the civil rights movement now made victims. As Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said, when people are not held accountable for their behavior, they become animals.

Divorce became common as did the breakdown of the family.  Today’s sitcoms portray family life as a joke.

Homeless people are much the same as others in today’s society.  People may have a physical house, but is it a home?  It takes more than a house to make a home.

The homeless don’t have all the distractions, the bells and whistles that others have.  Although living in a primitive state, they don’t have to act like savages, which is not noble.  Like the characters in John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath, many of them have drawn close to help one another.

Being homeless is tough, and some homeless people escape through drugs or alcohol, which does not resolve their problem.  Contrary to the philosophy of the Noble Savage, people do not have an innate goodness.  As the Edward G Robinson character said in the 1973 movie Soylent Green, “people have always been rotten.”   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soylent_Green

The Biblical idea that people are innately deprave is key to the first step in the 12 Step Journey program, which taps into the scriptural source of the original 12 step program started by AA to help people overcome their addictions and better manage their lives.  http://12stepjourney.com/

This 12 step program will help restore people to sanity, so they aren’t destroyed by madness.

Homeless people need to have their physical needs, as well as their spiritual, social needs met.  In lower Bucks County, PA, shelter is the biggest need amongst the homeless.  For the longest time, our country has been helping other countries meet their needs as a result of Christian charity.  But there are many needs for our fellow American’s right here at home.

If you wish to practice Christian charity, please go to our crowdfunding site http://www.gofundme.com/lq6sfc  You have the option to wait and skip the ad.