PA Governor Big Bad Wolf Attacks Another Windmill

Here comes the big bad Pennsylvania Governor Wolf to save the day, again! This tax and spend Democrat promised action on their mental health, but doesn’t know how he’s going to fund it. Yea, right, I’m sure the Big Bad Wolf will find a way, even if he has to huff and puff and blow your house down to get your attention!  Evidently, Big Bad believes you have to be prodded by big government to address the state of your mind, your issues. Wolf is at his opioid command center, up in his Ivory Tower, to come up with a scheme to find another way to soak the taxpayer. This wisdom comes, evidently, from The Land Of The Lotus Eaters! 

In Pennsylvania, former governor Tom Corbitt wisely cut the fat by defunding the mental health hustling industry, just as he permitted drilling for fuel on state lands to provide jobs, needed affordable fuel and some of the proceeds to go into the tax coffer to be used to fund needed things and give the taxpayer a break. The Big Bad Wolf blew that house down and saved the day to save the environment! 

In southern Bucks County, PA, a few years back the mental health hustling program, where “recruiters” reached out to homeless people, with their a priori knowledge that in order to get housing, the homeless need mental health services, which they feel the homeless don’t know. They think they know better than us mortals! 

Funding woes hurt homeless, read a headline in The Courier Times a while back. Actually, it is the mixing of mental health services with housing for the homeless that hurts the homeless. “And when county departments divide these funds among different local initiatives” said Donna Duffy-Bell, administrator of the Bucks County Department of Health…, “more money sometimes goes towards more visible priorities, like opioid addiction, rather than hidden ones like homelessness” the article continues. 

Big Bad Wolf recently held a meeting of his knights in shining armor at the Round Table.  He and his philosopher kings are going to figure out how to plan their schemes.  The listening phase of the scheme has not been planned.  There’s no need to listen; if Big Bad Wolf wants your opinion, he’ll tell you what it is! 

The church, not secular psychiatry/psychology should fill this void in mental health programming by getting even more involved in helping people with problems. 

As to the defunding of mental health hustling in Bucks County, another parody from the They’re Coming to Take Me Away Band: 

Don’t Think Freely (parody of Buck Owen’s Act Naturally) 

Well, they’re going to put me in the nuthouse 

They want to make a monkey out of me 

They’re going to put me in the nuthouse 

And all they have to do 

Is round up me 


Well, they are going have to chase me real far 

They’re going to hunt me and they can’t really tell 

If I really need to be in the nuthouse 

They expect me to play the part for them real well 


I hope you’ll come and see me in the nuthouse 

Maybe you can slip me a file in some cake 

I hope you’ll come and see me in the nuthouse 

Where I’m all doped up and can’t think freely 


They want to put me in the nuthouse 

That’s because they don’t think I am OK 

Well the only reason I am in the nuthouse 

Is that I’m homeless in Bucks County PA 


Well, they are going have to chase me real far 

They’re going to hunt me and they can’t really tell 

If I really need to be in the nuthouse 

They expect me to play the part for them real well 


I’ll be a homeless collection in the nuthouse 

From the state they want to collect their precious bounty 

I’ll be a monkey caged there in the nuthouse 

Where I’m all doped up and can’t think freely 


They want to put me in the nuthouse 

That’s because they don’t think I am OK 

Well the only reason I am in the nuthouse 

Is that I’m homeless in Bucks County PA 

Is that I’m homeless in Bucks County PA 


Dupe-dupe a looney Dupe-dup a looney Dupe-dupe a looney… 

They’re coming to take me away ah-hah he-he ah-hah ah-hah he-he ah-hah he-he… 

To learn more about the homeless in Bucks County, including the role of the mental health hustlers and the church, read: 

Justice For The Environment?

Quick Signature Needed: Don’t let Trump block Environmental Justice (No subject) 



Low-income and communities of color are on the front lines of pollution and climate change. 

I just received another email from the League of Conservation Voters, sounding the alarm for environmental justice. This is like social justice, but when you seek justice for the environment, your constituents are rocks and trees. These libs can rest assure that they speak for their constituents – they know what they want and they will never disagree with them.

So black and poor people are at risk because President Trump plans to cut the fat and the crap from the EPA and foster good stewardship of the earth more efficiently? I don’t think so.

On the contrary, poor people, including blacks, and the homeless have been hurt by the bloated bureaucracy with its onerous regulations and overpriced alleged public servants, who actually serve the special interest pseudo environmentalists by underwriting their junk science. The EPA’s Green Gestapos punish landowners who fill in standing water because they say they are destroying wetlands. By filling in big mud puddles, they believe the landowners are closing migrant birds’ rest stops. They are also destroying mosquito habitat, which may help limit human population growth.

Recently, the Green Gestapos harassed some folks who lit a campfire out in the boonies of Alaska. It’s good they didn’t bring along their dogs, because they would make the yellow snow and attract trappers, which would endanger wildlife.

I guess rocks and trees lives matter.

Big government, social engineering has hurt the little guy, including blacks. Below is a commentary about how FDR’s New Raw Deal hurt the poor and blacks:

An example of government intrusion hurting the economy and therefore creating more homelessness is Pennsylvania Governor “Big Bad” Wolf banning drilling for oil and gas in state parks and forests. A local state representative, The Bimbo of Bucks County, aka State Representative Tina Davis admitted that the drilling creates jobs, and former PA Governor Tom Corbett added that the revenue from the leases would put more money in tax coffers, but the Wolf and the Bimbo said that protecting the environment trumps the economy. They never explained how banning drilling protects the environment. “Environmentalists” espouse the false choice between the economy and protecting the environment.

Here’s the skinny on cutting the fat and the crap from the EPA:

“The highest heavens belong to the Lord, but the earth He has given to men.” Psalm 115:16

From Whence Comes My Help?

In Mel Brooks’ Silent Movie, the executives at Engulf & Devour bowed at the altar of the dollar, an idol set in a golden background, reverently saying (sic) “Oh mighty dollar, we worship you; without thee we would be in the crapper!”

Jesus said the root of all evil is the love of money.

In my last blog I quoted Expedia that the disease theory, which is espoused by the state of Pennsylvania and the professional addiction treatment centers, “exists only to benefit the professionals’ and governmental agencies responsible for providing recovery services, and the disease model has not offered a solution for those attempting to stop abusive alcohol and drug use.”

Like Engulf & Devour, PA Governor Big Bad Wolf is ramping up funds to fight the drug epidemic. With all the money already confiscated and dumped into drug and alcohol programs, the problem continues to mushroom. Caring organizations such as churches, that host 12 Step Programs to help people overcome their besetting sin are competing with the state, which engulfs and devours our money in order to gain an unfair advantage and have a monopoly.

Although I don’t exactly commend drug pushers – they are part of the problem – it’s the users who keep the drug industry going. Without customers, there would be no drug lords. Think of the logic behind calling drug and alcohol abuse a disease. You make users victims. It’s as if drug pushers were Pied Pipers who cast a magical spell where druggies are pulled by magic magnets into street corners where they were forced to do drugs.

There was an episode on the 70s comedy series Good Times, when JJ, the oldest, and the younger kids got busted for having a wild party when the parents weren’t home. JJ explained that some people “broke in and forced us to party with them.” This is a joke, but to say that drug abusers are not responsible for their behavior is analogous to JJ’s thesis and just as laughable.

Why do drugs? Humans need something to make sense of the world and to find peace in life’s storms. As the preacher said in this past Sunday’s sermon, some people eat excessively to find satisfaction, some shop to feel good. There are many ways people try to find shelter and help. But Jesus is the answer. He moves in unexpected ways.

In Silent Movie, the movie director  Engulf & Devour tried to swallow up, who had a problem with alcohol and whose career was floundering, wandered in the streets and saw a gigantic bottle of booze above him, lit up like a neon sign. Handel’s Messiah (Lord of Lord and King of Kings) played as the Mel Brooks’ character gazed in awe.

In the movie, a big movie producer hired a bimbo, as it said on the check they wrote to her “for pretending to be in love with” the small struggling director so he would go back on the bottle, ruin his business, and Engulf & Devour would swallow it up. In the end, things turned out well for the director with a drinking problem.

We too shall overcome. Christians know where their hope is.

I will Lift Up My Eyes to the Hills
“I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; From where shall my help come?  My help comes from the LORD, Who made heaven and earth.  He will not allow your foot to slip; He who keeps you will not slumber.…”

Psalm 121:1-3