Clowns to The Left of Me

They have been out. At homeless meals in Bucks County, PA, at SEPTA’s Jefferson Station —everywhere– to register people to vote. There was a report recently from Philadelphia about the homeless voting. Advocates and politicians are making sure the homeless vote.

In a recent report from a Philadelphia news station, a homeless person, I believe a druggie, expressed that he has a problem with Donald Trump. Like most anti Trumpets, he gave no reason why he doesn’t like The Donald. From the anti Trump camp, we mostly hear the usual clichés.

In the news story, a homeless veteran said that because of poor care, while waiting for services, veterans have died. The Veterans Health Administration comes under the executive branch of government.

In Dover, Delaware, there is a conflict between a church that has been allowing homeless people to stay on its property, and neighbors. “It has really nothing to do with being anti-homeless,” said Thomas Farrington, who lives near the church. Neighbors complained that the police often have to break up fights between homeless people and that the music and yelling gets loud.–392662151.html

Farrington said that he isn’t being anti-homeless, yet states “We are not talking about a mother and a couple of children who she lost her job. We’re talking about people that are chronically homeless. They can walk, they can talk, and they can carry a collection plate. But they can’t get a job?”

Although this neighbor may have a legitimate beef about the noise and fights coming from the homeless, he doesn’t understand the homeless. Just because someone is able to work doesn’t mean he/she can find a job. There is a lot of unemployment in our Obama Nation. If elected, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will continue BO’s stinky policies, such as the war on coal, which will put people out of work and exacerbate homelessness.

I personally don’t know the homeless or the situation in Dover like I do in lower Bucks County, PA. What I do know is that there are homeless people here who work, but haven’t worked long enough or make enough money to get a place. I also know that, even if you have a little money, it’s tough to find a place in Bucks County.

In some cases, homeless people here in Bucks County create their own problems. In Queen Anne Park, in the woods on county land, there were complaints about druggies living in the woods. At least one of them in those woods had to be taken to the emergency room.  There are other examples which I’ve written about on previous blogs.

In the case of the Dover church, if indeed the fighting and noise from the homeless is really happening, the pastor needs to make and enforce rules for the homeless who stay at the church property. Individuals who don’t follow the rules should be thrown out so they don’t ruin the privilege for everybody else, which is sometimes the case in Bucks County.

In Bucks County, concerned people have been taking measures to hold unruly individuals accountable for their behavior, particularly at the community meals for the homeless and those in need. This is only fair so the rest of the homeless don’t get a bad name and suffer. As is the title of a song by Eric Burdon And The Animals, “One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show”.

Just because a few A-holes in the homeless community act up, responsible, decent people in the homeless community should not be marginalized and should be given an opportunity for housing.

Awhile back, when I proposed a plan to Democrat Bucks County Commissioner Diane Marseglia to set aside county land for an official homeless community, she responded that this would jeopardize opportunities for the homeless to get county assisted housing. The public assisted housing takes one to two years. But of course, what does reality matter to someone living in an Ivory Tower?

Marseglia also championed mental health help for the homeless. This sediment has been put into action by the Bucks County Mental Health hustlers, who go here there and everywhere in an attempt to Shanghai the homeless and take their taxpayer funds to keep the county mental health industry in business. Alan Johnson, formerly with Penndel Mental Health Center, but still a county hustler, told me that he doesn’t believe in housing first. Instead, he said people need to get straightened out before they get housing. This presupposes that all homeless have such serious issues that they are not fit to move in anywhere until they avail themselves of the county mental health services. As comedian Pat Paulsen used to say, “BULL FEATHERS!”

Sensible people, including the more industrious members of the homeless community, know that Hillary Clinton or other Democrat, such as PA Representative Tina Davis, the Bimbo of Bucks County who says she has done a great deal for the homeless and will continue to do so, in reality does very little for them other than helping with tasks such as benefits.

Democrats get in the way. PA Governor “Big Bad” Tom Wolf banned drilling for resources on state lands. The Bimbo of Bucks County praised the wolf for saving the day, saving the environment. She admitted that current drilling on state lands fosters a good economy but said that protecting the environment trumps this. Maybe the bimbo and the wolf can pass out pink slips and eviction notices on Halloween.

Hillary Clinton, and the other Democrats, who are clones of one another, sit high above us on their Ivory Towers. Like the Democrats in Bucks County, they don’t care about serving the homeless or other regular people or even accommodate private efforts to help them (efforts to use abandoned buildings and land in Bucks County for the homeless are stonewalled). They mostly just know how to Demagogue and serve themselves and the special interests. They do, however, sometimes throw in facts, such as the ads that attack Pat Toomey for abridging the right for a woman to murder a baby. These ads prompt me not to vote for Pat’s opponent!

“Your wisdom has certainly made you rich… but your wealth has led to arrogance! You compared yourself to a god, so now I, the LORD God, will make you the victim of cruel enemies” – Ezekiel 28:4-7.

Do The Hustle, Not!

While places for the homeless to sleep in Bucks County, PA is shrinking, Bucks County is recharging it’s efforts to shanghai homeless people to bring them into the taxpayer funded nuthouse. Code Blue, the overnight shelter for the homeless during cold weather started, and so did the hustling. At least two of the mental health hustlers showed up there.

Since the first exploratory visit to a homeless colony, agents have been trying to lure homeless people to places such as Penndel Mental Health Center. Like manure, they are all over the place — at the Levittown public library, Code Blues, tent city evictions, tent city visitations. I even noticed one of the hustlers at Stand Down for Veterans!

The mental health clinic has a monopoly, a captive clientele so to speak, just as environmentalists have agreeable constituents, rocks and trees. One of the clinic’s modus operandi, and what is pushed at the door, is medication.

“If I did drugs, I could find a place. If I was an alcoholic, I could find a place. If you’re just on hard times, there’s nowhere to go.” said a homeless man about to be evicted from an encampment, as reported in in May 2012.  And one mental health hustler was reported there. 

In my last blog, I wrote about a 27 acre village in Austin, Texas created to house 250 chronic homeless. It has what people need, including a garden, a link to jobs, a movie theatre, and a chapel. Very important is the chapel, which does a better job with helping people with mental, spiritual problems than secular mental health centers.

Starting in 1970, a revolution started with pastor and counselor Jay Adam’s book Competent to Counsel where Dr. Adams argued that the church is better equipped to handle personal problems that is secular psychology. A blog on Worldview addresses this subject: “Modern secular psychologists often speak of mental illness. Yet many Christian psychologists deny the existence of a large proportion of mental illnesses. Jay Adams writes, ‘Organic malfunctions affecting the brain that are caused by brain damage, tumors, gene inheritance, glandular or chemical disorders validly may be termed mental illnesses. But at the same time a vast number of other human problems have been classified as mental illnesses for which there is no evidence that they have been engendered by disease or illness at all.’ “

According to Dr. Adams, “apart from organically generated difficulties, the ‘mentally ill’ are really people with unsolved personal problems.”

So what is it? A place created by concerned Christians who help people become self reliant and are presented the gospel or the secular mental health folks doing the hustle.

“Do it, do it, do it

Do the hustle…”

The Hustle should be played whenever a mental health agent enters a place.

What’s Ailing Me?

“I said ‘Doctor, Mister MD

Can you tell me?

What’s ailing me!'”


I know what you Young Rascals will say next.  Yes, I need good lovin’; I’m human. But that’s not the ultimate answer.

I want a lifetime treasure, and not just a moment’s pleasure, to adapt some lines from the Shirelles.

What’s ailing me, and is a national malady, can be remedied by God, not by secular psychology.

Johnny and Susie went off the wall.

Johnny and Susie had a great fall.

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men

Couldn’t put Johnny and Susie back together again

I’ve tried both secular psychology and the church to try to put myself back together again. I haven’t been able to pick up the pieces after trying Paxil and cognitive therapy at the Penndel Mental Health Center. Through church related help, I’m starting to put myself back together again.

In the year and ½ I’ve gone to community meals and hung around the homeless and those in need, I’ve observed that people with problems who went to Penndel Mental Health Center didn’t only not seem to get better  — they got worse.  Conversely, I saw a dramatic, positive change in people with problems who turned to God to remedy their problems.

I remember one guy in particular who really looked out of it — disoriented, lost. He turned to God and got involved in volunteering with churches. At some point, he seemed to find his way, became alert, caring about others, and quite affable.

I just read a blog in Our Daily Bread entitled Angry Prayers, where the writer showed how God can help us deal with anger. “But when we choose to cling to our anger, we become mired in the trap of bitterness, ever moving forward. And the only cure for anger is truth,” the blogger wrote

We may be angry and think that “we don’t deserve this”.  Actually, when you think of it, the blogger explained, we don’t get what we deserve. God cut us a lot of slack by not giving our sinful selves what we deserve. He showed mercy. Mercy is not giving us all the punishment we deserve, and God’s grace is Him giving us what we don’t deserve.

In another blog, I mentioned that I underwent cognitive therapy, basically a methodology to control behavior by controlling your thoughts. Well if I think “God is good and he has my best interests at heart” and behave accordingly, I’ve found the cure for  what’s ailing me.  It’s an ongoing process, however, known as sanctification.

Back to secular psychology. Here’s an article that debunks much conventional wisdom about psychiatry, including the myth of chemical imbalance affecting behavior, serotonin myths, and it shows how drugs can make a mental patient worse.