Do Not Conform To This World!

The Pilgrims who landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620 didn’t go there to flee religious persecution from England. They already had freedom when they emigrated England and went to Amsterdam, Holland in 1607 and 1608. 

The problem the Pilgrims had in Holland that people, especially their children, were seduced into the mainstream culture there at the time. The kids just wanted to fit in and not be seen as odd. The children ignored their upbringing in the faith. Pilgrims were lured into sinful activities. Many pilgrims abused their new found freedom and tolerance. The Dutch children didn’t read their Bible and the pilgrims’ kids stopped reading their Bibles. They were taken in by their welcome grin! 

In the 1600s, Amsterdam grew in affluence and prosperity, and pilgrims grew along with them. They worked hard and long hours and didn’t make time for God.  Likewise, Christians in America prospered materially, but declined spiritually. In fact, there is a spiritual bankruptcy in America. There are preachers, like Joel Osteen and Creflo Dollar (who lives up to his name), who preach the prosperity doctrine. 

The affluence and prosperity – the worship of the almighty dollar – and diminishing spirituality, is evident during the Christmas season, as the crass commercial hawkers started well before Thanksgiving. Hallmark did some Christmas in July!  In Mel Brooks’ Silent Movie, the executives at Engulf & Devour bowed at the altar of the dollar, an idol set in a golden background, reverently saying “Oh mighty dollar, we pray to thee; without thee we would be in the crapper!” 

Jesus said the root of all evil is the love of money. 

Like the pilgrims in the Dutch city of Leyden, Christians in America are getting seduced by idols. And there are dire consequences. The Dutch, who were originally tolerant of the Pilgrims’ beliefs, became intolerant of them. This is the way the politically correct are today in our country. 

What we need today in America is to anchor to a Plymouth Rock and have Jesus as our rock. 

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” -Romans 12:2