To Serve Man

Bucks County government gave no reason why the Stand Down, an event held each year behind the library in Levittown, PA for homeless and needy veterans will no longer be held there.

In an interview with informant R.I. Diculous, I found out why.

That’s it! Stand Down hurts the pride of people running Bucks County, PA. We can’t have that! Not Bucks County, with its meticulously manicured suburban lawns, soccer moms and their SUVs, and other surface glitter! And we can’t have homeless in Bucks County. Why, Diculous said, “the kids of soccer moms are always screaming in the public library in Levittown because they are afraid the homeless people will get them! That’s more scary than the boogeyman!”

A plan is in place for next year. All local homeless, not just homeless veterans, will be lured into the “Emergency Assembly Area” outside the Levittown public library, where they will be offered a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Bucks County government has teamed up with Disney to find a way to better serve the homeless and to serve man, by stopping the alligators from eating tourists at The Seven Seas Lagoon in Orlando.

From the emergency assembly area, where the homeless with gather, Advocates for The Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN) will send a bus to pick them up and take the homeless to the Amtrak station in Philadelphia, where they will ride Amtrak, free, to Orlando. Once in Orlando, the homeless will be picked up in a special bus named To Serve Man and taken to the Disney resort.

At Disney, they will be given a meal – a picnic at The Seven Seas Lagoon. To allay any fears, signs warning about  alligators will be taken down. The only signs posted at the time will be “Reserved for The Homeless.” Once the alligators chop down on homeless sitting on the edge of the lagoon, Disney will flash notifications all over the park: “Seven Seas Lagoon is now open.  It’s safe there now. The alligators have eaten and are full.”

Local Bucks County environmentalists protested against the Homeless for Alligators program. They said the homeless could serve Bucks County better by participating in the Keep Bucks County Green, Soylent Green initiative. In this program, the homeless will be allowed to camp, virtually in pristine woods, as they are carried along conveyor belts, past the rotating knives, in extreme comfort, where their mangled flesh is ground into wafers, just like in the movie.

Either plan, said Diculous, will help protect the environment. By eliminating people, the biggest polluter of the planet, Bucks County can remain pristine. Pennsylvania Governor Wolf, aka “The Big Bad Wolf”,  banned new drilling for gas and oil on state park and forest lands in Pennsylvania.  PA State Representative Tina Davis, aka the Bimbo of Bucks County, in a newsletter praised The Big Bad Wolf for the ban on drilling. She admitted that the drilling helps the economy and creates a lot of employment, but touts that protecting the environment trumps that – it’s more important and worthy to be praised.

Indeed, Big Bad Wolf’s plan will blow many houses down, making more people homeless. This is why we need to find a way to handle the homeless problem. We can serve man in this matter with either the Orlando Solution or the Keep Bucks County Green initiative.

“It’s a win win for Bucks County”, Diculous said, beamishly.

You Reap What You Sow

Years ago I saw a brochure “Invite Birds to Your Home.” It gave tips on what flowers to plant to attract the kinds of birds you want in your yard. In essence, if you build it, they will come.

We create situations in life by the way we think and  by what we do. We reap what we sow. Take the Neshaminy Sin, aka the Neshaminy Inn in Trevose, PA, where over time nomadic homeless people have spent a night or more. Needing a place to stay, I went there. At the office, the Inn conspicuously touts that they offer free Hustler, a no holds barred porn channel in all rooms.

The kind of birds the Neshaminy Inn attracts are sh**birds, to use Navy terminology.

Inconsiderate people who are loud all hours of the night, sometimes quarreling, playing loud jungle music, whistling and shouting back and forth from the far reaches of the hall to a distant room after midnight, flotsam and jetsam roaming the halls and talking loud all hours of the night, young children, unsupervised, running the halls late at night, flock to the Neshaminy Sin. On one occasion, a woman jumped out of a car when the maintenance guy approached and ran off, with more than a half moon showing. On another occasion, a woman ran down the hallway and out of the building, naked, frantically flailing her arms and crying out in panic.

If you don’t believe me, here’s a newspaper account. In the article, the Sinn’s, I mean Inn’s owner says that only two percent of the people who go to the Inn are bad. If you believe that, you must also believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and The Easter Bunny. What’s officially reported is just the tip of the iceberg.

Today in America, we are reaping what we have sown. As a nation, we have turned away from God and have become an Obama Nation.

What’s the root of the problem?

People have stopped going to church, and some who do go to churches that don’t teach the true word of God. On their own, some churches have done ungodly things as egregious as same sex marriages.

Instead of the true church influencing society, being a light to the world, the world has influenced the church. Individuals, especially those in high places, have failed to bring about good.  People, including churches, have relegated their responsibility to the government, where progressivism has produced nothing but woe where ever it gets the upper hand.

One example of this is President LBJ’s alleged Great Society/War on Poverty.

Rod Serling showed what happens when you relinquish your life to beings who present themselves as a benevolent dictator in To Serve Man.

As you see in the Twilight Zone episode, the Kanamits do not have our bests interests at heart and use us, just as today’s progressive politicians use us.

Unlike the Kanamits and today’s politicians, God has our best interests at heart. If we follow him, we can restore ourselves and our nation to the way God planned.

“We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”

-2nd Corinthians 10:5





To Serve Man

There are two basic attitudes one can take when helping people such as the homeless and needy.

  • Become detached and help people so you can show people how caring you are and for your own self aggrandizement.  You don’t really care and robotically serve people the way Jeff Dunham’s Walter would be a Walmart Greeter: “Welcome to Walmart; get your sh** and get out!”  Of course, you would be more subtle.
  • Out of compassion, you genuinely care for people and make sacrifices to help the needy.  Like Christ, you show agape love — love which expects nothing in return.  Develop relationships with the people you serve and focus on what’s best for them.

In one episode of The Twilight Zone, To Serve Man, a Kanamit lands on earth and promises hope and change. The nine foot plus giant says he’s going to serve humanity by ending hunger by transforming deserts into booming fields, end energy shortages, and stop war.  There is no need for the military.  This virtual Santa Claus came to earth just to serve man.

Earthlings are initially skeptical of the nine foot plus Santa Claus,  but soon, like Captain Hook and the Crocodile,  they are taken in.  Only, instead of a welcome grin, the Kanamit looks and talks stoically, robotically like some of the hosts on MSNBC.

The government found a book, written in code, left by the Kanamit.  After a decoder cracks the book’s title, To Serve Man, society believes the Kanamits are there to help them.  People then line up to book flights to the alien planet, which they are told is a paradise.

As the head decoder is waiting to board the spaceship bound for Paradise, his assistant, who decoded more than the title of the book, frantically runs towards her boss yelling “TO SERVE MAN IS A COOKBOOK!”

Some people serve the needy the way the Kanamits do — for their own desires.

Serving others is a mission, not a job.  It is not about politics or your ego.  Unfortunately, it has become that way in some instances.

Even the Salvation Army has become self serving.  The social services director, part of the hired help,  at the Army’s Community Center in Levittown, PA  has a judgmental, unloving, unChristian attitude towards the homeless and needy.  At the community meals, she talks to them like they are rudderless criminals — like they are children.  She tells them not to run around the building and actual has told them they need to behave themselves!  These are adults!

If it were up to me, this street thug, this member of a spurious aristocracy, who is known to bully volunteers,  would have been dismissed long ago.  Instead, the last time I came to volunteer in the food pantry she left word with the staff that I wasn’t allowed to volunteer in the food pantry.  This is the first time I heard this.

Likewise, the Advocates for the Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN) is self serving.  The most recent example of this attitude is that, instead of judging what is right, they seemed to side with a drunk who verbally assaulted and physically threatened one of the guests at a community meal.  One of the two drivers said he wouldn’t let the victim on the bus.  Leading up to that is that some gossip on a power trip has been spreading false witness about the guy, who is trying to learn more about the homeless and try to help resolve the problem.

The gossip spread like wildfire, so instead of like the Henry Fonda character in 12 Angry Men, who was the one hold out who went against the other jurors because he wanted to find the truth (and later won the rest of the jurors over), for expediency AHTN sides with the gossipers.  This is what John Stuart Mill called “Tyranny of the Majority”.

I suspect the motivation for spreading lies about the man is the ego of the person doing it.  This person wants to be top dog, or queen bee, and by putting others down, it makes this person look good.  It’s a gangster mentality.

Homelessness is a struggle, so instead of fighting one another to see who can be the top gangster, people in the homeless community need to care for and respect one another, and focus on ways to overcome the problem.  It begins with everyone involved developing the right attitude, including myself. It’s not about ego; it’s about serving one another.

The organization that we just launched is trying to acquire property and have the homeless play a large part to develop and maintain it in order to become self sufficient.  But first, all the Bovine Scatology has to stop!  We need understanding, civil discussion, and sometimes tough love in order to be able to work together.  We are in this together.

We should be on the same team!  This is the only way we shall overcome!