We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto! As is the case in the Wizard of Oz, many people’s lives have taken them to the Kafkaesque world of being homeless in Bucks County, PA. The way the authorities act in Bucks County, the homeless can click their heals three times and find a home.

It doesn’t work that way, where normally someone out in the street has to wait months even to get into the temporary shelter and often years to get into a permanent place. Of course, there are exceptions.

Agents of Penndel Mental Health Center are willing to provide the magic shoes, however, but you have to sell your soul to the devil, so to speak. You have to sign up, cooperate with these agents, who have ways to make you cooperate.

Unlike the human homeless, for the homeless (feral) cats there are no strings attached to get into the cat condominium, the gated community across from the homeless shelter in Levittown, PA. Maybe folks from the Penndel Mental Health Center dropped them off in the woods, like they would humans, while they are waiting to go into the shelter.

I’m surprised the cats are not in the shelter now, as they seem to have priority over humans. There’s talk that there is a reward for cats who rat out the locations where humans are camping so they can get into the shelter even faster.

You’re out of the woods your out of the woods you’re in the nuthouse. You’re out of the woods…

Maybe that’s why they are cuddling up to the cats.

On one occasion, an agent from Penndel Mental Health let one of the subjects from the nuthouse loose in the library area, who ran rampant like a mild form of the Frankenstein monster, accosting people as he ran wild. Security from the Levittown library and the nearby municipal building and the police were called, only to find it was a case of the doctor releasing his monster.

I don’t believe people are helped at the health clinic but become worse. It seems like they are become worse after being “medicated” (doped up) there. I heard through the grapevine that some secular mental health facilities are worse than others. Penndel Mental Health is a candidate for the booby prize.

As I’ve said in previous blogs, I’m convinced that faith based places can better help to those who need help than secular institutions.

All people are flawed to some degree. Some just have a higher dose or have a different kind of baggage. Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung wrote about visiting an insane asylum with whom he called “an intelligent layman.” The guy told the doc that the people in the asylum were just like everyday people with problems, only that their problems were greatly magnified.

On their journey along the yellow brick road, Dorothy and her homeless friends meet the good witch and the bad witch. One was a Bucks County Ranger who was nice and had their interests at heart. He told them what they needed to hear — tough love — and encouraged them. The other was harsh. Like the bad which, who sicked flying monkeys on Dorothy, he threatened to bulldoze the homeless camps if they did not cooperate. Sounds like an episode in Star Wars.

Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain. When Toto pulls the curtain open, what we thought was our hope, was only a man hustling a solution to our problem, a snake oil salesman whose been running around the woods and visiting the Levittown Library. Remember, “Oz gave nothing to the tin man; that he didn’t, didn’t already have…”

“I am the great Oz!” Really?

You’re just a drug pusher masquerading as a mental health professional.